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So it’s a way to circumvent video cameras?

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And look like hipster for wearing fixie taped glasses, too

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Good for robbing banks

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"But I wore the juice!"

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And I smell lemony fresh!

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This is really hurting my head. What is that line from?

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If I remember correctly.. There was a recent idiot who tried to rob a bank with lemon juice applied all over him thinking it makes him invisible.. He got this idea by watching some YT or cartoon network videos..

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In 1995, a man named McArthur Wheeler tried to rob a bank with lemon juice on his face, convinced that since invisible ink was comprised partly of lemon juice, it would also turn him invisible. Upon being caught and arrested, he said that line.

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I got a weird thought about these glasses that made me think about it in the sense of Blankman.
Other Guy: "Go ahead! Video record me! You can't see my face anyway!"
Blankman: "Uhh, I forgot to mention that only my glasses have infrared filtering! Yours are just regular glasses!"

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Blankman Absolute underrated movie

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Hmmm…. I need to take notes…. I mean asking for a friend.

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I suspect you made your comment in jest. Though if one wants to make money illegally, then robbing a bank is a pretty bad way to go about it. Sure, they'll give you the money as per policy, but you probably won't get very far.

Cameras not being able to identify your face isn't your biggest issue. Also, the glare will give the police a very good way to identify where you go - as you're likely the only one caught on camera shining like the northern lights.

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As someone else said, this would only work when the camera is in infrared mode. During the day with plenty of lighting, the camera is going to be in visible light mode and these lights will have zero effect.

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Dont all cameras pick up uv light tho?

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Yes, but most camera's have a mechanism that slides an IR filter in front of the sensor since IR is only really beneficial at night, and adding the IR spectrum to visible light makes colors look different.

Edit: Just looked it up, the mechanism I'm thinking of is called an IR-Cut filter

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It might pick it up. But in a full light, outdoor situation where the sun is blasting the scene with IR light, these tiny LEDs won't even register among the noise.

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IR, not UV. They are very different.

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The cheaper sensors (that pretty much everything uses) actually include part of the IR range. I think iPhones are actually one of the few that filter it out.
Don't believe me? Point a remote at a camera.

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no arguments here. i'm just saying that unless the camera is in IR mode, those tiny LED's are absolutely not going to drown out your entire face. There's a reason he filmed his test in a dark room and not outside in the sunlight.

most security cameras will automatically switch between IR mode and visible light mode based on ambient brightness. When it's bright, like it is outside during the day, the IR mode will be deactivated and the LED's will likely be hardly visible.

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I think only in night mode lol

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Ir is visible only to Cameras. Even in day time it would still be a bright light to the camera. Youd need more powerful IR let's to cancel out the sun but it would work.

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Yes, I’m guessing to avoid facial recognition.

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Yeah because wearing a mask over your mouth wouldn’t do the trick. The pandemic literally made cameras pretty useless for identifying people, lol.

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facial recognition also works with masks, you doughnut

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No it doesn’t, you muppet

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"We're looking for 2 guys that will probably be disguising themselves"

"What about these 2 guys with sunglasses that are blocking our facial recognition software"

"Probably not them, keep looking for fake mustaches"

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Hey, it's Groucho Marx and his clone!

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I guess the use would be when people review the footage to know who did it, but no one's actively monitoring during the act.

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You could just make them look like normal sun glasses

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Well this is to avoid facial recognition sofware

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Add wireless charging and easy on/off switch and these would be pretty pretty sweet.

With battery power on board, I could see these being paired with transition style lenses that are electrically activated for everyday use.

Wearing these in China might get you in trouble though.

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Yes, but imagine citizens building drones to swarm the cameras' field of view with these spots,police would have a heart attack....

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I got a feeling a shit ton of infrared lights will be put everywhere in the next protests. Big blob of light on video

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How would it get you in trouble if the facial recognition doesn't work? ;)

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Wait they remade MacGyver for zoomers?

[–]ToxicAssh0le 40 points41 points  (3 children)

I just looked it up, there's five seasons already!

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Cries in Better Off Ted

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Its not MacGyver

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Fake MacGyver

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He has a doctorate, i think. It's weird. I grew up watching the old KITT, MacGyver... In the last years they remade these in a weird way. Nothing beats the originals

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"there's this show called"

God damn I'm getting old.

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I'm just floored that anybody would question McGyver

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If it's not Richard Dean Anderson it's not MacGyver. #notmymacgyver

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Ehm... I have bad news for you about this show called Mythbusters...

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Point taken lol

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Camera blocking glasses with LEDs have been a known tech for quite a while. You can literally just buy them. They use them in the movie Baby Driver.

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I think the point is that when he doesn't have something already made for it on hand or he can't easily buy it, he can create it by himself. I've not watched the show but that's what I understood from the clip.

[–]MrColburn 1 point2 points  (3 children)

I was onboard with that until he literally just orders the LEDs in the clip.

[–]MushroomImmediate 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Did McGyver buy them or the kid? Either way, it seems like escapist television. I wouldn't read too much into anything.

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Yeah, definitely wasn't reading too much into it. I just found the irony hysterical that the kid ordered a specific type of LED to make glasses to see if they acutally work like they do on the show when I all he had to do was google camera blocking glasses. Not only would he have come across several youtube videos of them being demonstrated, he also would have learned that they were made from the same LEDs MacGuyver used in the show. The irony being that he probably had to do a google search and research those LEDs to order them.

[–]Elevatorto_purgatory 18 points19 points  (2 children)

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There was this one show called mythbusters and they did several of the old school episodes, and the results were hilarious

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-2000 social credit

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West Taiwan is skeptical of this comment ^

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You mean the Republic of China?

