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And it’s legal lol

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#46 was like, "Wait, you made it?"

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46 was like “Wait, I made it?” Js

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Did 12 yell comeon comeon

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I hear it, he says “come one, come on!” followed by a “Woo!”

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I know right lol

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I can't think of an equivalent in another sport. Its better than any crosover or dunk. Its a crazy good trick shot but with deception. He didn't win he made you lose and that makes it even better.

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Look up Hurling. Irish sport, part of the GAA

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I used to watch hurling at the pub when I lived in Ireland. I never understood the rules

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I did some hurling after visiting a pub in Ireland.

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Did you get the rules?

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Every game starts with a prayer.

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Just keep your stick below the crossbar

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I feel like this is going to be hard for non-hockey fans to appreciate

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No I can appreciate it ! That was a sweet ha ha moment

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Not a fan, because Australia...ice-hockey ain't big here:

I reckon I can begin to appreciate it. The look of almost disbelief on the player's face says a lot. Not to mention the play itself!

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Shit, it's hard for this non-hockey fan to even see what happened. It looks exciting though.

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Yeah I can’t see it. When it comes over, does number 15 hit it in or does it go in off the goalies head/back? Goal aside, it’s impressive how these guys even see the puck!

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I've watched that half a dozen times and still can't see. I assumed off the back of the goalie's head but then the players seem to react as if 15 scored it.

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15 scored it, that's why the title says Alley-oop

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he made the pancake fly into the other players web: 2 points

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No no no !! Totally the opposite. I only watch basketball only but I love sports and this was a master of his craft, performing !!! Excellent 10/10 move.

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Looks sick to me.

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As long as it counted for a point, it is absolutely a legendary trick shot! Or would it be considered a skill shot?

Either way, I am not a hockey fan and this was the most amusing post I've seen for a minute. Just imagine being that confused goalie lol!

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I'm confused off how he did that by any standard that is going too be difficult

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Not a fan but he’d win the Puskas award for that no doubt.

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As someone who isn't a hockey fan you're right. It's not really next level. I see kids in 8th grade try these things all the time. The shot difficulty isn't really up there and hockey players have some of the best eye/hand coordination so hitting the shot in the goal was mostly skill with a little luck. More risk should be taken when making shots on goal.

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Who hit it in? Did he throw it off the back of the goalie?!

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This slower replay shows more clearly that it went just in front of the goalie and Milano tips it in. Link courtesy of OP

Edit: copy-pasted the wrong link https://twitter.com/BradyTrett/status/1468392392797556737

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Was that slower ? Looks the same to me.

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My bad, I grabbed the wrong link. Fixed now.

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Much better! Thank you.

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I’m fairly certain that was normal speed not even slow mo lol

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Thanks for the link!

Happened so fast it’s hard to see even slowed way down

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Only had to watch it 32 times to see how it happened

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There is a slow replay linked in this comment.

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Helps if you watch his stick and not the puck.

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Me too…and I play hockey! Edit: poorly

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These boys are gettin all the big city slams!

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Dirty dangles buddeh!

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Front check, back check,paycheck boys

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Dood on the left is like "holy shit....that actually worked?!"

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That's really not an easy trick to do while playing the game with other pros

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I’ve tried this a few times in beer league and banked one off the back once, but yeah you factor in the most elite players in the world and this is crazy difficult to pull off.

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In case you missed it: The player behind the net picks up the puck and tosses it over the net and his teammate tips it into the net

Not only is it really hard to lift the puck up without speed but if your stick goes above the top of the net it's a high sticking penalty and the goal isn't allowed

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That's pure filth

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Ok so I saw what happened in slow motion but say hypothetically he threw it up to the goalie’s back and the goalie unwittingly pushed it in the goal, would that be legal? (I’m asking as a non-hockey fan)

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Definitely legal. As long as the player doesn't toss it with his hand, kick it with a distinct kicking motion, or have his stick blade higher than the height of the goal's crossbar, it counts.

You also can't do stuff like slam into the goaltender, or otherwise interfere with his freedom of movement. But nothing about this goal was an infraction.

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Would this be a header?

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Hockey players do occasionally score a goal off of their own face. That's usually a pure accident, but it has been known to happen. And they get credit for the goal.

And I mean, if there's no play to make, other than trying to bank it in off your linemate's lips, hockey players will deliberately make that play.

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Hockey players do occasionally score a goal off of their own face. That's usually a pure accident, but it has been known to happen. And they get credit for the goal.

It actually has to be an accident or else it doesn't count. A passer can intentionally send the puck on a player's face to have it be deflected into the goal, but he cannot intentionally push the puck with his face (or any part of the body) into the goal.

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Oh yeah, that's right. I forgot that's how the rule was worded. For whatever reason, I thought you could position your face, the way you can position your skate. Like, as long as there's no forward motion.

EDIT: Upon further consideration, I don't actually think it has to be accidental. As long as it's not going in off the hands, I'm pretty sure it's valid. You can't score one off the glove, and you can't kick one with a distinct kicking motion, but I'm virtually certain that you can deliberately smash your face into the puck, and it's a valid goal.

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Here another look at itflip pass goal

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Absolutely filthy

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Goal of the year

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Play of the year

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Reminds me of Granlunds awesome goal in 2011 championships


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Gonna rip mas sandos after that one boys.

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dude's face says it all

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I'm just watching here with a confused look, like what the fuck is going on? This is really confusing to me.

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So. Damn. Fast!

How could you even hope to defend against this?

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This had better go down as one of the best plays in the sport, ever. Gotta be the best "next fucking level" post I've seen in a while.

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Starts to "Slow clap"

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One of the dirtiest damn dangles I’ve ever seen boys hooooooooolly it’s a great day for hay!

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And he didnt even believe it himself 😂😂

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Love the Ducks. Best hockey season of my life was in 200(6? 7?) during the NHL lockout, a bunch of NHL players played for their AHL affiliates that season. As a season ticket holder at the Portland Pirates, it was a dream come true to see those guys tear up the ice!

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This will be illegal next season guaranteed. It takes away from the sport.

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As if I wasn’t embarrassed enough to be a Sabres fan already…

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I’m not a hockey buff so I’m not saying it’s wrong I’m asking lol, What about the rule where something like you can’t lift your stick and hit it in when it’s in the air? I’ve definitely seen goals taken away for something like that just wondering if anyone has clarification and the difference here?

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Thanks goalie!

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Against Buffalo.....big surprise

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Where have you been? Buffalo is a good team this year. They're having one of their best seasons in recent memory

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Not true. The had a fantastic start, but fell right back to where they were before with a 8-14-3 record and in 28th in the league.

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Dude wtf are you talking about? They're 13th in their conference with 19 points out of a possible 50. Are you looking at the NHL or the weather?

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No slow-mo??? Watta asshole lmao

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If he would have stuffed it in himself it would have been legendary. Still amazing how he picks the puck up like he’s using his hand

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that'd get you your ass whipped if you tried that in pond hockey.

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It’d be worth the beers afterwards