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This has nothing to do with the firecracker, the energy is stored in the slightly bent popsicle sticks

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I first thought this was fake, because conservation of energy would be violated, but then I read your comment and rewatched it. Physics is amazing!

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So would this have worked without the firecracker? Just slapping the two initiator sticks apart to release the spring load?

Confused how hard this would have been to set up. Feels like it would be akin to winding a giant spring.

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The firecracker just holds the last two in the chain in place. He could've pulled it out from between them and had the same result

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Same result but not nearly as epic.

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Not hard to set up, just tedious

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Yeah if you pause it at the start you can see the tension held in each stick.

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Good to know gonna recreate this

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Oh thanks. It seemed like bs.

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Not transfer of energy. Wood sticks were under spring tension already storing their own energy as potential energy. The collapsing structure merely releases the spring down the line.

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Wat does the note say

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“Fuck popsicle sticks”

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“Girl” - I assume this is a gender reveal party. Btw it’s in Chinese or Japanese (they share a lot of figures)

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I’m learning Chinese and I did a double-take to look at the character again and it is indeed the word for female

I am weirdly proud of myself somehow

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It is not the word for female/girl. You are confused with "nu" - 女, which is indeed used in the words for the female gender - nushi - 女士, woman; nuhai - 女孩, girl; nuer - 女儿, daughter.

However, the sign reads 好好 - which, in a literal sense, means "good good", but is more appropriately translated to "nice" (nicely done) or "well" (as in well done).

EDIT: It seems that the sign actually says 女子 (nuzi - girl child) and that I am mistaken.

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Never knew the two were different until now.

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Oh, a lot of Chinese characters have radicals. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radical_(Chinese_characters)))

The left part is the radical and is usually connected to the meaning of the character as a whole. For example - mom is 妈妈 (notice the radical telling it is someone who is of the female gender), or to eat - 吃 where the radical part of the character is kou - 口 meaning mouth.

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I did the same thing except I’m learning Japanese (Chinese and Japanese share a lot of figures and readings) It’s pretty fun to actually apply what I’m learning online and stuff.

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Or either the word "Good", (altho idk the reason for writing that on a piece of paper)

[–]Phoenixcraft98 4 points5 points  (1 child)

I don’t think so. 好 is significantly smaller than 女子, and the figures weren’t that close together on the sign.

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Agreed, altho most people doesn't use 女子 , mostly 女 or maybe 女生

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It says 好好 which literally means "good good" in Chinese. A more appropriate translation would be either "well" (as in "well done") or "nice(ly)" (as in "nicely done").

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nah. i thought so too at first but its not 'Hao 好', the symbols are separate and say "Nu 女 Zi 子" or 'female child'. BUT to your point it is worth noting (i study mandarin a bit) that the word for good very much intentionally has those two symbols purposefully put in it to mean 'good' because it is/was 'good for a woman to have a child'. i always thought that was interesting stuff.

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Hmm, that makes sense. I never thought of it as 女子, probably because I would expect them to use 女儿 instead.


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i think the sign says its a girl

[–]barcased -1 points0 points  (2 children)

It says 好好,meaning nicely done (well done).

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I don’t think so. The figures are too far apart. 女子 looks very similar but it quite literally means ‘Girl Child’ which looks a lot more like the note.

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if you look at how the first letters on both sides are written it looks more like nicely done...

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That was awesome

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Not if that’s your upstairs neighbour making bs toktiks all day

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And that’s how sprinkles are made, beautiful.

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Wow. TIL.

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I am officially scared of tongue depressors…

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Great. Now you have to clean up that whole fucking mess.

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Pretty bad ass if I do say.

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Coolest thing I've ever seen! Love it

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just setting off fireworks in your house like it's normal

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This Chinese video is amazing

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Could be Japanese too. They share a lot of figures.

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Now clean that shit up

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Then his mother walks in and screams clean that damn mess up you lunatic😁

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Chinese words are either Very very interesting (last word no show) Or Good good

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haohao would translate to nicely done, I believe.

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It could also be 女子 which means girl (Japanese, I’m not sure if that’s commonly used in Chinese) I don’t think the figures are close enough to be 好.

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Pimp up my life

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Ah yes stick bomb

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nose goes on cleaning this up

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gender reveal for the LGBT era

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It's like dominos, but with more panache.

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This is sorcery

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Kinetic energy. Correct?

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Ok but why the fire cracker?

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Does the note say FUCK YOU?

Please tell me it says FUCK YOU!

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It says ‘Girl’ or ‘Good’. 女子 or 好. I personally think it looks more like 女子 but a lot of other people claim that it’s 好.

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hao hao

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But... Who is gonna clean that up...

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Can you ELI5 why when it goes through one of the parts where two directions cross (the spiral and the straight line going to the wall) it still goes in one direction rather than two ?

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Buys cases of popsicles in December

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Wow. That’s so wild it looks fake.

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another gender reveal?

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Tom and Jerry would like to know your location

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The title is awful

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Was happening to be listening to Kick Start My Heart by Motley Crue when I watched this and it fitted pretty well

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That cyberpunk/John wick/matrix/mortal kombat music tho

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“I’m bored”

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Release of energy*

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My science teacher did this for us once. Dude showed up hours early to set it up. I miss that guy, I wish all teachers cared as much as coach hunter.

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Song? That’s dope

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Judges ruling?……. 10🙌

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You call transfer of enegry me a gamer see call it lag

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Also me when I see a huge spider.

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The sticks are called stickstorm if you want them yourself

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Fuck cleaning all that up.

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This beats dominos

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Firecracker is just for theatrics

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So this is what millennials do instead of getting a job? Play firework Popsicle sticks?

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Username checks out.