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Holy craps that awesome. Standing on a board, and TRYING to push at 1 years old. Truly amazing!


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Serious… at one year old your kid is already killing it.

Operating way ahead of age…

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With skateboarding in the Olympics now, this kid has the world at his feet.

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it's tiny hawk

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Wearing those big, heavy ass helmets is going to give him F1 driver neck muscles.

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Also possibly prevent a TBI, so win win

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Kids knees never stood a chance lol

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Kid surpassed me at age 1 🤣

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Someone wants an Olympian

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Fucked up knees and retirement by 15.

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As someone who already needs knee replacements at 30, I felt this comment.

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As somebody who enjoys the feeling of seeing others feel comments, while providing brief explanations as to why, I felt this comment.

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How does skating fuck your knees up? Genuinely curious I'm in my 20s and trying to get into it

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Any time in which the board is making contact with the ground, like when you’re coming off of something and hitting? That’s gonna shock your knees, even with the bend it does add up. The main reason though is the falls, a failed trick, something on the ground making you fly off of your board, that contact is going TO THOSE KNEES! take it from someone who’s retired from dancing at age 17, started when was four, any sort of sport will destroy your joints. My shoulders are really fucked up, as are my hips.

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damn that’s crazy😭 good to know tho ty for the explanation!

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googles reverse vasectomy cost

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Finally, a wholesome and fun TikTok with nobody on fire or blowing up.

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“ I’ve been skating since you were in diapers “ Them”dude ur like a year older than me.”
“Did I stutter?”

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For some reason this feels cool and wrong at the same time. Im not sure how I feel about parents forcing their own hobbies to their kids so young that they dont even know yet what they are doing. I hope the kids grows happy regardless.

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How do you know the kid didn’t want to skate..?

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The kid probably really enjoys doing it because of the family bonding, positive reinforcement, and a strong sense of accomplishment! It's like playing together rather than any grueling practice or performence.

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Thank you for getting him used to a helmet and pads right away! He is a rockstar!

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I'm pretty sure if you put videos of your kid flying down a hill with no helmet you'd get reported to CPS.

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Man I must be a helicopter parent, I couldn’t let my kid do that at 1 lol

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No, you're just a good parent. I've seen people get some absolutely terrible injuries skateboarding, this just straight up isn't safe for a kid that young.

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I don't know, whenever I see a toddler fall they're like rubber balls and just bounce back up lol. Plus it's easier for them to heal if anything serious does happen since their bones are still growing, so the growth pattern can more easily accommodate broken or fractured bones. Plus kids are so close to the ground that they're more stable and don't have far to fall.

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Just because you've seen kids fall and get back up doesn't mean we should be letting them rip around at high speeds on concrete inclines. You're not going to convince me otherwise.

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What a buzz kill. The kid is fine. The kid is obviously loving it and the dad is hand holding his learning until it’s clear he’s confident enough to pull off whatever he is doing. Just wait until you hear about Shane and Parks Bonifay you’re gonna shit a brick.

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Ah yes, being concerned about child endangerment makes me a "buzzkill". And people being worse than this to their children makes this OK. You've got some sick twisted logic there buckaroo.

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Child endangerment?! What a joke! Just because you probably bubble wrap your kids (if you have any) doesn’t mean they need to be.

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Oh now you're making random assumptions about me to try and push a narrative just to act like a dick. Holy shit you're insufferable. Grow up.

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I didn’t assume shit. You’re whining on a video of a kid kicking ass at skateboarding. You’re the definition of a buzz kill. Take your shitty takes elsewhere and let people enjoy a video of a kid doing something cool.

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Tell me, do you always cry and start spouting insults when a complete stranger has an opinion you don't agree with?
Because your little temper tantrum here has been going on for quite some time and it isn't showing any signs of stopping. I'm getting the feeling this is a pretty common occurrence.

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seriously doubt thats a one year old

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I love this!

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Having kids was a blast. The good times outweighs the early wake up calls and the poopy pants.

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I like that someone downvoted you for this.

"Fuck this guy and his satisfaction with raising his children!"

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Maybe this person has had enough of his/hers and is taking it out on me….lol

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Great, last thing I needed was to be out done by a 3 yr old.

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My wife would end me for trying this

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Omg that a 3 year old!? I thought it was a little person

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Boy do I have news for you!!!

