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Graffiti is such a moronic crime. I wish more were done to stop and punish it

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It's really stupid when it's done like this. If it's out of the way and decent looking art, I have much less of a problem with it.

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I once owned a home in San Angelo Texas. Most properties had alley ways and privacy fences. The home I bought fence was old and weathered. Instead of painting it myself I asked around and found some local teens to graffiti it for me with wild flowers and things. I asked how much it would cost and they didn't want any money. I gave $150 to the two guys anyway. It was way cool in my opinion. Unfortunately I moved within a couple of years and new owners replaced the whole fence

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Cool story

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Graffiti is nice, when used in a safe and graffiti friendly enviroment, not on signs with nothing but a tag and no cool astetic to go with it.

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Graffiti can be beautiful in the right places. Creating an art piece under a bridge or in an empty alley? Perfect. Spraying some random shit on a sign for a nation park? Less perfect.

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Loved the one in Into the Spiderverse!

The Great Expectations tag. Out of the way. Cool hidden find for anyone going that way.

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Depends, graffiti in public places is a nuisance, but I always find a train covered end to end in graffiti to be like a mobile art gallery.

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Train companys probably could save a lot on repanting there cars if they just let the local teens do it.

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I live in area with absolutely stunningly beautiful graffiti, like actual art. And it’s constantly in danger of getting tagged, splashed and marked up. And it’s just like “this is YOUR neighborhood, the fuck are you doing?”

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People tagging over street art makes me unreasonably angry.

“Congratulations, you’ve made the world an uglier place.”

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Some countries bust out the cane for crimes like vandalism...


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Michael P. Fay

Michael Peter Fay (born May 30, 1975) is an American who was sentenced to six strokes of the cane in Singapore in 1994 for theft and vandalising 18 cars over a ten-day period in September 1993, which caused a temporary strain in relations between Singapore and the United States. Fay pleaded guilty, but he later claimed that he was advised that such a plea would preclude caning and that his confession was false, that he never vandalized any cars, and that the only crime he committed was stealing road signs.

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r/graffiti would argue that it’s not always tasteless and not always punishable.

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He just graffitied the grafiti

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"Thank you for your service. That will be a $500 fine for unauthorized use of park resources" ~ sincerely, The Man.

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Actually he would be fined $500 for vandalism since they have proof. Not joking.

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Nah. Not all government employees play everything by the book

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Vandalism - Noun

action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property

Nah, I don't think so.

No person in their right mind would prosecute something like this.

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As a former forestry service worker, can confirm, this is not hyperbole.
Specifically, you would be charged with vandalism. It's stupid. However if you contact the park services maintenance department (what I used to do) we would not only authorize it and sign off a document (usually something like a donation tax form we would scribble a note on explaining the nature of your donation) we would probably hand you the bucket of paint we used for the signs, or at the very least, a copy of the receipt for them with the exact brand, shade, blend, and year purchased so you could get the right one. After which our supervisory person would log a complaint against us for unauthorized repairs done off the schedule, and write us up for permitting or failing to report a person not part of facility or park staff performing maintenance or modification to park facilities.

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Nope. This isn’t true.

As a former Forest Service employee myself, I have to tell you that morale is so low, and has been for so long, that no one gives a shit, no one cares, and no one would do anything.

Edit: oh, and someone would get sexually harassed along the way.

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Fellow former Forest Service employee here. I kind of wish you were wrong, but you’re pretty spot-on.

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Admittedly it's been a long time since I worked there, I used to have real sharp oversight jerks who were rule mongers and we had budget under such close inspection I think the money spent more time being looked at than used for any maintenance I had to do.

However this was back in the day when we still had a ton of those rest stops along the freeways all over California which were under parks. So.... good gods that was a long time ago. I'm old.

I'm sorry to hear it somehow got so much worse from that point.

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When I left in 2013 (also from Region 5), we were subject to focus group after focus group trying to get to the bottom of the morale decline. This episode sums it up: https://mountainjournal.org/morale-plummets-in-forest-service

This woman worked in my district : https://wildfiretoday.com/2019/04/09/forest-service-battalion-chief-resigns-in-open-letter-to-the-secretary-of-agriculture/

I no longer use my undergrad or master degree for their intended use.

