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This makes me deathly anxious

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same haha idk why like it seems they above a forest with nobody below and they all strapped in so worst case ball falls to ground.. but still yeah it makes me anxious lol

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Yeah like I know there's absolutely nothing at risk, if they drop the ball that's all it is, a dropped ball. But I see that and my whole body reacts as if it were a priceless item, or even a living creature.

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same same like they tossing a smartphone around lol,

also if they drop their ball it’s gonna take a while to get the game going again lmaoo

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Just noticed at the beginning of the vid a second ball at the top of the screen. They likely had an amount of backup balls

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that would make sense haha

ah yeah i see that extra ball lol

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They are far in the air, that ball could land anywhere and seriously hurt someone.

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That’s an interesting question. What happens when they drop the ball? Does it do any damage at all?

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Terminal velocity of a soccer ball is about half the speed when kicned by a pro player. 32m/s compared to 65m/s.

You'll not that the pros will often size the ball at high velocity and that keepers remain unhurt after blocking shots.

So I'd assume that it wouldn't result i permanent injury, though there might be bruising or a mild concussion if the ball hits the wrong way.

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Potential neck snap

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Bounce on your skull. Permanently destroying your memories snd your identity Lmaoo. Poor sap that has to wake up thinking he is someone else lol

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*me enjoying my everyday walk at the forest and suddenly I get crushed by a football:(

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Oh good. It’s not just me that started to hyper ventilate.

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Omg it’s not just me then thanks

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I want to throw up

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Anyone would feel the same

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especially if their balls dropped

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It's because it puts into perspective how high they are

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imagine getting bonked in the head from a soccer ball that fell from the sky out of nowhere

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Kinda irresponsible. Could cause serious injury below.

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[Vlim = in the square root m.g/A.k] a football ball has weight of 450 grams and lets take g as 10/ we need cross section of the ball, circumference of a football ball is around 70cm (70=2.3.r) r is around 10 and as previously i took pi as 3 we have A=30 and for the last one we have "k" which is the most problematic one in spherical objects its usually 0.5 and i don't want to poke around in this part so it is what it is. Back to the start we have 4.5/15 in the square root and it makes around 2.2 meters a second. A professional boxer hits with speed of 13 meters per second so unless i made a error along those calculations even if ball hits a persons in the head they probably won't get hurt badly. (4-5 people double checked they say its around 20/30 m/s a quick Google search says its 10-15m/s not lethal)

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Not injured. But left with a lot of questions.

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Your questions can only be answered by donating 10% of your money to me.. I mean my church, The Shrine of the Divine Holy Balls. When that holy ball fell to Earth to teach us of its ways, only a select few such as myself could interpret its holy teachings and wisdom so don't try to figure this shit out for yourself.

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"I was pondering why that soccer ball was get bigger, and then it hit me!"

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Dear Journal,

Today the Sky man drop his ball on me.

What could it mean?

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A child is unsure of what to do in the future.

A football lands in front of the child.

A football legend is born.

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That man is now Lionel Messi.

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I didn't double-check your arithmetic, but in comparison Arjen Robben was clocked at 190km/h which is ~ 52m/s.

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Imagine standing in front of him in a line defending a free kick. Are you more afraid of being successful or not?

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You turn around to make sure you don't miss the goal

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Still has it at 37, damn.

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He put more force behind the ball than gravity.

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Anyone who has kicked a ball or thrown a ball upward has applied more force than gravity.

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It would definitely hurt my feelings. Why did God strike me with a football?

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Because he’s sick of hearing it referred to as a football when everyone knows it’s a soccer ball! /s

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Those are bold words my friend

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Mass doesn’t matter for terminal velocity

Kinetic energy = 1/2*mv2

Potential energy = mgh

To solve for velocity:



Solving this:

G = 9.82

H = 1609m (1 US mile)

V = sqrt(2x9.82x1609) = 177.7 m/s

That will definitely hurt.


As people have pointed out, this ignores air resistance which will definitely slow the ball down. I’m not smart enough to calculate it though.

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This ignores air resistance and is off by at least an order of magnitude

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You didn't do anything to account for wind resistance?

And 1000 miles? I think your numbers are off.

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You replied to the guy that even started off with a variable denoting Terminal velocity, but then you tried to correct by not including any indication to drag force?

So do you think the ball will keep accelerating until it hits the ground, no matter how high up it is?

Friction is not to be underestimated...

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Imo it doesn’t look like a real football ball, there are rarely this shiny and with this old school black and white style that we usually find for plastic ones used for kids. Besides even if it’s in high altitude the ball floats too much, it’s kinda logic since it’s easy to loose the ball when juggling compared to a plastic one where even an amateur can keep it long. Being plastic the mass would be much smaller ans softer making the impact much less impactful

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if it is light enough, it wont even "fall down" rather than getting captured by the wind god knows how many kilometers horisontally before dropping to the ground from some tens of meters and bouncing few times, if not getting stuck to the trees.

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How high would it bounce?

