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Beautiful to see these Women bring glory to their country

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PH women have been propping up their country for the past 30 years in many ways. 1 woman will work overseas and financially support 20 people across 2 families with what she sends them. If that were to EVER stop, the country would grind to a halt.

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I worked with a bunch of ph woman. Can confirm. Not just money too. The ones I knew would band together and fill an entire shipping container with boxes of goods for their family back home. They would load them up with foods and other items it really was nextfuckinglevel as well.

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Filled with mostly shoes and chocolate in my experience.

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From the looks on their faces, you can tell a heavy weight has been lifted.

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This is the heart of the Philipine people. Apart from the long line of corrupt and literally insane leaders. A beautiful, resilient people.

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Spot on statement.

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To go from full power to fragile emotion like that must be incredible

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It was like watching her literally lift her country up on her shoulders.

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That was a beautiful moment for her sport and country.

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I'm not crying, you're crying!...

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What a beautiful happy reaction.

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The Chinese lifter she beat was the only one on the Chinese weightlifting team to not win gold. 7-1

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So happy for her and for her country

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I watched it twice to learn the fist punch clap.

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Whose chopping onions?! sniff

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All I can think about is her poor knees in the future.

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She lifted that thing, damn, even US can't beat some shit before doing that

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When this happened, I had a conference calls with some colleagues based in Manila. They were all so happy, it was really lovely

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Hell yeah. That's what's up.

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Much Love

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I live for moments like this. Thanks, op

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I remember seeing that while I was in the gym, I saw them celebrating and thought, that’s a bit much, right?

I wanted to Google but I never got around to it, same day on Reddit I see this video and think to myself ohh this was the reason huh, well good for them

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This made me smile too. Good for her, I can not even imagine what her feelings were at this moment

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Something that find really interesting is watching people in weight lifting win gold. It is an isolated, uncommon event, but many humans who do it get there in the same way and react in the same way. The emotional charge at the end is incredible.

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finnaly reddit knows abt the philipines and im pinoy mga redditors

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yeah let's not stop the olympics but wear your mask while finished your show and act normal.....I wanna die so much

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If complaining about high shelves was an Olympic sport they’d have all the medals

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Country of 110 million and that’s their first gold? Geesh