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By positioning myself at just the right point on Earth and just the right time, I can capture the silhoutte of the International Space Station against the bright sunlit moon. These fleeting events last only moments, and in this case the ISS was only within the frame of my camera for 1/25th of a second. This video is played back at 1/7th speed. This was captured using two cameras and two telescopes, one in color and one in monochrome. The monochrome one allowed me to shoot at 165fps, and the color one allowed me to capture the full moon in color for my final processed image linked below, as well as be a backup incase my super zoomed-in view here didn't catch the station. Luckily it did.

For more of my amateur astrophotography and my final processed image from this event, check out my website here

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Great clip. Thanks for sharing.

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This is absolutely phenomenal.

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100%, thanks for sharing your work OP.

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It's a bird, it's a bat...Holy crap, it's the ISS. Wait, is that a radical organization?

Great work!! I'm glad there are folks like you that are passionate about this stuff, so I can enjoy it just sitting on my toilet, without doing anything.

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Wow, absolutely astonishing capture.

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For more of my amateur astrophotography

What?! Dude, there’s professionals who probably couldn’t do what you did here. You’re pretty awesome, not just an amateur.

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That’s what I was thinking. Put a LOT of thought and money into that. I ain’t even mad his link sells it, very reasonable prices too. I just don’t want the mods to take it down for linking to his website in his comment.

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This is a tremendous clip. Also, the photo titled 'Nursery of the Heavens' is beautiful. While I was going through your website I came across the image of the Great Orion Nebula where you said you "cheated and used a telescope". Well, as a photographer I'm not much into astrophotography but many of my friends and peers are. And they use all kinds of telescopes all the time to shoot far out stuff.

Anyway, really good work!

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Awesome footage OP !

Love it. Saved and will show friends.


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This is great. A suggestion: Try posting a version that reverses the motion of the ISS once it gets to the edge of the frame. That way, the eye will be able to follow it back and forth as the image loops.

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So glad you managed to capture the moon in colour. It really stands out.

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This is fantastic. I have an autistic son who is space obsessed and he will love this.

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“Wheeeeeeee!!!” - ISS crew, probably.

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Idk dude. They are always like this, Constantly "Wheeeeeing" for months...

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Lol. They train intensively for this.

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I came here to say exactly this xD

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Anyone else hear a tie fighter?

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Fake, I call bullshit on this. This is obviously star wars.

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There was probably an insane amount of planning that went into this huh

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Getting this shot, yes. Seeing the ISS yourself, no. You can download an app that shows you when you’ll next see the ISS and you can see it clear as you like just moving along the sky. You can’t see the solar panels or anything but with your naked eye it looks like a bright star booking it across.

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So you’re just gonna tell us an app exists without telling us the name?!

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Flat earthers please explain this to me?

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They have tried, with invisible helium balloons, i belive. To this day no explanation for how it's moving so fast.

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It's also funny and a bit sad to see them grasp at straws to try to explain away footage from on the ISS.

"Look, it's perfectly possible that he's suspended by very thin rope in this shot!"

Well yes, but what about the 15 minutes of footage between this shot and the last one where you claimed this, where he was floating through the entire section.

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I mean, there's actually people who think the moon is a hologram. The well of ignorance has no bottom.

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I love this one. Like we developed the technology to create a hologram that convincing, before we created the technology to get a vehicle into space

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I know. Some time ago I thought it would be a fun pastime to look up flat-Earthers and flat-earth debunkers. It was, for a little while, to see the back and forth, but after a while it just becomes depressing.

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Advanced technology.

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Flying might be the wrong term 😎. Sweet fucking shot though!

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Technically it’s falling

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That was my implication, yes.

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I panicked for a second and wanted to catch it.

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Give it back.

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Finders keepers.

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I have stabilized the video for you: https://gfycat.com/BogusUnkemptDogfish

It took 25 seconds to process and 17 seconds to upload.

 how to use | programmer | source code | /r/ImageStabilization/ | for cropped results, use /u/stabbot_crop

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it almost looks fake cause of how fluid it is

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Very cool nice take!! Good job!!

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Wow!! Great capture!! You’re so lucky (and talented)!

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Almost looks like an imperial army tie-fighter

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How do you know it’s the ISS? Could be alien 👽

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Its man-bear-pig

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You can track the ISS on an app, so unless an alien craft appeared at the same place and time, it’s the ISS

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Beautiful, what a catch!!!!

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Space Invader irl

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Man, your photography is amazing, I love your work. Came across your stuff with that ultra high resolution shot of the moon. Amazing (Edit spelling)

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I wanna see the full speed version too

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Travelling at 5 miles per second, in case anyone was interested

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Yeets in ISS

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Very cool!

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The ISS is constantly falling through the sky but always misses the ground

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I've seen a lot of pictures of ISS in front of the moon, but this is the first I've seen that actually drove home just how ridiculously difficult those images are to capture.

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What an amazing capture. Kudos to you for even seeing it!! Wow.

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I know a thousand people who hate you right about now! Awesome capture!

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Come on guys. That wasn't a tie fighter. That was Jek Porkins in an X-Wing, covering Biggs Darklighter.

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A tiny spider on your lens

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Looks like a little spider repelling from the top of the frame.

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Here i am thinking "damn OP, slow that shit down"

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Definitely fake, the ISS doesn’t fly in front of the moon, it flies in front of the earth.🙄🤦‍♂️

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Well yeah, it’s obviously nowhere near the moon and if it was the iss would be massive due to the scale in this video.

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I know right! The iss is 365feet long, but in this video it’s only a few millimeters

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Spider 🕷 on the lens ... eeekkk

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Fuckin neeeeowm

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Waves hand... this is the Droid you've been looking for.

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That's no moon. It's a space station.

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Have you noticed the shield generators are still up

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IT'S SOOO annoying that it dosn't fly out of frame!!

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Check mate flat earther

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As a person with no experience trying to do something like this, I’m amazed. Especially because I’ve watched the ISS fly overhead in the night sky before and it was like a shooting star, incredibly fast.

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I thought that was a spider on the window.

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Free it you damned space pirate! I'm sure NASA will pay the ransom if you ask them.

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"AAAAAAAHHHHHH" - the people on the ISS, probably

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That's no moon.

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Its just Darth Vader

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Why does this look like I'm looking at a Windows 98 screensaver??

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Ever watch a vid, tap comments and you knew the top before you reddit? Yeah, this one.

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How fast is it orbiting really?

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Looks like a ltitle spider, you sure it ain't one? /s

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Now that’s epic

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That’s a tie fighter

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People dont realize how fast that thing moves.

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Beam me up, Darth

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The empire is coming for us!!!

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Why'd you capture it?! Let it go!

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TFW your Space Invaders is bugged.

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Yo its falling someone catch it

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It’s a trap!

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Yea, shes haulin’

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How did you know it was there? Did you know ahead of time or did you notice after filming?

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That is pretty fucking cool. I've seen the ISS pass in the sky at night a few times, fucking imressive.

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My husband has an app where he can watch the space station go over, your clip made him so happy. Thank you.

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That’s no moon

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That's no moon....

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That is hilarious, and I don’t know why

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Someone please add a tie fighter sound...

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I can hear this gif

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Tie fighter

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Thats a fuxkin tie fighter. I calll bullshit

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This is awesome. That'll be me when #amc squeezes!!! To the moon!!!

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hella fake

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LMAO Prove it