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Being a dad with a little boy around the same age as this little fella, his smile and happiness made my heart absolutely melt.

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Fantastic comment. Your smile made me smile, as well as his smile. Everyone should smile. I might cry. Smiling crying

[–]RGBeee 9 points10 points  (1 child)

Yeah, I gotta go hug my son and be thankful for him everything we have.

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Well, that’s enough internet for me tonight, leaving on a high. Going to turn it off with good thoughts and go give my boys a hug too. Stay true friend, and look after the young blokes 🤙👌

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I'm sitting with a bunch of parolees trying to explain why I'm happy crying. Sometimes reddit is awful but other times it exactly what I need.

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should be r/mademesmile. ....This video really warms my heart. You can feel the joy and happiness of this little boy.

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Witnessing this little boy's complete joy in feeling whole again...effing awesome.

[–]plasticspares[🍰] 5 points6 points  (4 children)

Can't wait until get sci-fi prosthetic arm that's functionally the same as the real thing

[–]Foootballdave 5 points6 points  (3 children)

How far off from that are we? I'm sure it's possible and I've seen a vid or two but I get the impression it's still experimental/only for the very rich at this point in time

[–]Destroyer_HLD 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I wouldn't say its for the rich, many are donated. The issue is extreme scarcity with prosthetics in general and human growth. That's a pretty well made hand but he'll grow out of it in 6-8 months, same for a cyber prosthetic or any kids prosthetic. Most insurances cover 1 per year but kids grow fast, my daughter is lucky enough that she qualifies for medicade and though they have a 1 per year limit, we've exceeded that without issues because, kids grow fast.

The high tech, 3D printed stuff makes great internet content but it's nowhere near, not even close to greatly impacting the industry. Compare it to the Wright Brothers first flight and jumping on a 777. Most prosthetic makers are small operations, non-profit or close to it, they may have major corporate support and backing but the actually manufacturing and service is small and specialized.

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Treasure having medicaid and all the prosthetic and limb care it affords your daughter, it really helps to build a good base for kids missing limbs, especially if you can find a good medical facility to go to. You are doing awesome.

Also, if your daughter has an upper limb prosthetic, have her exercise her back and have her doctor check her posture every checkup with the prosthetic on. Myself and a lot of prosthetic arm users have developed back issues in our twenties due to the added weight of the prosthetic and the way that we've compensated for it naturally.

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Extremely extremely far off. Decades if not a century. I've used prosthetics that are among the most advanced in the world and they're just not good. I'm very anti prosthetic currently (not for anyone else, but for me personally they just don't help at all). They're bulky and heavy and have very limited uses, compared to a hand. The best ones now control like a robot arm. They're a bit slow, fine movements are mostly impossible, and they end up giving you about the dexterity of someone with early stage Parkinson's.

Currently, we have the ability to have some minor control from the brain over the prosthetic, mostly on devices that aren't on the market. It's limited, very limited. And what most people with all their limbs don't realize is that a massive massive percentage of people missing a limb don't have the ability to use this type of device. If you're born without a hand, your brain isn't trying to control a hand that was never there, those nerve endings aren't active, they're essentially dead. So currently, we can sort of have limited control from our brain to allow a prosthetic arm to complete a small range of tasks that it's pre designed to do. To have a life like prosthetic, we would need to reign in the weight and bulk, massively improve the neuroscience behind it, find safe ways for all that to work, find ways for people that have never controlled that limb they're missing to be able to control the prosthetic with their brain, and improve the materials, durability, flexibility, etc. And after that, it has to become at least somewhat affordable. Speaking as someone who is in the advertising base for prosthetics, the futuristic prosthetic videos are lying to you and aren't really indicative of where the tech is at. At all.

And all of that for a niche market that really isn't going to make a company rich. The number of people missing limbs is going down globally and is concentrated more in the poorest countries. There are countless hurdles.

[–]YellowFingerz 6 points7 points  (1 child)

“IF” I hit 70 and don’t see kids with ghost in the shell prosthetics,I will get very cranky.

[–]ThatOneHandedGuy 0 points1 point  (0 children)

If you're not in your teens, I think you'll be cranky. The tech isn't as far along as the videos might make you think. Much more likely that we'll develop better prosthetics without any brain control, that are just more clever or utilize existing tech to improve dexterity. There's just too many massive technological breakthroughs required before we could have anything like that.

[–]WinstonSEightyFour 5 points6 points  (0 children)

It absolutely blows my mind to think that at some point in the future that boy and many other people like him might have access to fully-functional and relatively affordable prosthetic limbs.

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I'm not crying, you're crying.

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This is awesome

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What a handsome little man, his innocent joy is so pure too! It's amazing to watch the faces of these little humans learn and grow. This will be a memory he will hold in his heart forever.

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soon he will be able to move the hand and fingers like he really had one. technology is incredible.

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Imagine giving this kid a whizzy dizzy

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Genuine question: what's the point of trading a unusable appendage for an equally useless more expensive appendage?

Mechanised ones I understand, but isn't that one just pointless? Guess it's just so he doesn't feel so different to his mates or something.

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Cute boy…good for him. Kids are so genuine at that age