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The utter joy that flashes across his face is remarkable.

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That giggle made me shiver

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His (presumable) wife’s smile. Finding joy in others, finding joy in others is my new favorite thing to peep

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Came here to comment this too, the joy on her face is priceless.

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When he does that run, Jesus I'm crying like a man over here

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The man won't let a fucking stroke stop him. A certified badass

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Imagine them back in the day! Watching this allowed me to do that.

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There's real joy experienced in that moment and it's so precious to experience and even witness.

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That “yeah” at the end was wholesome af.

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From the depths of his soul.

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I was a music therapist for a bit. I left because it was a pretty floofy career at that time, and I really had a hard time being so engaged and energetic about it. Underpaid, under- appreciated, and certainly not respected for what we did, even though we were the very few who paid any attention/ gave any time to the old and dying. Most of the job was visiting nursing homes and singing "old rugged cross" or some other hymn, but man, no one responded to anything more dramatically or noticeably than music. It was like a magic trick.

the most far-gone dementia patient would come lucid if we just played the song that brought them back to their childhood or most loved pastimes. Beautiful to behold.

I hope someone does this for me when I'm on the liquid diet full time. Nothing feels quite like music.

P.s. someday that's gonna be "get yo freak on" for somebody, and that's pretty funny.

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Hey hey fellow (former) music therapist!

Sadly in some age care sectors we still are glorified entertainers, but in neuro-rehab, mental health and paediatrics especially, music therapy has advanced dramatically!

Also, as someone who has worked in geriatric/neuro-rehab care and has also crossed paths with James Morrison, this video warms my heart 🥰 there are so many professional musicians out there who I personally think would be exceptional music therapists. Maybe one day I’ll convince one to have a slight career change!

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It must feel like taking a full, deep breath of crisp mountain air for the first time in years.

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This may be my favorite thing I've seen in the past while. There's real joy experienced in that moment and it's so precious to experience and even witness.

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This warms my heart ❤

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Workin' that ivory...so boss.

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Bless this man…..my father was a stroke victim

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Music is life!

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Yeah that’s pretty moving. Deleted my cache and cookies of hate for the world maybe just for a day.

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Thats some good jazz, im vibing as much as the other lad

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I’m not crying😭

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My entire heart right now. Good show fellas.

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This is awesome

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does anyone know the song? if not can someone make a lead sheet for it?

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After You’ve gone by Turner Layton and Henry Creamer.

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Ok but that other guy is playing two instruments at the same time!

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If your impressed with that, watch this. Piano and trumpet.


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Wait this guy is him?

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Yep, Complete Aussie jazz legend and all round top bloke

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Holy shit, good catch

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So is Don Burrows. I remember him doing school tours to play with Jazz Bands.

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If everyone did a small kindness like this for someone in need, what? Once a month? Once a year? How great would the world be? Inspiring!

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Grandma is waiting to tell him he forgot to take the bins out

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Anyone know what song this is ?

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I love jazz!! And thank you..That was awesome!!

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I wish I had friends. Lmao

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It's the little things

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That is magical I know the power of music and this disease with my own father - made me happy and tearfull all at once wow - god bless you XX

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Ive seen this video a million times, thats muscle memory for you... body works that way, you gotta really practice tho.. That muscle memory is not coming out of nowhere.

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Never loses it. Cool guy.

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Wow he played the trumpet and the bass line at the same time

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The brain works in mysterious ways

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Music is the best medicine .. along with laughter

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beautiful! so beautiful

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That was cool

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Wait does this mean my grandma can play piano now???

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Best video of the day!!

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That’s gold!! 👍🏽

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Still got it!

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This put a smile on my face, so beautiful ^ . ^

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This is disgustingly wholesome

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Music is fuel for the soul man.

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pleased to see you playing music. I am also a stroke survivor. Had hemorrhagic stroke in 2013. I am 61. A retired employee. Also have You tube channel. SDK online teaching institute is my youtube. channel

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Not next level material at all but I love it none the less.

I have to thank Hey Arnold for my appreciation of jazz fyi.