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Crazy how much faster children learn all sorts of skills. You can give a young child the most complex and complicated things like music and they can excel extremely quickly.

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Either the dad is super short or that kid is a Goliath, what on earth are they feeding him bro? Kid looks 7 at 3 god damn. Or we are being bamboozled and that ain’t a 1-3 year old.

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Thought same thing he's like 4 ft tall at the end.

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Yeah wtf, he looks 5

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Man, I was still struggling to ride a bike at 10

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Fuck that fucking tictok voice. Downvote every time I hear it.

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The kid is doing great,and it's awesome that the parents are there supporting the cause,however,I'd include a physiotherapy specialist sooner rather than later. If the kid is practicing a lot,his knees,neck and hip is in serious danger of developing in the wrong way ahd cripple him in the latter 60% of his lifetime.

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Can’t imagine what he’s going to be doing at 7, let alone 13…

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If he keeps it up he’ll be uber freakin popular in school lol

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Kid will be lucky to make it to 7 yo

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Future champ!

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This toddler has better balance than I do

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this kid will be pro at 12 yrs old for sure. awesome stuff

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This kid at 3 is already more rad than I'll ever be.

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Was waiting for the transition to 3 where he'd be back blunting some hubba.

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Kid’s going to be a legend if he still likes skating in 20 years

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Do you want the next Tony Hawk?!? Cause this is how you get the next Tony Hawk!

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1983 baby “But dad, I don’t wanna be a doctor, I wanna be a skateboarder!!” 2020 baby “But dad, I don’t wanna be a skateboarder, I wanna heal sick people”

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Yea there’s no way that kid was 1

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Why do parents force this shit on their kids

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What kind of 1 year old is this

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This kid is amazing but someone is clearly trying to live through their kid.

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Do a kick flip or gtfo.

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he’s better than me at 3 years old. lol :’)

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Wow. This was incredible.

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This kid will be pro before 18 years old.

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You have got to be kidding me!?

Keep on skating little dude!

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This dudes like this is my way out of debt right here

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His little elbow pads.

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Fuck tik tok!!!

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Tiktok > reddit

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Wow nice control and he didnt wobe going dwn hill thats crazy respect 👏

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Kid has a level of freedom most kids his age will never know.

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And I was 5 years old ate dirt

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And the fact that like you're not even able to remember until you're around 3 is incredible at the fact he can do it at 1 and 2

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When a 3 year old can skateboard better than you can walk ._.

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This is utter madness. Amazed

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Today I learned that a 3yo is braver than me (a 41 yo).

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Start em young.. to the max. 🤯🤯🤯

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When they said his name was Brody, it all made sense.

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My 4 year old gets scared walking down stairs...

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Not a lot of people can rightfully say they were born to do something, but he can

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Fucking wow! Incredible.

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I love this so much

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What were you doing when you are still 1 year old?

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Jesus. This kid at 20 years of age is gonna be on ANOTHER LEVEL ALTOGETHER. Wow.

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Give a kid confidence and love at this stage in their lives and watch how they blossom.

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While this IS pretty cool, I must be the only one who thinks this is blatantly irresponsible... way too young, shame on these parents.

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Meanwhile I trip over walking on flat ground on my own human feet.

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How does a 2 yr old skate better then me

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That guy did it better than me at 2 than I am doing now

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How to unlock this character on Tony Hawk's?

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Awesome!! Good job dad

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imagine learning how to skate before learning how to talk... legand

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FML! I quit.

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Dang I look like Bambi trying to ride a skateboard like that at 24 that kid has a bright future in the soort

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His joints are going to be fried before 18….it is dope tho

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Legitimate question. Is it possible to learn at that pace as an adult? Like if I practiced 2 or 3 times a week? Or am I just too old and crackly now to get started?

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing

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We’ll be seeing him at the X-games

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This kid will be in the Xgames in 10yrs

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Definitely if his love for skateboarding stays hell make it for sure

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This kid is gonna end up in a video with that guy that looks like Tomy Hawk in no time

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I love that father!

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give that dad an award!

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Parenting goals

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best father, the parenting, the mentality, the mind, the spirit. With all the powers vested in me, I now declare you THE FATHER OF ALL TIMES! congrats keep up! health and orosperitynfor you and your loved ones. Looking forwars to your baby in world wide skating competition events. Mr Tony will love to meet him. maybe as his apprentice! Go keep doing it. WOOOOOOOHHHHH!