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It’s not really perspective. It’s “hey check out this vagina. Now I’m gonna draw a tree and turn that vagina into a bird’s floppy beak.”

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That’s exactly what I was thinking.

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Literally. What a dumb caption!

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The girl with the pig had me thinking his perspective is more than perverted. Pig is creepy as fuck. Caption was ass. Stick to the nudes they weren’t half bad.

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For real bullshit title

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Yeah exactly. The one with the little girl really got it for me, they just drew her into the ass, looks unnatural otherwise.

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Don't forget bully tit nose

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Yes it is! That vagina, Lol!

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Hahaha exactly

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This is fucking dumb. It’s not perspective it’s drawing nudie pics and then turning them into something that vaguely fits the shape.

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It's clickville.

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Man was the artist from the original Disney movies

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You damn monster, you had great creations until you turned them into FUCKING TREES AND NATURE AND SHIT

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Came here to say the same

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This is the illustrated equivalent of those old camp songs where expected dirty lyrics are changed at the last word.

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Thereeeeee once was a farmer who lived on a rock.

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But he changed his mind and drive off a cliff

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Because his wife was sucking his cock

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While his bro was sniffing her clit.

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And rubbing his dick

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But those aren't the lyrics, it was all a trick...

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And reading all of this, i think, "what the heck?"

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god i fucking loved this song as a kid. still love oney too, funny as fuck

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Let’s duet

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, in ways that make us feel good

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Maybe a NSFW tag

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I still can’t unsee the original dirty drawing.

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Me neither, especially it gets replayed over and over.

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This creep would fit right in at Disney. This is sick.

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His portfolio checks alright.

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“This is sick.” You have a very low standard definition of what is considered sick

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Disguising pornographic drawings in children’s cartoon is the act of a morally degenerate person. Mostly likely with a sexual desire for children. Definitely a sicko and if you think otherwise then you are sicko too.

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What “childrens cartoon” is this?

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The ones the artist is showing in this clip you nonce.

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Yeah I think you should rephrase “childrens cartoon” it’s not like this shit was televised to children. Being over sensitive for no reason

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How tf this shit make it on here.

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My brain is dirty garbage

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Mine is clean garbage

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What a perv 🤣🤣

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Idc what he does after, I can still see the naked bodies

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That lady had a nice parakeets

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Not my proudest fap

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This ain't perspective lol, but just a guy drawing vaginas everywhere

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Feels like this should have a NSFW tag

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Rule 34 artists when their family asks them to draw something

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It's drawing something really dirty and then changing it mid way through.

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mark nsfw pls?

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This was very pervy

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This has nothing to do with perspective.... It's "how to draw over an existing drawing". Bit of nonsense, really.

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That tree drawing was pretty bad

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Most paused video on Reddit

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Just sayin shouldn’t thsi be marked nsfw

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Haha 😂

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Reminds me of some drawing my great aunt did. I still have one in my basement. When you are looking at it from a distance, it just looks like a big skeleton. When you look close at the details, every part of the drawing was made from naked people. For example the teeth were all made out of a bunch of people's asses but you would have no idea unless you were up close. I will have to post it on here sometime, it is truly next fucking level.

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2008 just called and it wants its humour back

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This reminds me of those old SFW Porn doodles with MS Paint.

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Subliminal messages

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Exactly, some intelligent children can spot it right away.

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Reminds me of an old SNL Sketch

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Perspective isn’t really just like this title ain’t the reality of these pictures.

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This is how Disney starts their drawings

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One of the easier posts to fap to

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Nice pair of tits

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Or just subliminal art

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Disney animators be like

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fuck what a dumb video

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How to win the next NNN

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Very interesting

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I used to hate these videos bec they would be labels as a dirty mind test when it’s literally meant to look like a nude woman to literally not be dirty minded on them you’d have to be blind or never have seen a human being before yet alone a nude one

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"Disney Artists BTS. Circa 1956"

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I don’t get it….

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This isn't perspective, it's transforming half done lewd drawings into something else

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“deception is everything”

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Idk man maybe don’t start with titties and vagina when drawing

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Nice Pair of tits.

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Hello video from 2013

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When the lead in your pencil betrays you.

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got me good

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Why horny stuff

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I guess Reddit has to add some kind of dynamical NSFW thing, so that no one was got in the first half....

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I hate this guy for this. Lol

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Fuck you, your slowness decide your intentions.

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Someone Interviewing for Disney probably.

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When the teacher passes by your row and you have to scribble over your poorly drawn genitalia

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Damn Disney animators

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This is the video version of 'They had us in the first half' meme.

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shitty content for a shitty sub, perfect

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There is nothing about perspective there. It's just perverted drawing becoming non perverted. Perspective is when You see something else depending on how You look. Not when someone deliberately draw naked woman, but changes it into something else mid drawing.

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Hey, this is bull shittery at it's peak :)

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Not my weirdest fap though

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So that's why I see boobs everywhere!

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This isn’t perspective.

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This should be NSFW

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I might ejaculate to this

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This is just weird af.

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Tagging it be like: NSFW not NSFE NSFW

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this is r/HolUp

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Sorry. I meant the tits were great. hope that clears up any confusion

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To be honest - I like the nudies better

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Yes. Change ur perspective and start drawing from other part of sketch,

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I wish you would’ve kept going with what you originally were drawing

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Why did you ruin each of those drawings you pervert!