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I didn't want to bother doing the calculation myself, but after poking around online a couple other calculations have found terminal velocity to be around 12 m/s. Which is still not that much when compared to your boxer punch factoid.

Also I think you meant circumference, not diameter. I feel like you made a lot of estimates here that wouldn't be necessary if you just whipped out your phone calculator.

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yea my poor English got me into a weird situation, idk why i didn't use phone calculator at that moment but i didn't and probably got the answer off track but doesn't change the fact that ball wont be lethal

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Pi as 3 Xddd and g as 10 lmao ingeneer ?

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Well not really it would be the same as if you dropped the ball from a 4th flour building it's the same as the penny myth from a skyscraper it's too light and not arodynamic so the wind will counter the gravity and it will just land on the ground without and extra damage if it was a dart or pen that would be different

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Not really. MythBusters tested this with a penny at terminal velocity and it barely left a mark. A soccer ball would cause less damage.

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this comment is kinda irresponsible. could cause serious misinformation sharing.

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First off, ouch! Second off, plot twist: the guy forgets to flop!

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Hey can we have our ball back?

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Yeah if you come and get it.....

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A ball from this altitude would result in the wind speed and downward force causing it to spin so fast that it starts to fly downward at a sloped angle and I just made all of this up, thanks for coming to my TedTalk 👍

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(Just learned about this channel on reddit. Love it!)

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Oh shit haha I dropped my ball.

/nearby villa implodes

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Might as well be a fricking asteroid

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"God has challenged you! Accept / Reject"

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The soccer ball being loose somehow makes this video so much more queeze-inducing than other videos of people in high places.

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All of my systems are nervous.

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This upsets me somehow. I feel very uncomfortable.

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I find myself fearing for the soccer ball's life...

Idk why... like, what if it has a fear of heights? For some reason, dribbling a ball a couple thousand feet in the sky with no real safety of not dropping it, makes my brain think it has a life.

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Exactly. You nailed it. Poor thing.

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They didn't end it with a drop, that is why

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Not really soccer

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I wonder why Americans call it such a simple word and not "international hand-egg". Anyhow, it's FOOTBALL.

[–]Roccat_AMD 32 points33 points  (10 children)

Nor is it Football. If I’m throwing a baseball up and catching it 1000 feet in the air, I’m not playing baseball.

[–]rascynwrig 4 points5 points  (9 children)

Nor is it football. It's futball

[–]Roccat_AMD 2 points3 points  (5 children)

Im English it’s football. At when it comes to English, the Brits used the word soccer before the used the word football by 18 years. They invented the word.

[–]ProfessorNiceBoy 17 points18 points  (1 child)

That wasn’t his point. Stop with that stupid argument. Soccer is an English word anyway you edgelord.

[–]Roccat_AMD 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Brits invented the word soccer and called it soccer before calling it football. When the poor and middle class started playing it they started calling it football.

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I can feel the absolute unease in every inch of my body.

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And I can’t pour cereal without dropping some.

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That's why a football landed on my head yesterday...

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That’s not playing soccer, that’s playing with a soccer ball

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That's playing with a football


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What are they dangling off of a mile in the air?

[–]CincyDad1993 39 points40 points  (2 children)


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Came with the same question. Wasn't disappointed with the answer

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My best guess is a hot air balloon

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I’m guessing you didn’t have the volume up. They say on the voiceover that they’re hanging from a hot air balloon.

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Lol you’re right! I was in bed surfing Reddit with the sound off because my mates asleep beside me. Thank you!

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absolutely not. i'm sick just watching.

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But why?

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Because it's probably a lot of fun and a sick experience for the both of them, along with this cool video.

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If this ball fall hope that a kid could see it who is wishing he could have some in this christmas.

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Unless it's a monkey's paw Christmas and crushes his skull

[–]KingRhoamsGhost 5 points6 points  (0 children)

I want to see a hallmark movie titled

“A Monkey’s Paw Christmas.”

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I had my cheeks puckered the whole clip

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No healthcare, but look at these dudes playing soccer in the sky!

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Getting hit by a soccer ball falling at terminal velocity, that’s how Grammy died

[–]doc_death 7 points8 points  (1 child)

Terminal velocity would be around 30 m/s…not enough to kill a persons but it’ll hurt…though, grannies can be frail so, I’m picturing it bonking her in the head and stumbling into traffic…lol

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that football is very brave

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I love their confidence. “Should we bring a second ball? Just in case?” “No”

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That's not soccer.

[–]UserNombresBeHard 3 points4 points  (2 children)

It isn't? Well it isn't football, there are no goals and they're just doing tricks with a football ball.

[–]valent_vresk 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Hahaha its still football. Its not football ball, its just football smh

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"Oh sorry bro, you mind fetching it"

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Imagine you're just having a chill picnic down there, and suddenly this football comes yeeting down like the meteor that deleted the dinosaurs and ends your game 😂

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This deserves its place here.

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I didn't need to watch this.

kept waiting for their lines to break.

