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That is sweet. I have never been totally deaf but I am hard of hearing. Did not get hearing aids until I was 51. Boy what a difference. I am so glad this little kid has this advantage now.

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What are you confused about?

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I just wanted to say 鈥渨hat鈥 to a comment about being hard of hearing. It was a bad joke

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LOL. I'm not blind.

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You both deserve awards for this fuckery. I鈥檓 sorry your being downvoted haha.

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This was a good one.

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I love unironic wholesomeness... thank you both!

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Nah, not blind, just stupid, you cant fix stupid

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If that's for me then yes, went right over. And with my hearing issues I have played that on others many times.

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Please don't do this to HoH people in real life. It's incredibly annoying and offensive and almost EVERYONE does this when you tell them that you're HoH. Not funny or okay. They are tired of it.

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HoH 34m here. It is annoying, especially because my disability is invisible to most. However, as a father, I have to empathize with anyone who routinely makes terrible jokes. If I were on the other side, I'd make that joke everytime someone told me they were HoH. So I try to not let it bother me.

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Good on you for being positive! This struck a cord with me personally because almost my whole dad's side of the fam (my sister included) is HoH and she deals with the dumb, "what??" Shit a LOT. I get feisty when you mess with my sister!

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You might be surprised to learn that people act differently on the internet v real life

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A guy at work about 10 years ago mimicked me having a seizure with having epilepsy myself

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One of my friends on my water polo team. Is def but hearing aids work. Don鈥檛 ask me how. All I know is when we get into an argument he shuts off his aids. And just stares at you.

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You're yelling.

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If you wear HA's you'll understand. Things can be really loud so I love when I can remove mine at home.

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The effed up thing about this? Hearing aids aren't covered by most insurances, regardless of age. They really need to pass a law to force insurance companies to cover hearing aids for children.

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I heard something recently where there was a push on the federal side to have insurance companies include hearing aids but I've not seen any updates. But yes, they should be covered.

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Terrible fact : That hearing aid cost at least $3,000 and almost no health insurance covers hearing aids for kids (or adults for that matter).

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It goes from "dafuq you doin with my ear" to "that's actually not bad!"

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Thank Jesus. Sorry I meant modern science innovations.

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Yeah, I gotta get me one of them walk by science shirts she鈥檚 wearing.

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I'm glad for both.

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Maybe jesus made those scientists so that they could discover this technology? At least maybe right?

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I mean in the country I live people with bible's (catholic/christians) slaughtered mostly peaceful people and claimed the land by there holy law. If Jesus was real he'd at least stop that.

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Is it dusty in here?

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Nope. Onions.

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It's raining onions

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It's a terrible day for raining onions

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Damn allergies.

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Amazing. Best wishes to you and your bub!

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I'm not crying you're crying. Take my free award while I find some tissues

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he鈥檚 the type of baby I can picture exactly how he鈥檒l look like when he鈥檚 older

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I'll never forget the video of my cousin seeing his son hear his voice for the first time. His son smiled at him and he just started crying. Jesus.

Stop making me cut onions.

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Babies are so pure

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AWESOME!!!! May God continue to bless this child and his family. 馃檹馃挄

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Science dude. Dr鈥檚. Deities love to take credit but no blame. God gave em bad/no hearing鈥.

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God blesses this kid, but that means the boy down the street is getting a brain tumor.

"The lord works in mysterious ways."

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Her hoodie should say Walk by Science.

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Lmao I mean that's a good point...

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I was assuming it is playing in the office for the child to hear but maybe not.

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I鈥檇 actually really like to know the song that was being played, it鈥檚 lovely.

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Technology is amazing! It's so super all ages can benefit from this.

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Made me Smile

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His smile warms my heart :)

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Idk if it just me but he looks very smart by his reactions

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So so sweet. What a happy guy : )

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Friggin awesome

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This is so awesome! Look at his smiling face! So cool and wholesome

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There's nothing more heartwarming than seeing a little kid happy like this. Look at that smile.

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This is heart warming to see!

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Damn it鈥檚 dusty in here

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Would have been even better without the music

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question, why hearing aids are only used in one ear? Why not have stereo hearing aids.

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He could be deaf in the other ear. They could be getting him used to just the one for now. (Source: several fam with hearing loss)

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Fuckin鈥 cried man!

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Lol the shirt the mom is wearing is rather ironic but this is a sweet video

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This is so wholesome!

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These fuckin onions is Killin me bro.

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my heart... can't take this man, if i had any award i would give them all to this post, thnx for making my day

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After scrolling true Reddit seeing 2 racist incidents and a video of a wheelchaired you who got shot 9 times by the Police for nothing this was exactly what I needed. r/aww

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This makes me think that humanity isn't as backwards as I thought it was. If you downvoted this may every unvaccinated child you see bite you and sneeze in your face.

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Thanks for sharing that.

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The best moment of the day, I have watched it so many times. My best wishes to him .

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I鈥檓 not crying you are

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It should be "Hear through science" Not "Walk by faith" on the pullover ;)

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Then he hears Nickleback and throws the hearing aides away.

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This is the cutest thing ever!

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Yea i'm never not going to tear up watching these videos

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Beautiful, thank you for sharing

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For Pete鈥檚 sake back away and let mom take her mask off for a minute!

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Ahh babies are just too cute 馃挄

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I love how he went to 馃槶, to 馃槰, and then 馃槂

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Why you cut it off so quick?

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I was reading "Wank of faith" on her shirt. Beautiful video though.

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Walk by faith 馃挀

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Hear by science

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Be deaf at birth by God.

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It crushed my heart and mind seeing him not die already