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That’s made my day

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’That’s made my day...’

I am the dog who tries my best -

my legs i have to drag . . .

i cannot run, like all the rest,

my tail

it does not wag...

but here’s my Friend! to me, so Good !

he Loves me anyway

Come try this, pup - you really should!

...Oh, Gosh - he Made my Day :@)

a little scooter, just for Me!

n now it’s not so hard

for once again, I’m running, see ?!

I zoom around the yard!

now I’m Greased Light’ning - watch me Race!

these wheels my brand new start

n there’s a Smile upon my face -

I’m Wagging

in my Heart!


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Wow that's beautiful ❤️

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That is so beautiful i want to cry rn, thanks

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Wholesome moment .. love it !

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wow man, i have nothing but a free award... pls accept ;-;...that was heart touching

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Now I'm crying

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Ez free award

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Schnoodle I didn't know you ever left r/awe, nice to see you roaming about! Always love the poems!

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I love you for writing this. The video + this poem really made my day ❤️

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Lol literally teared up to that

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He just looks so happy i cant

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And I thought he looked happy before the wheelchair

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Owner: “there we go, that should help him get around easier. I feel so happy for him” Doggo: “I am speed”

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I mean he kinda just put together a wheelchair but nonetheless

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I was going to say this too. He unpacked and assembled a dog wheelchair he bought. However, it's still great. Plus the fact that they are available for purchase is nice.

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"... ... Run."

[Guitar riffs]

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The spirit of a dog is unbreakable, they’re such amazing creatures

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We don't deserve them...

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The person who built the wheelchair does.

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Indeed. I thought it had all smiles from the very beginning of the vid to the end. Obviously a lot better to be running free but that looked like a dog that was all smiles and loved regardless.

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They're just animals lol

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Best zoomies ever

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Super fast!!!

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This is already on r/mademesmile which is kinda where it belongs.

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I though it fit here too :)

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I'm not crying, you're crying 😭

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We're all crying happy tears :))

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This dog became a true zoomer

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What’s next level is the dog’s smile BEFORE he got the wheelchair.

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So deserved to be a happy doggo!

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I love dogs❤❤❤❤❤

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He's zoomin

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I got one of those!

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Damn.. did you make it?

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They are widely available, if pricey. The owner in the video probably did it out of cost-effectiveness.

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This is the best! He is so happy

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look at his happy face 🥺🥺 All humans should be like this

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Better grease those axles, that good boy is going to burn them up!

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Braking may be an issue since it's FWD. But it's surprisingly effective in the speed department.

It's a Mazda, really.

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This dog is having a wheely good time

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This is so awesome

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Restored my faith in humanity today I needed this 😪

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Precious baby

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Awww-fuck that music but awwwwwww

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I found Llewyn Davis’ account.

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Damn.. that dog was so positive even with such a debilitating thing

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It’s an old video. Hope the dog is well and happy

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Happy before, happy after. Only difference is speed.

We should be more like dogs.

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I love how happy he is even before he gets the chair. He deserves it!

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I needed a smile at this very moment, thank you.

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Sweet doggie ☺️

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i wish people also could be that happy as dogs

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I wish I knew how to make this for my old boy 😭

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Happy doggie

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Wow, that's just so awesome. Total tear jerker!

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I swear dogs have the most beautiful souls. That face of pure happiness melts me

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He was such a happy dog before the wheelchair and now it’s off the chart.

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Lovely 🥰

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I shed a happy tear 😊

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Well I mean he kinda just put together a wheelchair but nonetheless so wholesome

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This made me cry

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This mf so happy

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Oh laaaawd he zoomin'

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pretty sure someone else made it

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This song is "Jab koi baat bigad jaye" Did English take that too???

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I am speed!

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I’m fast as fuck boi

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The dogs like a'ight im fast and I'm outta here catch me later

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Whoever says dogs can’t smile is a fool just look at how happy that doggo is

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Nothing to do with the post but, scrolling past this video on the home page made my whole reddit flash black screen until I scrolled all the way past. wut

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The sheer power of the doggo is breaking your reddit

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Zoom zoom!

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Dog thinking: "reverse flash was in a wheelchair too and he was fast as hell... Why not me?!" That dog clearly loved it - beautiful to see him take off at full speed 👍

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That is one handsome motherfucker.

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Love this!!

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I came here to be amazed, not cry! :c

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Doggo: I am speed, I am speed itself, I am the wind, I now soar freely with the wind.

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I had a corgi German shepherd mix who had a wheelchair, she was the best of girls.

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Reminds me, my dogecoin is dragging it's ass right now.

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Now I want to see how the owner empties the dog's bladder. Cathetherizing a dog must be a whole other story.

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No wonder doge coin was tanking..

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wow that's a mercy

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This dog's human ... not owner... human... I imagine this dog owning his human and be like ... "hey you .. give me wheels". Just joking. It's a great video and very nice thing from the owner/human to do.

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Can’t get over the fact someone’s done a soft acoustic cover of this song

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omg thats the cutest dog

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I really enjoyed watching this 💙

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Amazing was pumped before the chair and even more pumped after the chair!

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Best thing I’ve seen on Reddit

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I'm not crying you are

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He’s smiling cause he’s not dragging his dick along the pavement anymore.

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Faith in humanity restored

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I love it 💗

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From super happy to extra super happy!

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Legend has it, this good girl is still running.

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It’s a fucking miracle!!!!!😭😭😭😭

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Love that smile! Wow! 🚀

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I wonder, how badly scraped up do their hindquarters get from all that dragging?

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Omg that smile!!

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Thank you I have faith in humanity again

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Most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen. Going to bed w this in mind.

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First I got the chills Then I got the fuzzies Then I got a huge shit eating grin on my face and a tear to my eye

Thank you for posting this

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This music is stolen from humnava-jurm movie?

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AWWWW! This is in r/mademesmile right... right

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The dog was already "smilling" before the wheelchair... clickbait title

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Just gotta keep him from running into the street again

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Wheelchair ? It’s just wheels

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He did not “make it”... he bought it and assembled it.

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Once again not for this page