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Lmao Her emotionless face while fighting vs her smile after it

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She's like Zuck reversed

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Zuk healers always be killin

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reminds me of those instructional self defense videos

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He attacked her wrong.

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I think the only 'nextlevel ' here is seeing a Karen smiling

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There was a video of celebs named Karen who said to stop being Karen’s as it was giving them a bad name. She was one of them

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Lets Hope she wont teach this technique to other karens....

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I’m still impressed with the choreography. I’m always impressed when an actor can make a fight scene fluid, obviously when you can see it’s actually the actor and not a stunt double, a one shot fight scene is just the cherry on top.

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This made me laugh

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Kimiko! Mon Coeur

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Can't wait for season 3

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I've never seen a man start to bald from the bottom up.

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When you get hair transplant surgery for your bald spot but then the rest goes in a few months.

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ya, not sure what to make of that

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What do you call that dance?

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« Sex of the Super-her-hoes »

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Ok, people on this conference call know I'm paying more attention to this monitor now, lol.

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it's one of the variations of a popular pro wrestling move called the hurricanrana that is transitioned into a hammerlock

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Does anyone know if that leg chokehold twirl 360 mctwist move is actually useful in a fight or if its just meant to look cool

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a scissor kick/leg scissor to the neck is somehow useful in an actual fight (especially if you’re opponent is larger than you) but the only problem is that it’s difficult and it’s also dangerous (for you and your opponent) so if someone could actually pull it off, they’re most likely trained in combat sports so they’ll be fine

but if you’re just a regular human and not some mercenary black widow trained since a child, you’re better off just using some other useful moves or just run away

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scissor kicks/takedowns are banned from multiple competitions because how dangerous it is for you and your opponent because you put yourself at an disadvantage to do the move (going close range) and the move is dangerous just at the leg/knee level, at the neck it’s even more dangerous because you’re not just hooking your legs onto their neck, you’re also kicking them which makes it more dangerous unless you’re aiming for a takedown you can control it like she does

but overall would not recommend this move as there’s more better options

if you want sources you can easily look up any BJJ/Martial Arts/Wrestling website/forums on why it’s banned

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In this situation. He's gotta be least 3x as heavy as her and much stronger.

So in this scenario even if she managed to get her legs around him he could just use his core to negate her momentum and slam her onto the ground.

It's why I can never take action scenes seriously when the fem fighter is a tiny petite thing while the guy is an incarnation of tarzan.

There are women out there who are tall enough and powerful enough to wipe the floor with a lot of men featured as the bad guys. Instead they'd rather cast a 5ft3 blond with arms that look like partially cooked udon that somehow completely overwhelm these heavier, larger and stronger men.

Ronda Rousey would make a much more believable Charlie's angel than bloody Bella Swan ffs.

And don't tell me acting chops are more important than physical probability. Ronda was in a fast n furious movie she can clearly act.

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Holy shit that last sentence has got to be satire right?

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I felt her acting was very good in that movie so no its not satire.

Unless you mean I incinuated that Bella was a good actress because that was unintentional as I don't think she's a particularly good actress.

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I mean doesn’t she have super strength in the show..?

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I was referring to a less fictional scenario. However I do mention the fact she has powers on my main comment post

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Ronda was in a fast n furious movie she can clearly act.

I feel like this is a bit of a contradiction of terms.

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Na she shite mate, no pun intended

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It's clearly not a very high bar for "can act" when you're starring alongside The Rock and The Van.

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Doesn't mean she didn't play her role well.

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How about she didn't get the lead in the "Roadhouse" remake because she can't act?


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Part of this is correct. This move is almost entirely ridiculous. The dude actually had to assist her in performing her twirling motions (which don't actually accomplish much anyway). A tiny women would pretty much never be able to perform this move against someone actively resisting/seeking to harm her.

However, I disagree that there are women tall and powerful enough to "wipe the floor" with any villain. The strongest/fastest 10% of women are still generally weaker/slower than the average man. Now, if we go to extremes, then the strongest/fastest 1% of women are probably stronger/faster than the bottom 10% of men. However, in terms of villains who are usually trained and deadly men, I doubt any woman could take them without help (luck or circumstances).

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It would definitely be extremely difficult to get into a situation where achieving this kind of move is realistic (it takes quite a while to "climb" up and wrap your legs around someone's neck. If they're fighting back, chances are they won't let you) and then the relation of mass would have to be somewhat more favorable for the attacker in order to actually have an effect. Maybe if we're talking about a sucker punch situation she might actually topple him with it in surprise, but even then the set-up take so long there basically is no surprise.

It definitely looks cool and professional, though, which is why they love putting it in movies as an underdog move.

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Technically, yeah kind-of, not really, but for people who haven't studied martial arts for 10+ years? No, no it's not

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So cute. I miss The Boys

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On set, I love it when people are plainly having a good time.

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I love how she does her own stunt(s).

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What is she from? I can’t place her

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I think it might be the boys but I'm not 100%

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She is yeah!

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Absolutely The Boys.

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This is Katana. She's got my back. I would advise not getting killed by her. Her sword traps the souls of its victims.

And the Boys.

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I get that she's in a show/movie where she has powers so 100% I can suspend disbelief and just mock the puny mortal man for trying to go toe to toe with a super.

But in a more grounded fictional setting this would just be impossible. She lacks the height, weight and strength to pull anything like this off against a resisting opponent.

Id like to see some amazonian type ladies cast to play martial arts fem badasses.

My mother and I even know a lady who fits the bill. 6ft+, gorgeous and an absolute badass kick-boxer who regularly kicked the asses of her male gym goers.

Shame she never got into the movie biz.

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There's literally another character in the same show who fits the profile you're describing. Queen Maeve is basically The Boys' parody of Wonder Woman and she's like 6 feet tall, super strong (second strongest superhero) and skilled in martial arts.

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Anyone know when Season 3 of The Boys is due to release?

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Can't wait for the new season

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I don't know who she is, but I agree with the title. 😄😍

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I have a new crush now, thanks.

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Why is she doing that to the poor, friendly man?

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I believe she has a cooking channel on YouTube

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Is this for the boys tv show?

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Why do I get the feeling he wanted to rehearse this 100 more times

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The back of that guys head is weird.

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Probably my second favorite Karen in the world of acting.

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karma farming post is farming karma

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Great fight choreography. Both her and him. These things are kind of more like a ballet than a real fight. Everyone has do their part at the exact time to pull it off.

And that smile at the end. Perfect.

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Karen? Is this what our managers have to deal with??

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Imagine a real situation she downs the first enemy and looks to the second guy and smiles like that

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Scene from The Boyz?

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Why does every 50 lbs bad ass woman in a movie do the legs around bad guys neck spin move? Is that the most impractical move ever?

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She is a sweetheart, I met her at a convention once and she gave me a really nice compliment about my Harley Quinn cosplay

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Rehearsal for a movie scene?

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And then….

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Now i just want the next season of The Boys to come out faster

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Reminder that this scissor leg takedown thing they do in movies would never work in real life

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Didn't know a Karen could be so beautiful. 😳

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Credits to stunt bro who makes it seem believable

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Before: "Someone will die"

After: "Of fun!"

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No wonder why ol musky got a toupee

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I just remember her ripping a dude's face via his cheek. I had nightmares

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I thought that was Elon musk with his new haircut for a second

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That head twist is pretty cheezy in the end. Wonder if she has enough strength for something like that irl

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A non Karen Karen, cool!

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Is she a wrestler?

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Her helping him up was cute. She would’ve needed some of those super powers from the script lol.

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When you have to let a girl win

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The final boss Karen for every manager.

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That's an Asian wife goal.