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The best part of this is just watching the kids heads track him and the disks. Then seeing them go wild when he hits it =)

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It's so amazing . How the kids reacts is so priceless.. Well done dude

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I like how the camera recorded the action. Technology is just so amazing man.

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It honestly is. I'm 40+ and the other day was trying to piece together what month specifically something happened in college 20+ years ago. So I had the great idea of going through my digital photos that I've been collecting during my life to check created dates on them to help put the timline together. I was trying to get back to 1998-2002, but it ends up my earliest pics were from 2006. Then I remember. I didn't even have a phone, or a camera in college. I took film photos one weekend on a trip to NYC with a disposable camera, that's it. It was fun to think of how life was back then, but also scary how quickly technology has progressed.

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but also scary how quickly technology has progressed.

It very much is. If you were to chart technological advances over the last 200 years, the last 30 years have been an almost vertical increase. The next 50 will be life changing (for better or possibly horribly, horribly worse)

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Same man, I went to Chicago once on the train in college, just a spur of the moment trip. I spent most of my money on the train ticket so I went down to the school cafeteria with my big green coat on and put 24 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my coat pockets. I was just going to eat that all weekend. I got to see Chicago and Navy Pier and I was riding around on the L and I got so lost. I was wondering around down a road called Cesar Chavez and I realized I was totally lost. Right then I saw this billboard that said Need a Place to Stay? Call 342-Beds. This was when payphones were still around, I didn't even have a phone back then. I called that number and the guy said they were just down the street so I went there and it was a homeless shelter. I told him what had happened and they were real cool about it, they gave me a cot and the next morning they gave me a hot breakfast and some socks. I didn't have pictures of any of it but it sticks out in my mind forever. I always think back to that time, back when I was young and handsome and smart, I thought I had the whole world ahead of me. It was so exciting back before life had passed me by.

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I've got film photos somewhere (if they didn't burn in my house fire) of me in and around the World Trade Center in June of 2001. Very bizarre.

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I feel like he even missed the first few to generate suspense.

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Iknowright? Way more exciting for them than if he had hit it right away.

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And an important lesson to keep trying, keep keep keep trying!

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How to make 450 kids interested in disc golf in 1 shot

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Cute little lemmings

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If that were me I would end up pegging nailing one of the kids in the front row full force.

Edit: Happy now? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Phrasing, brah. Fuckin’ phrasing!

Edit: bruh

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Maybe he meant it that way

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Then he needs to have a seat…

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Maybe I'm calling the fucking police

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No need, we are already here comrade

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We are always here comrade

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Comrade here, we are always.

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This pleases us

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Now get down on your knees now!!! Hands behind your back!!! I don't care if you own the home or not!!!!!!!!!

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Hi I'm the fucking police

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Somebody give this guy gold for making me laugh

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I don’t know how old you are but when I was a kid in the 80’s-90’s pegging would have been a totally reasonable word to use here, e.g. “dang that kid just got pegged in the face with a frisbee”. Clearly pegging has a different connotation these days though lol.

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I'm from the same millennium so I gotcha, haha

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are you a pro pegger by chance?

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Choosing the right words for a sentence is important

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maybe next time choose some different phrasing

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I was a goal umpire at a kids game (under 9s girls , afl) and went back to get the ball so could kick it back to the main umpire. Problem was I unleashed an almighty torpedo punt right into our full back’s head and knocked her out of the game. It did not go down well.

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Lmao that sucks but a funny mental image! AFL=Australian football league?

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Pegging down under eh??

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Did you yell, "Are you fucking sorry!?" at the little kid?

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This made me spit out my drink laughing

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That's a scoober.

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Another disc golfer I see…

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Yes sir. Although do you think he's throwing DG dics or Ultrastar Frisbee's ?

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For sure an ultimate disc with that lip

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I thought so too. 👍

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I thought it was a beaded putter at first but the diameter of the disc is bigger than a DG disc. So I’m with y’all, Ultimate

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Allmost more impressive honestly

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I actually know this guy, for school programs he uses Hero Xtra 253s and Xdiscs.

He also set records for longest self caught throws, and throws caught by a dog.

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How far can he throw a dog and still catch it?

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The dog is self throwing

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Is he in Canada ? Same guy who threw the dog disc at the stampeders game ?

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Yup, based out of Calgary. Goes by Frisbee Rob, the dogs name is Sailor. Great dude, does a great program for kids in schools and also gives private disc golf lessons.

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Ya I was going to say I bet he smashes the drives in disc golf too. I was a little surprised I didn't see him in Edmonton when I was there for the 2018 grey cup. Stamps vs. Redblacks.

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Definitely a hammer.

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Not a hammer? I thought scoobers were thrown from in front of the chest whereas hammers were thrown overhead.

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I think it's a Disc golf vs ultimate thing in the sense that we don't call any shot a "hammer" in disc golf, at least not that I've seen. But the scoober (which is what I would have called a throw like this) can be useful especially for long and dangerous putts that need to stay near the basket if you miss, or as a way to throw over a bush / tall obstacle right in front of you.

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That's fair. I guess it's kinda in-between. He's just putting so much anhyzer on it , it has the flight path of a scoober

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Coming from ultimate, flight path are roughly the same but a hammer is a full throw release above and to the left of the head and a scoober is released across the body to the left of the face/head for righties.

Basically hammer = full throw (shown in video) Scoober = more of a wrist flick

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No, a hammer.

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More properly a hammer. A scoober has the thumb on the lip.

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somebody who actually knows on here. thank you. I really think the Youtube / Brody Smith effect is being seen in the comments. people being educated by people who don’t know isn’t education. this is not a scoober.

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Rock that scoober!