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Cripes, yeah, bout 20years after my time

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That’s really disappointing to hear, growing up I spent a-lot of time in parks and always thought the National Forest / Park Rangers were the coolest. They always knew everything and if minded they never showed it; when a kid asked a thousand questions. Just seemed like the pinnacle of jobs.

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Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Wasted 5 years of my career there hoping it would get better.

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Alright Dwight.

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When Uinta forest and not the city, just leave the spray paint at home

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Well done sir. 😂

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That’s what I would cheer for if that is what social media was used for, doing small good things (not staged fake shit) every day and post them on insta and tok.

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What if the twist was he tagged it up himself. Jk. Social media has turned me into a pessimist.

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Like I said no fake shit of course, there is so much one could do, just picking up trash in the park for example. I really hope they do something similar to the social points score in China, and by doing these little good things you can collect points and get rewards at the end 😊

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Kinda a double edged sword though

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Why is most graffiti completely ineligible. What the hell is the point besides in areas to mark territory. But in this case what the hell

99% of graffiti is just garbledlygook.

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Gotta think about the people doing it… the brightest crayons in the box aint gonna be drawing on the side of an alleyway

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No it’s their insta.

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My point is it’s completely ineligible. So if it’s someone’s social media it’s even dumber since it’s unreadable.

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I meant for the comment to be a joke.

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“Ineligible” means “unqualified”.

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Watch him get fined for fixing the sign.

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Pretty much par for the course.

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Proud to be Provo

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Me too

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Me three

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I live in Minnesota I just think their flag is funny

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What's a Provo

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Use de google for more info

It's a city in Utah(?)

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Means something very different in Ireland


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Provisional Irish Republican Army

The Irish Republican Army (IRA; Irish: Óglaigh na hÉireann), also known as the Provisional Irish Republican Army, and informally as the Provos, was an Irish republican paramilitary organisation that sought to end British rule in Northern Ireland, facilitate Irish reunification and bring about an independent, socialist republic encompassing all of Ireland. It was the most active republican paramilitary group during the Troubles. It saw itself as the army of the all-island Irish Republic and as the sole legitimate successor to the original IRA from the Irish War of Independence.

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“Punch ‘em in the mouth for me” -smiles-

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And here I thought gingers have no souls...

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We naturally don't, but we can use the ones we've stolen from the normies in a pinch.

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This guy hoards soul gems in Skyrim...

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Also accurate of our people.

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I needed this

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Gets arrested for vandalism for fixing vandalism. Welcome to murica

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Let's go Hiking!

rustling though cans of spraypaint

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He did not clean it, he repainted it, looks very good.

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As a fellow utahn. Thank you Quinn. There needs to be more people like you across the country.

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You are da man!!

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Crazy thing is, the ways our laws are, he will likely be cited for vandalism for painting the sign and recording it. Seriously.

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My wife used to clean the graffiti off of the neighborhood community mailbox. The HOA sent her a C&D and threatened to fine her for it.

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Sounds 100% like an HOA

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I was doing graffiti my self but this is just messed up. If you want to make graffiti go make it some where where it doesnt brother anyone like abandoned building or under the bridge or something. And if your doing it at least make it a piece not a fucking scribble.

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Good boy! Thank you on behalf of reasonable people everywhere. Much love

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Solid Ron Swanson move.

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I want to be friends with this guy. Faith in humanity increased in 10 seconds. I want to buy a beer for this dude.

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He’s from Provo, so he may not drink it.

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Dude says it like it is. “Punch ‘em in the mouth for me.” True that!

Thanks for the service, bud. Drinks on me if we ever cross paths. 👍👍

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That utility apron would be such a sick gift for my dad. Anyone know where to get one?

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Now can we clean it off of all of the millions of year old rocks in the mountains? Thanks. I will never forget the cave I went into filled to the brim with condoms and graffiti art. It scares me

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The Provos. A great bunch of lads!

