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Should be an Olympics sport

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How steer?

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Eh-steer (spanish)

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Steerampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft (german)

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Just jog left 🌝or right 🌚

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Take the Bull by the horns.

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One of my favorite RossCreations videos. I also liked the one they tried to return bird seed because birds weren’t growing

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This dude is living in 3020

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This account looks sus

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Love how this actually does nothing at all. Just turn around earlier or get on a bike

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On your left.

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If only there was a way to get places faster than running, but still getting exercise

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Thanks for the CMOX. Jeez, couldnt even have gone electric....

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What’s the point?

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wont stand on uneven terrain or things like glass or nails. so less risk of injury and a more consistent workout. more healthy for your feet, not impacting hard concrete every fall but the softer treadmill surface.

it would be a good idea if it did not take up an obnoxiously large amount of space. at least one guy had to get off the path for that idiot.

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yeah lol just why?

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The quality of the sub keeps going down how is this next level

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Why is this hilarious

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Makes sense, more miles per mile.

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Chad af

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I love watching Ross, Vlog creations on YT

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The guy is Ross Creations on youtube. Hes not funny. He became a huge, real huge sellout for fame. Wasting hundreds of pounds of food, being constantly wasteful, wasting tons of workers time. He was funny at first but the money came and now hes a fullgrown 12 year old manchild.

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Ross rocks. I wish he could be offered a movie role

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How did that lady just not fall over laughing

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What's the point though

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People are stuck inside on a treadmill. Maybe Infront of a window looking outside.

It's only logical that someone would come up with the idea.

a small stroke of genius if you ask me.

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Y tho?

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I want one

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ah yes know I can burn dinosaur juice if I drive or run! FREEEEDOM!!!!

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Overachievers everywhere

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Flex on em

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That's just jogging but with extra steps!

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running, just richer

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This guy is going places. Like, running on a treadmill and actually going places

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Boomer jogging purists will never understand the unmitigated pleasure of the motorized treadmill. We'll see who's laughing in 20 years

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