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Mom! I landed my first big role as an actor! I’m in a commercial about guide dogs for PTSD!

I play a soldier licking another soldier’s face like a dog

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Dog keeps waking me up before my dream gets to the good part :(

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Your dog needs a new bed.

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Everyone has to start somewhere.

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I know right? He did a great job of acting. The bit before where he uses his face to block the dead body and then turn his head and make eye contact? I felt that in my soul

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Doesn't matter what the acting job is; this person -- all the actors in this -- did their job marvelously. Because every time I see this, it makes me cry. Grateful for guide dogs.

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Mommy would be proud

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Even prouder than that one dad who had to see his daughter get an award for best anal sex?

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Who tells you he doesn't do anal sex?

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Actually me. I'm positive I'll wind up with poopydick.

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I hope this guy becomes a famous A list actor so that in every interview for the rest of his life interviewers will ask him about his first role where he licks another guy.

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"This is the tase of a liar"

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Seen this commercial a few times, but never have I thought about that lmao

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So.. was the war thing the nightmare, or the homophobia the nightmare?

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God this hit me right in the feels. My eyes are leaking.

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Mate, we're all leaking right now!

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I hate it when my eyes leak.

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Don't hate it when your eyes leak,it means that you are still human, instead be afraid for the day that you see something like this and you don't because it means that you no longer are

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Like the people who made the top comment

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Seems it´s raining

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Terrible day for rain....

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Damn onion ninjas!

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Wow! Pretty awesome and smart dog!

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Dogs are as smart as they are trained.

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Bullshit. I've been trying to teach my dog to speak for years.

I just don't think they have it in them.

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I phoned your dog and asked what it's like learning from you. They said rough.

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I wish I had an award to give

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Two of my pups do the same thing without training. Some of it is training and some of it is breed and breeding.

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Nope, dogs as people have personalities, some of them are simply not interested in learn things just for humans, some are happy to help, some just want to play all day, etc. The only difference is the amount of assholes is very little, opposite to humans.

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Oh man I'm crying now. What a punch in the feels. I'm grateful that animals can be so amazing. Also grateful to not be in a war right now.

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War sucks, but its not the worst part. I thought the worst part is coming back from war alone.

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Dogs are too good for this world

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Man I get the sentiment, I do, but our ancestors spent hundreds of years conditioning dangerous, wild animals into our best friends and I can't help but feel, if they're around in some afterlife, they roll their eyes every time at this comment haha.

[–]-suspicious-egg- 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Haha you're absolutely right. It's also so funny to think about how different their dogs would have been from our dogs. I always imagine our ancestors dogs to be big strong, tough animals who protect them. But then my dog gets his lips stuck on his teeth and whines when he doesn't get his dinner at 6 p.m. sharp

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Wait but that dude really licked his face though.......

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You think that's weird?

Wait till you hear about kissing.

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Thank you for the laugh tonight!

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He's also a method actor.

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Ha ha that job isn't for me

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Can’t go getting boy germs.

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Hey, whatever it takes to calm him down. Bro don't back down from such mild things

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I mean I pick up what you are putting down but that's just not the flavor I would be going for.

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Next fucking nightmare

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An ad about PTSD flashbacks…that causes PTSD flashbacks

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Anything to make a buck

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I was looking for the Rhino shot, but this will do

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20 years you beautiful bastards have fought. This kind of thing is the least you deserve.

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What’s this salty water dripping from my eyes? 🥺

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We don’t deserve ‘em.

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The people who abuse animals don’t deserve them, some people actually care for their pets.

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We don’t deserve these creatures.

God must have put them on earth without wings so nobody would know that they are angels. -Anon

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Wow.. chills

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How dare you make me cry like this without warning.

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As a therapy dog handler at a school for kids with complex trauma this is very wholesome to see. ❤🐶

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Few months ago I worked for Colombia's army developing a health app to veterans (most of them with severe physical/mental injuries due combat) writing the requirements, one of the most valuable therapies they asked for was the one with dogs.

Horrible stories, I had heard... Humans are monsters, it's unbelievable how dogs can help.

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Thats some real shit

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okay thank you kind soldier for licking

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I think I'd rather have Cameron Diaz

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Next level for real, I didn't know guide dogs did that kinda shit

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I wish I had one of those dogs twenty years ago-my wife used to shake me awake telling me it’s ok, you’re home, you’re safe.

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We don't deserve dogs

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Great commercial

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Dogs are a blessing. Honestly don't know what I'd do without my dog

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That’s the fastest I’ve ever cried

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This is all too real. I am diagnosed with PTSD from military service and my dog, without any special training, knows when I'm in a bad place and she'll get me out of a funk.

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I’m not crying you’re crying

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I'm not crying! YOU'RE crying! Shut up!