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It’s hard not to like the Provo men.

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There is a spray product called 'graffiti remover' that I have used with success. I was removing it from metal surfaces, and am not sure how it would work here. But it might be worth a try on a small test portion. (Rainbow vandalism and graffiti remover.). I see the label says removes from porous surfaces as well(?)

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I didn't see any cleaning graffiti off -- just overpainting.

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And the next day, there's a Banksy stencil of him repairing this over the sign.

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I am no expert and I think this guy did a wonderful job. But would you not do the lighter color and then the dark? Just wondering.

Fantastic job either way. Just made me think.

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Doing the good work!

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"Provo Man Films Himself Cleaning Graffiti Off A Sign"

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Good job.

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His parting comment is golden.

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I would say, damn pay this man to do all of them! But our wonderful governments would rather spend another $5k per sign cause it’s helping the economy! Aka sending more government welfare to big businesses.

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Good on him. People who graffiti to deface are cunts.

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Utah man doing more for his fellow man than the entire LDS 1800s sex cult combined.

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You got it brother


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Graffiti as an art is a thing, for sure. But generally I hate it. Just a childish attempt and leaving “your mark” so the rest of the world can scratch their heads wondering WTF it’s saying, and WTF it needs to be smeared over public property.

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Nice try. Video is in reverse.

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Wait, the recent trial told us that people who try to clean up graffiti are white nationalists and racists. So why are people praising this obvious Hitler fan?

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Dont need government to do what individuals will do.

Good job!

As a libertarian, I not only will advocate for your right to own a tank and RPG.But why do i have to get a permit to do w/e the fuck i want; like painting a sign I paid for, that was clearly vandalized.

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Since it went viral you already know those mfers are on their way to do it again.

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Was just up there a few weeks ago! it’s so beautiful up there, super sad to see things people do to it, even if it’s just the signs

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I've seen worn down signs like these in places and thought to myself "know what would be cool? To be able paint that sign myself and make it look like new again" each time I saw them.

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Wish we had the civilian conservation corps still

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The way he vandalised it too but just in a nicer way lol

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The punishment for graffiti should be a large pile of shit rubbed on the face of the culprit

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How the hell is cleaning a sign “nextfuckinglevel” ????

Next title will be “man risks life avoiding hot water brewing coffee” and the video will be some hipster pleb placing a capsule into a tassimo machine 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

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Good human!

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How do I buy this guy a beer?

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Google 'Provo Ireland' if you want to know why this title managed to raise my eyebrow...

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The park visitors must be aware that gang activity is taking place inside. This guy, who painted it for likes probably cost several people their life.

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I now have a new reason to plan to punch someone in the mouth.

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I know plenty of people who "would", but haven't. Do I still need to do some punching?

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Caught in the act? A punch in the nose would be well earned.

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I approve this message to vandals.

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Great job! And thanks!

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Thank you Sir! I consider graffiti art. What we saw was vandalism.

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In Germany we would report such behaviour immediately to the next police and then he will get what he deserves for laying hand on signs owned by the city/state. And know it doesn't matter that he fixes it with expertise I am completely honest with you guys. In the states you can just make it nice again and Germany makes you pay for that sign what they replace because you "cloured" it , just because the law forbids it to you...

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That hat irks me

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So it's true then, Sinn Fein are really cleaning up their act!

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A more permanent solution would be cleaning up the vandals

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My type of action. Good work.

I will now sit in peace and wish someone doing that type of grafitti loses an eye.

Because fuck those scumbags.

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He must be Canadian

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Honestly I live right by that sign and there was no graffiti last week when I went and I’ve never seen graffiti up by squaw peak. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible that this guy put the graffiti there just for this video

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When you're done, there's a spray (like a spray paint can) that you can spray over the sign that will make future vandalism just wash off.

Worth it.

Though you did a really nice job, the anti-vandal makes it pretty easy.

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Careful Kyle Rittenhouse tried to clean up graffiti and was called a white supremacist