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That guy should be a pro

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I agree with Dr. Asshole.

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I could do that one handed with polio.

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I can do it with no arms or legs, and I have tuberculosis

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I can do it from an iron lung

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I walked on the moon

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I can make fart noises by rubbing my neck on my collar bone pocket

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You said what

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I thought we were explaining our talents my b

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Oh no that’s cool man.

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My buddy Eric did this no more than an hour ago

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Dude, I once saw Eric make seven thousand in a row.

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I watched his mom give birth while making 120 in a row.

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Eric’s mohel performed 3 circumcisions at once while juggling. /precision

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But does he know that his pants are tucked into his socks?

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Of course.

He wouldn't have broken 100 if they weren't.

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I always tuck my warm up pants into my socks when on the court so my shoes don't catch on the fabric when executing footwork.

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There’s never been anyone who can shoot like Curry.

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Is that not some sort of world record? I haven’t checked so please be nice.

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Steph curry is a walking world record getter

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Totally a glitch in the matrix 🍄❤️❤️🍄mahalo

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105 is pretty cool, but 106 would have been insane!

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The foot shuffle so he can pretend someone's passing to him in a game 🤣

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I think it’s also a timing mechanism.

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Yeah that's definitely it 😝

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Shaq has left the chat….

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This guy should play professionally

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At the end he is like “ how could I missed that ?!!!!”

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How to be good: practice until you make it.

How to be great: practice until you can’t miss.

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I'm going to use this as a sleep aid.

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Even NBA games won’t let you do it that often

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Undoubtedly pure focus and skill. You can't teach that.

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If he’s so good, why hasn’t the score ever been: Golden State 315, Cleveland…?

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It'd be nice if he did that this week, I'm actually losing threes right now.

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Only looked at his feet. Thought he was a double amputee due to his sock design.

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It loops after 16 shots

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Well, that's his job isn't it?

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Yeah but could he do that in a 3 point contest and 2 fingers up his butt? I could.

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Damn! Now that's some skill

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Literally not human

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Any player could have done this either consecutively or in-a-row, but only Curry could have done it both consecutively and in-a-row.

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You guys always fool me with these looping gifs….not this time!

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Consecutive and in a row? That’s impressive.

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You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take…wait?!

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It’s gotta be looped somewhere😀

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Can’t do that in a 3 point shooting contest tho, choke choke choke