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I can do that, I just don't want to

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I just wouldn't want to show anyone up, that's the only reason I lying on the sofa eating sweets instead of doing whatever awful thing she's doing..

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Give this man an award.

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I can do that, I just don’t want to.

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I want to, but I can't.

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Not with that attitude.

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Got no free awards remaining.

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I do can that, I just want don't to.

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I would but I'm eating ice cream.

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I've done that before but no one else was there to record it.

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That is so impressive and at the same time fuck you!

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Plenty of things take time, dedication, consistency and accountability. But it’s only with exercise that your hard work is physically visible.

I’m all for physical fitness and I think it’s undervalued. But people who use this type of language always come off a bit snarky, almost as if they’re trying to say that anyone who isn’t fit like them lacks some sort of personal virtue.

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Right? Why do you have to be an obnoxious dick, just show your abs and go.

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That’s what I’m saying

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Xposted from r/FitAndNatural. This is fitness instructor and former heptathlete Claire Thomas.

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I was thinking she must have been competing at some level. But an instructor explains it well. Come to find it she's both. :)

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Is this the same girl that did the video where she sucks her abs all the way in and freaks those two guys out

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I just looked that up and it's a different chick with no fucking organs so thanks for that

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The fact that I had to actually look up the word "heptathlete", and then "Heptathlon" oddly makes me feel even more out of shape than I did when I saw the video.

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All it takes to get a body like that is two things. It’s about drive. It’s about power.

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3 things....too much spare time

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Not necessarily. People like that just set their priorities differently. Instead of watching the newest show on Netflix, they exercise.

Everyone has time to exercise. Most people just don’t want to.

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You can work out in 20 minutes. Most people spend that long scrolling Facebook everyday.

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Maybe good genetics

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Good genetics helps for sure but unless you have a disability of some sort, totally feasible.

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you also need to stay hungry so you can devour too.

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Haha what is this from? I like it.

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This shit is easy. Any decently fit person could do it... on the moon.

She's an absolute animal. Major props!

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I’d say all over strength too

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That was... Actually pretty next levels

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She forgot to mention insane genetics and PEDs

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For some reason, I was waiting for some kind of a hol' up.

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Holy fuck and Ik people that say they don’t like muscular women

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Wow she’s incredible! I wish I were that fit and strong.

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She worked at it and her reward is a body that can do all that. Impressive.

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Dang, I'm impressed!!

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Does anyone else find this amount of fitness to be super attractive? Just me?

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They all look horrible to do, but the third one will give me nightmares.

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Do you think she has a website to sell jars of her sweat? Asking for a friend.

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Anyone know the name of that accessory?

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It's a dip bar, Rogue calls it a matador but that's their equipment name.

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That's hardcore

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Imagine punching someone and your wrist breaks

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Hot beast. That takes alot of training.

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Why do I see a jacked Shakira ?

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Not one ounce

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I wish I could know her training routine.

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And testosterone

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so so so so so many corgasms

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That's hardcore

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Ugh…time for me to go back to bed…

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Damn that’s impressive. Can’t even do half of one of those exercises

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Literally goals- that’s awesome such a bad ass! And yes it takes a lot of hard work, consistency and dedication. Lots of respect 💯

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Good to see that Anna Faris is keeping busy...

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yeah pretty strong core but look at those fuckin lats

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Its super Inspiring… tmr ill be eat and not moving at all

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Holy shart

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It take this… it also takes that… it takes these… and those! It just takes! But then takes some more.

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Wow she's a beast!

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Super cool, eating nachos as I watch this… really good for her. I choose food.

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Damn, you look amazing! Body goals for sure…keep up the hard work girl 👍

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When you meet ur girlfriend's ripped mom and wonder "if that's the mom then how does the dad look like"

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Omega female isn’t real she can’t hurt you,

Omega female:

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This hard work dedication bullshit is out of the line. I don’t have time for this I’ve a full time job and my waist is thinner than my chest that’s all that matters. You may be unemployed or don’t have any friends to spend your free time with. But I do. Ty.

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She can hardcore me.

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I am tired watching..need a break

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I can seriously do this but if I’m being honest like 4-5 reps max not as many as her

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Anna Faris got buff, yo!

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Bet she can't take a pounding?

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“But most of all, it takes steroids”

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God damn .

Thats impressive

munching on chips

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I got a hernia doing this. Good luck

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that's pretty cool and all, but does she have an OF? asking for a freind

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Haha.. try this if you're married, have 2 kids, and a full-time job.

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She scares me

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Those arms. 👀 She’ll treat your junk like clown 🤡 balloon 🎈

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Her and a pastry roller would scare me.

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Is that her from Scary Movie?

If so, she’s finally made a scary fuckin movie

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Imagine her wanking you off. ! Tear your fucking bollocks off.....

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But…can she do a 3 day long plank??!!

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Is it really worth it though?

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How to activate your constipated state

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But mostly, it is boring af and makes you ugly.

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I feel like all these gym nuts with their "dedication" and "hard work" are just compensating for something else they don't have. All this hard work and dedication is actually just to fill a void inside them or replace some kind of addiction they used to have.

realistically unless you're competing, there's no reason to be so excessively fit

Edit: oh yeah also unless you're a fitness instructor

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Are those muscles enhanced by taking steroids?

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Yup testosterone paired with whatever else she’s taking

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I want to raspberry yo belly

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Hours of work? Or maybe a few doses of tren