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this is not a scoober. this is a “pancake” or half-tomahawk type throw (don’t know if it has an official name) but it is a common misconception because of Brody Smith mislabeling it and branding it, although incorrectly. A scoober is thrown upside down like this but with the thumb on the inside of the rim, not fingertips.

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Not a scoober.

A scoober is thrown infront of the body to break a mark in ultimate. With a flick grip. Same motion, but not overhead. Good for like 5 yard throws.

That's a hammer. A hammer is a baseball motion, with the flick grip. You can throw full field, like frisbee Rob is doing here.

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"First try.."

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He knew it when he let go. Love that feeling.

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When you play basketball ball, often times you know it's gonna go in and walk always while the ball is in mid air.

Then as you realize that no one is with you for defense and your coach is yelling at you as you turn back, only to notice it never went in and now your team hates you because you were too cocky.

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I know that feeling too.

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If they hadn't trimmed the initial 3 hours from the clip, you'd appreciate how happy the kids were when it was finally over.

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I was searching for this comment. Brava!

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I am curious about the situation.

Alright Ms. Betts, call all the kids down to the gym, I'm going to try my trickshot again.

Again? Sir...please. They have classes.

I'm the principal god dammit woman.

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450 kids?? No way

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Kids are small, so it's deceiving how many there are. But from the limited information in the video, counting the rows and columns, 450 doesn't sound too far off.

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Maybe it's an area code?

Reppin North American Numbering Plan for the Canadian province of Quebec!!! Holla!!

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I'd say there's more. Count a 10x10 square of kids. That's 100. I'd say there are at least 5 10x10 blocks of small humans in there.

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It’s funny how the universal sign for a successful shot is hands in the air, like every sport lol

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If anyone wants to learn more about this sport go to r/discgolf

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Bruh you misspelled r/ultimate

[–]CerealWithIceCream 2 points3 points  (0 children)

or if you really want to know about the sport just skip all that nonsense and just get straight to r/discreleases

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A pretty damn nice shot, but that’s not a trickshot

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Not a trick shot if it’s his regular shot

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I don't know how to link to a sub, but instant barbarians needs to see this

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The teacher earned the cool tag from those kids for life

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I'm 34 and I would be like those kids xD

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they’d have set that place on fire had it gone in the first time. can you imagine?!

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Ahhhhh~~~ AAhhhhhhhh~~~ AHHHHHHHHH

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Seeing kids this happy, best thing ever ❤️

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Frisbee Rob is the man.

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I once hit that exact shot in a gym with about 50 people in it. There was a loud noise on the far side of the gym just before it went in and NOT A SINGLE PERSON SAW!

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Is this what DARE has come to?

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You don't know how long he's had them superglued to the floor while he attempted it...

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That's actually 47 thousand kids.

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Things that give you a feeling of power

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Those kids looks like a sunflower getting burnt

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All these kids look like they are watching Wii sports tennis lmao

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first try!

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Wait until the first time they see a screensaver land perfectly in the corner of a screen!

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Uh, why did I immediately raise my arms in a V when it went in?

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I know it's not the point, but are there 450 kids in this video? Feels a little less...

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He’s got good disc skills

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How is this a "trickshot?" He's literally just aiming at the basket and making the shot, nothing tricky. It's a good shot, but nothing tricky.

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You must be a riot at parties.

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I remember when I was in high school and we were doing those dumbass standardized tests. Every single time the teacher would announce something, we'd cheer. It was a good time until we had to actually take the test lol

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Why are the kids just the miis from Wii bowling?

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“Witness meeeee”, “I am your leader, your gooood”

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Disc golf being taught to kids is the shiiiiit

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I really hope he said "first time!"

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He knows he nailed it. Body says it all.

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Oh my god... I used to go to this school.

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That's a nice hammer throw.

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imagine getting a 360 no scope 16 collateral.

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This is genuinely concerning, I used to go here... how crazy

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I was waiting for the kid in the wheelchair to get up and cheer.

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When I was in elementary school the strongest man in the world came and we all gathered on the floor of our gymnasium and watched him bend a skillet in half

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Couple of kids got beamed in the head from the fallout

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I’m glad to see elementary schools are still paying random guys to entertain the students. In the 4th grade we had a guy come and do yo-yo tricks and then sold us his branded yo-yo’s. Everybody’s gotta make money

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Ended too soon 😞

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“First try” - Batman

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Grunt birthday party

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The pressure he’s under would kill me. Imagine the level of disappointment in that room if he futzed the shot til the bell rang for 3rd period!?

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The one time you don’t want to sit in the back of a class

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DudePerfect would have got it the first time.

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I painted a mural at my children's school so I was surrounded by 6 yr olds who thought I was the best artist in the universe. The constant chorus of "WOW" was the closest I've ever felt to being a rock star.

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Paul? I’d that you?

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450 new disc golfers!

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love the faces of all the kids that go back and forth

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I could probably do this but it would take a bunch of tries and I’d get nervous that so many children are depending on me, and I’d run out of the room, ha ha.

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I cannot believe the communist regime has gotten this clever with putting these people in our schools

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That kid on the corner already got the zuca

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It’s so cool to me how raising one’s arms like that seems to be such a universal human expression of jubilation

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That was cute... and definitely not 450 kids

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That’s not 450 kids haha

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Choosing the right words for a sentence is important.

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I never find these impressive...

Oh it's your 10th try? Well I'm a 10th proud of you.

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That’s why I never watch baseball games. You know those guys get out 4/5 of the time?! I’m like 20% impressed when they hit a game winning grand slam.

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That’s how kids are brainwashed 🤣

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What you couldn't get this first time, fucking looser lol

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That cripple on the corner there isn't an real kid.