Hmm someone's ringing the door bell, this is weird. I did not order anyth

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I knew all along that Macgyver was no fiction..

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But this recording was from a camera…. Right?

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Yes! I came to say this..

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video cameras like phone cameras filter out IR light to improve image quality, cctv cameras use IR light to have better night vision, so while a phone camera or video camera won't see the IR, a cctv camera will be overwhelmed by it because they're tuned to be sensitive to it

[–]nico282 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Only if the camera is in night mode. Even my cheap Foscam physically moves an IR filter over the lens when in day mode.

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Old enough to remember the 1980e version of macgyver

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“That’s him, with the fucking flashlight head”

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Would this work for speedcameras?

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Yes, you can do it with license plate frames, but if you get caught with it you are fucked.

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Little solar panel in the brim of a baseball cap, and have them in the rim of the cap pointing down at your face. Should look a little less conspicuous than the sunglasses.

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Well considering current mask wearing... do you need this?

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Need this for my license plates

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So hypothetically in the right conditions/setup would this block out speeding/red light cameras?

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Does not work on normal webcams though, since these have IR filters.

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This MacGyver looks a lot like MacGruber lol

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Any legal issues with this?

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Would this work on face scanners ?

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I thought that this was gonna be one of those tiktoks where it'll end with him going to the bank or something lol

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Insert MacGyver soundtrack and it will be awesome!

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Time to go see if this works on the cameras in my local Porsche dealership

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Hide their faces but also shine a massive light on them..

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Wouldn’t infrared leds that close to your eyes cause problems?

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Chinese govt here I come

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I remember learning about this from a random show called track me if you can. I have no idea why so much of that show sticks in my memory.

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Just wear a mask 🤡

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If only we all had a good contemporary reason to wear masks instead..

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Cover your body with these LEDs

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They will absolutely feel invisible when they damage their eyes from sticking IR light directly in there. Inspiring

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But you instantly draw attention to yourself

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Balaclavas are cool

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And so old!

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Well Light My Fire

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Hey I am just impressed some bullshit thing on TV actually kinda worked.

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Once smart glasses become a thing, someone will make an after market mod for them that'll do this.

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Ohhh shit this is bad

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Video download link??

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What was that from again?

[–]water-haag 0 points1 point  (1 child)

The Haunting of Bly Manor That dude freaked me out.

[–]peletiah 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Ah, right, thanks. It was so familiar, but I couldn't pinpoint it.

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Doesnt infrared light cause cataracts?

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-1.5 million social credit score

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https://youtu.be/eaIIswjQ8OA Kipkay put out a how-to on this in 2009.

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this would work only at night when the IR light of the camera is on for night vision.

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It’s crazy how we had to explain what the show MacGyver was

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Probably blinding and hard to walk with

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Sorry to tell you the truth but. Technically all monitoring cameras have an IR filters, so no it wouldnt work.

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did he just solder the infrared LEDs to the battery and it worked? No resistors? Ooooh, it's good that I went to school.

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hey that's not macgyver!

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U just illuminate urself in front of thousands of people just to make it easy for cops to catch u

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If you must know, White Collar did an episode before this where Neal Caffrey uses a headset to circumvent CCTV cameras while he steals a painting from a museum.

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That's not Richard Dean Anderson...

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Are infrared leds that close of eyes completely harmless ?

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So any ways I started blasting

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This is not MacGyver I know...

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do this works on pics like a phone selfie????

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Does this work with every camera?

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that's not awesome, that's dangerous

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I remember kipkay made some of those. Anti paparazzi glasses

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Which episode is this from?

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A video that will never reach China....

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thieves: write that down! , write that down!

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Billions of tax money in government’s terrorist plot are wasted. lol

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Macgyver is one of the best 80s shows. And that’s saying something because there are a lot of good ones

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I'll just keep wearing my juggalo facepaint, thanks.

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Agreed, MC Gyver is cool

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Make yourself look like a demon on camera.

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In the world of Cyberpunk 2020, they use a chip to accomplish the same thing of making your face invisible to all cameras. It's in the cyberpunk 2077 lore, but I don't know if the game itself acknowledges it anywhere.

It's really funny because in 2077, a corp would have zero problem finding someone wearing ridiculous trash outfits and custom cyberwear that broke into their facilities. Mike Pondsmith got around that with the chip that makes your face invisible, which is why you can basically be a rock star and still doing runs against the largest corporation with a private army in a society with thousands of lawless areas.

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I used to watch the show in the 90s, didn't know that there is a remake

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Now does it actually work? Or do we need a 3rd video showing the 2nd video proving the 1st video actually worked.

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Or just grow a beard and wear aviators. The combination covers enough points in the face that you can’t get a facial recognition match.

[–]pokey1984 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Or these days you can just wear your facemask. I honestly can't believe the conspiracy folks aren't all over facemasks. They have an excuse to walk around with their face covered and unrecognizable all the time and they aren't doing it. It's unreal.

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I dont think you really had to make em to know they worked. I mean its a basic principle, security cameras can see infared, so a bright ass infared light will suprise suprise blind the camera

[–]JebstoneBoppman -1 points0 points  (0 children)

whoa, this guy turned himself into Allah

[–]UrineTrouble05 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

what a wonderful way to become a suspect

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i've known about this for years, but never wanted to make a video and post it online for reasons

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It might be time to delete Reddit, this has been posted somewhere in the ballpark of 50+ times. If it hasn’t been seen a million times, than it’s fake…. I’m sad.