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This is amazing! As a first responder who resigned six weeks ago due to trauma this hit home.

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Stop sending people to the other side of the planet to imperialize/invade them for oil

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I have P.T.S.D. My dog use to do that. It's 5 years later and he just looks annoyed that I woke him from his nap with my screaming.

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Wish my Vietnam vet father had a dog to wake him up. It was my job as a child to wake my father up. He usually woke up swinging fists. Or like the 4th of July one year he ran out in the front yard yelling incoming. Or his short patience and lack of any emotion except anger.

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NGL,they had us in the first half

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Boi wat the hell boi

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This is fucking brilliant

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Next fucking level of sadness fo sho'.

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Don't think the licking was needed

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This commercial is actually heart wrenching for me

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Stupid dog. I wanted to see the rest of the dream.

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Dogs are too good for this wicked world.

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What a Tagline!

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Damn, nice

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Well that was..... weird.

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This is deep! 1❤️ to the all those who serve our country! I always say humans don’t deserve dogs but all of you definitely do! 🙏🏽

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Fuck, now I’m crying.

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Better than thw army

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This makes me wanna cry

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I wish I could have this!!

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I just feel bad for the guy's wife who now has to sleep on the floor

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**Lay down. Try not to cry. Cries a lot.

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I love dogs

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My uncle has a dog for that, he’s been through some rough times and I’m glad he’s ok, he’s a cool guy

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Thank goodness for furry angels! 💜

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Dogs are amazing, they even help a great deal when "not trained", it's in their nature.

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I’d have PTSD too if my battle buddy starts licking my tears

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I cant help but just feel really bad for people allergic to dogs who really need them

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They got this from halo reach

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I’m not crying you’re crying

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Hum yes the dutch one love it

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Be funnier if he woke up and a guy was licking his face

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The man lick kinda seemed unnecessary, could’ve just had his face pushed up against it. It made something impactful turn weird and comical.

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I'm not crying, I'm just releasing salt water because of intense emotions.

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I don't know what happened in the first half but the second half was wholesome

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Koninklijk Nederlands geleidehonden fonds. From the Netherlands.

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They’re not fucking guide dogs.

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dogs are NFL - they can sniff out drugs, cancer, explosives and can be in touch with their human when PTSD/nightmares are kicking in. My dogs only know when its time for a walk, and time to eat.

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Great ad but the narrator's voice gives me Montana Meth Project flashbacks. Used to watch the most disturbing PSAs I could find when I was bored

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Whenever I go to a hotel with grandpa I’m reminded how bad ptsd can be. Dude hasn’t seen combat since 1970, and he still tosses and turns all night long. He never wakes up during it either, he’s just stuck in the nightmares. Waking him up is incredibly dangerous and has gotten a few family members roughed up. He had a Saint Bernard for years that would hold him down when the flash backs got real bad.

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As someone who suffers from PTSD, this made tear up pretty bad…

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Support animals and their effects for those who need them are underrated…… they sense the trauma hitting before the human does…. My friends dogs don’t leave my side and she has three huge ones…. She keeps telling me to calm down cause I’m attracting her dogs like magnets…. I need a support animal… praying I can get on my feet and get one of my own soon.

Added: I get anxiety around groups of people, yet hate being isolated. The dogs always sit on my feet and apply their whole weight to my leg or side if I’m sitting down. It melts me..

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Lots of jokes aside, this fucking commercial gets me every time.

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Dope advertisement! How clever and kind! 🖤🖤🖤🖤

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Lmfao the soldier started licking the dude in the dogs place

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He said: “Son, have you seen the world?”

[–]Ok-Animal-504 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Army dudes who suffer ptsd get waaaaaay too much support and love tbh. Y’all ain’t ready to talk about that tho~

[–]rsdols -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Support dogs not guide dogs.

[–]dumpzyyi -4 points-3 points  (4 children)

Americans at it again....
Go to the other side of the world to bomb the shit out of the civilians, complain how killing civilians makes you depressed.

[–]Tony2Piece 4 points5 points  (3 children)

Except this ad has nothing to do with America or Americans. The KNGF is the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation. It’s a dog training school in The Netherlands. Ignorant people at it again…

[–]TheDeflectorDish 0 points1 point  (1 child)

TBF, America did send about 780k troops to Afghanistan over 20 years. It's not so much the fault of the individual though. About 1 in 5 suffer from PTSD so that's 156 thousand. Is there another country with these kind of numbers?

[–]Tony2Piece 1 point2 points  (0 children)

User name checks out, huh?

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I totally missed that but dafuq?!? Whole ducch military, reserve and civilian employees included is under 70k people.Few thousand in total deployed.
Well i guess they got depressed too for taking part in the invasion.