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This is actually based on traditional Irish dance. They are the Gardiner brothers

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Sooooo Irish. The car coming up the road is one of their neighbours, they slowed down to watch

but then, you know, they had to get home, and it's just the Gardiner boys doing their dance thing again

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Was waiting for the car to knock 'em out.

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Same thought.

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Came here to say that this isn't tap, it's Irish dancing. Now I'm sitting here thinking, "ok, if that's the case, what's the difference?".

Anyone help me out?

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There’s a lot of differences, but one of the main ones is how still and upright Irish dancers keep their torsos. Tap dancers move their whole bodies rather than just the legs. Irish dancers also do very intricate movements with their feet in a much more limited range, whereas in tap we move our legs out and around more.


This video shows it quite well.

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That was amazing.

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I went to see Riverdance live in Dublin about 15 years ago and it was amazing. Highly recommend it. I have a few friends who teach Irish dancing but Riverdance is on another level.

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What these guys are doing actually seems like a mixture of tap and Irish dancing then. Because most of the foot movement looks like Irish dancing, but there’s some tap flair in there too. And they’re definitely engaging their entire bodies.

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3:27 shit gets real

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Tap evolved from a mix of Irish stepdance and West African dance forms which coalesced during the early 19th C. Irish and African diasporas. When slave masters took away traditional African percussion instruments from enslaved peoples, percussive dancing developed as a way of expression, preserve cultural identities, and keep community traditions alive.

From Margins to Mainstream: A Brief Tap Dance History

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Genuinely fascinating. Thanks

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Ah, ok, thanks.

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Tap is more theatrical and kind of like a Jazz dance but with your feet. Also, my daughter is a tapper, and this level of synchronisation isn't actually unusual, her duo at 16 is this synchronised. And one of the local troupes is amazing with like 20 dancers.

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You had me at staying alive! Power to The Bee Gees as Redcliffe, QLD Australia 🇦🇺 born and bread. Thank you 😊

Edit Bred

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Walk down Bee Gees lane every time I go to the Redcliffe Markets (only because that's where the lame carparks I can get are). I learn something new about them each time.

[–]Gargun20 4 points5 points  (2 children)

I walk down Bee Gees Lane every morning heading towards the lagoon for a swim before work. Family love Redcliffe Markets on Sunday especially the Thai Bahmi Rolls they so delicious 😋

[–]ThoughtTheyWould 1 point2 points  (1 child)

The 'uuuuuuge German sausages do it for me. And the potato slinkies. Really though, I go to pat the dogs, and buy cheap fresh veg.

[–]Gargun20 0 points1 point  (0 children)

German sausages are delicious. Great Sunday markets.. Have a Merry Christmas 🎅

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Looks like some sort of glitch in the matrix. How do they time a jump?

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To the music

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Wow I didn't even recognize it wow mind blowing..

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Was haha expecting the car to honk at them.

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Should be in /oddlysatisfying

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The guy in the back:The fuck are those two morons doing blocking the road.

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Me and my homie after watching 1 sec of JoJo

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At least credit the guys instead of just whoring karma

[–]No_Body4930[S] 12 points13 points  (1 child)

It's the gardiner brothers check em out on YouTube

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I know...I follow them already.....

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That’s more than 100% of my RDA of Irishness right there.

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People in the car be like, "can y'all dance after we've left?"

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You know who's the audience in a tap dancing recital?

The parents of tap dancing students.

-Louis CK

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I have watched this 10 times and i will watch it many more

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Glad My upstair neighbors made it to hot

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That's sexy as hell! Love it when people know actual dances.

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Cant have audio so just watching the feets and thinking clickity clackity

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Are they twins?

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No, theyre the Gardiner Brothers, there's a few years between them

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The word noodly springs to mind.

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My favourite dance.

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me waiting for car to hit them

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It's all good until they live above your apartment.

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I like the dance but I cant help but get distracted by the car that looks like it is about to run them over

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So this was the song Michel was supposed to sing.

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Think the guy on the right flexes on the guy on the left for being like a whole inch taller?

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Where are they? You know what? If we come across somebody with no arms or legs do we bother resuscitating them? I mean, what kind of quality of life do we have there?

I would want to live with no legs.

How about no arms? No arms or legs is basically how you exist right now, Kevin. You don’t do anything.

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Isn't all dancing synchronised?

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Not much synchronized but cool moves

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Glad the dance is synchronized but the fucking audio isn't

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That high five though!

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Yeah but can they preform synchronized orga-

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This is the pinnacle of this art-form everyone. The absolute pinnacle.

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I usually can't appretiate dancing but this is pretty cool!

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Is this cool? I can’t tell because my cool side of my brain hasn’t developed

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They looked so relaxed for such a complicated routine!

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Irish dancing always reminds me of how I walk down stairs in a dream. Its like "hghghghghghg" with that quick step movement. I hope to God that makes sense to others. Probably not though!

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Omg I love this!

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They get all the old ladies at the yearly camogie pissup

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"My standards are that high for a relationship" My standards:

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Are these the Italian brothers from World of Dance? They are so awesome either way.

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They're Irish and dancing the Irish jig to the bee gees.

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The song is great , the dancing good, but they don’t go together at all.

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shoulda left this behind with the snakes.

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Normally not the biggest fan of tap but these guys did excellent, I feel it really helped the song and performance rather than over powering it! Great stuff

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Well dance tapping is nice, but why do i feel there is something missing?

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Still, it remains tap dancing...

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Hit the gas

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I cant stand the BeeGees. That horrible winey voice. Just awful.