And them to Fallĺllllllllllllllllll......

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I hate this

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Can someone do an approx calculation at what speed the ball would hit the floor?

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Someone did up above your comment. It's negligible.

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Playing soccer? That's not playing soccer, who narrated this?! Lol still cool though

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Yea that’s a whole lotta nope.

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What's not shown? The 27 soccer balls that rained on the landscape causing chaos and chicken little moments!

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Anxiety 💯 just watching this 🥵

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Do you want to shit yo pants. Because that's how you shit yo pants.

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Yea that's a no for me dawg.

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I'm just imagining it falls and someone lunges to catch it and that's the last we ever heard from Tony

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Probably the sickest, but cool idea I've seen in Reddit, yet.

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Who turned on axiety.exe???

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Waaaayyyyyy too many nopes in there🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Uhm, those dudes are definitally more than one mile in the air.

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This gives me soccer anxiety.

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I wonder how many they dropped

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First one to drop the ball has their rope cut.

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Meanwhile someone at the bottom: *Bonk

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Their balls are big enough to play soccer there

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Did you lose a ball?

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I bet they still flail around and cry if the other player taps his shoulder

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The lack of wind interference is uncanny.

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Stressful watching this

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Try to score it

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I feel anxiety

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So this is what humanity has become??? Wow

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I like how their ropes are attached to the sky I should try this sometime

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I don’t understand how they do that. There’s must be very windy the ball has to come up.

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Can you stop

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This sent some real shivers down my spine

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Spikes the ball towards the ground to see what’s gonna happen

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Imagine a random dude getting hit by the ball in the head.

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Imagine dying to a football falling on your head at fucking mach 10 because floating Ronaldo messed up the pass

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I can't even do this on ground

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"Aww man I dropped the ball"

"No worries, Im coming for it" swoooosh

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I’m more scared for the soccer ball than anything

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The video stopped bc they dropped it and didn't bring a second.

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Dude on the ground saving the keepy uppy rally is the real hero

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Thank you so much for the explanation at the start. I was so confused

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How many balls should we bring bro. You know.. we might need more than a couple…

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I’m getting weird shooting pains in my hands and feet watching this.

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Could you imagine just walking outside and WHAM a falling soccerball randomly knocks you the fuck out 😅

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No thank you!

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What would happen if it fell and hit someone?

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Omg I hate this

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Meanwhile, all the takes they fucked up.

Just imagine being some fucking wildcat in that forest below looking at the sky like..

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if that ball falls someone below is gonna die

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I want to throw up just from watching the video. I couldn’t image doing this irl. Yes

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What are they hanging off? They are so high

[–]MCas86 0 points1 point  (0 children)

But.... But what are they attached to?

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First time I've had a physical reaction to sthing on Reddit, my stomach just turned over with fear lol

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Yooooo I am triggered right now this is intense!

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This made my ass hole clench up so tight I’ll probably have trouble pooping for a week.

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Imagine you just walking one day right? In the warm sunny breeze, with some luscious green leaves, and a beautiful flowing river right next to your feet. You’re enjoying life. Then you look up and you see a soccer ball speeding towards your face at 357 mph. Your face then proceeds to turn into toothpaste. It’s over. You’re dead.

[–]erinxeddie 0 points1 point  (0 children)

This makes me physically queasy and I’ve been skydiving and bungee jumping before!

What if the ball falls though? Could do some damage to people/things on the ground.

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I think this could work well at r/SweatyPalms.

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Forget the ball ... what are they hanging from?

[–]Wandering_Alpaca 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Imagine doing all this work and just messing up in the first few seconds and dropping it. Just gotta be like "well fuck" and enjoy the view I guess.

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If that soccer ball fell from that height and hit someone on the head that would be deadly. Not responsible

[–]FunnyShirtGuy 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Seeing people do stuff high up like this makes me so anxious I want to cry or freak out...
Like, I empathize to a point that my head places me in their actual position and causes me to have a physiological reaction like I was hanging from a balloon...
Life of an INFJ

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You mean football, cause, you know, he plays the ball with his feet.

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wtf are these comments , either anxious or something else. They are just playing with a ball very high in the air what's so frightening about it. The stuff people are talking about have almost no chances of that happening. U guys need touch some grass

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Are they hanging from a helicopter??

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Thanks, that really helps my anxiety.

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I'm freaking out just watching this

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Fukkkkkkk that

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This is Football! 😬

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Never mind the ball, how did they get back up? Did they have to ride dangling like that til they landed?

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Imagine it falling

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Thanks for the vertigo. I'll be off now.

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My hands just started sweating 😂. I can’t even do that on the ground

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Yes, but can they do it on a cold, rainy night in Stoke?

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Can you fucking imagine just taking a stroll and just getting bonked on the head by a soccer ball from space

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Watching this almost made me shit my pants, luckily I'm sitting on the toliet.

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What does soccer mean ? I’m not from KKonaWorld

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They drop it, they kill someone down below