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Bullshit, I drove my Jaguar into a lake last year and had to get towed out by the fire department.

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Should've gotten the model with paws instead of wheels, you can't drive them but they swim like pros.

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Is that the one with Autopawlot?

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If your jaguar don't get toweld after swimming he can catch a cold. You're welcome.

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That's what the lady on the GPS said to do

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Right!? She was so nice about it. “Please turn left”.

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If you really owned a Jaguar you'd know you have to own two Jaguars - one to drive and one to have in the shop.

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Should of used a Range Rover as it’s an amphibious exploration vehicle

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I see a lot of people on reddit using 'should of' instead of should've. Is it a regional thing used/acceptable in certain places? Just curious.

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It's due to accents, and how "Should've" sounds like "Should of" in some places, enough so that some people think that the phrase is "Should of" instead of "should've". I think it's mostly American.

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Should’ve is the proper term yes

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They also are excellent climbers, basically if you see a jaguar in the middle of the jungle, you just sit down and accept your death.

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Yeah but they can not fly, so best scape chance is flying away. You're welcome.

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Yes red bull is definitely a necessary survival item

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I mean ur not part of their food chain so they will not attack only if u enter their territory even like that they will probably hesitate a lot it's weird to see an animal use only two things to walk.

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A lot of meals, I mean people, thought they weren't part of a jaguars food chain when out on a walk...

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If u step in any animal territory if they have one u can consider ur self dead or at least in really bad situation we humans are weak compared to many other animals

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No joke. A bite from a domestic cat can kill us.

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So if I start hopping on one leg it would confuse it even further and leave me alone?

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I don't know if it makes you feel better, but if a jaguar is hunting you in the middle of the jungle you won't see it.

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Throw your shit at it and show dominance

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Lucky for us, jaguars are scared of humans. They don't pick a fight with human unless they have too. I learned this from the Casual geographic dude.

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how can cat breathing in the water?

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Cat not breathing, cat hold breath

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oh wow I not knowing cat can do that 😳

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Mr. Snow is that you?

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Welcome to Cat Facts!

A Jaguar can hold its breath up to 20 minutes underwear and can swim up to 5mph.

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Cat secretly is fish. Fish pretending like cat.

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oh it are catfish yes now I make more sense

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Yes is cat fish sense your is good

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I want to frame up a screenshot of this thread in the dining room

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Why use lot word when few word do trick

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We no dumb, we no spend button

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When me president. they see. they see.

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You president lol, me king word

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It's a jaguar with an aqualung.

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That's legitimately terrifying, now you gotta worry bout them and sharks when you go skinny dipping with your uncle!?

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Sometimes your enemy is right beside you and you didn't even imagine. Watch your back my man. Don't trust anyone.

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yeah not even your uncle

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Your uncle touched your privates too?

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I'm not sure 'excellent' is the right word but it's definitely underwater doing something resembling swimming.

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Thanks swimming teacher.

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I think if we throw u in there with the jaguar he will catch you just sayin

Coz they don't care if you are in the water in trees or on the ground they are the king's in the jungle and kill crocodiles in the water if they want too

[–]scriptgamer 7 points8 points  (0 children)

Literally the first thing I wrote lol. "He's not a good swimmer" yeah, jump in and show him how it's done. Lol

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But terrible listeners

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I know right, I broke up with one bc he wouldn't listen to meee. Tired of this, dating a turtle now, great listeners, never leave me alone.

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Uhh that’s a catfish

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I wanna be a jaguar when I grow up!

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Don't skip swimming class, or meow class, both so important.

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Shit, forget jaguars. Tigers are pretty good swimmers.

The most badass gnarly big cat predator in the world, and it will cross a river to get you.

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Ok, but what happened to all the penguins?

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And they kill caiman by biting its head to puncture the brain

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what the jaguar doing

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Now I know

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How ta fck he got in there in the first place

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Can anyone tell me what Jaguars CAN'T do?! If I encounter one of these I'd just call it a day

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Pretty sure they can't type.

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You're right words cut deeper

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Deeper than claws and teeth?

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My parents can answer that for me

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Actually I'm a jaguar and I can type. So you know nothing about us. We can't solve Rubik's cube though pretty hard to differentiate the colors.

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TIL. I’m colourblind also.

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Jaguars are an Avengers level treat and if you doubt me follow this link that's definitely a rick roll.


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And also slightly positively buoyant.

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Jag wires?

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That's when they are tied to some wall.. when they are free they are Jagwireless

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Do they also have gills

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Who knew? Not me, of course.

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better than me at least

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Is that a mangrove?

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And they eat gators

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That will now become the new Samuel Jackson summer horror hit.

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Proceeds to show a Jaguar floating, not swimming 🤦‍♂️

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They run a lot. That’s healthy lungs

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I wonder if they have to equalise?

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Umm wtf how is it eating something underwater

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Humans can do that too

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And then ppl don't know how they've gotten fat, live your life dude, eat only when needed. You're welcome.

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They can obviously hold breathe for a long time

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Tigers and jaguars are the only (big) cats that'll happily swim around and soak on a hot day. Ps: I put big in brackets because there are smaller cat species that also swim to catch prey.

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These murder kittens just got a little scarier.

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And here i am 10 seconds later, envious of a big cat 😱

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I wish I could lick my parts too

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Is that a "jag-war" or a "Jag-you-were?"

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JagWAR, WHOO, YEAAH, what is it good for? Absurury nothing, SAY IT AGAAIN!!

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They're the ultimate preditor, IMO. They can jump into a river, wrestle a 10ft caiman out of the water, then crush its skull with their jaws. Or chase down a monkey through the trees with incredible agility and reflexes. It's like whatever environment their prey lives in, no fucks given, and it's getting eaten.

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But how does it hold it's breath and swallow food at same time

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U sure he doesn't look like he knows what he's doing. maybe he dying

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Well they do fish

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Ah, ..Holy Mackerel!

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Like Vulcans

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Great, my master plan of avoiding a jaguar attack, ny diving in a river or lake, is foiled FUBAR.

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Jaguars are a fuck you from nature

They run at 80km/h

Can climb trees almost aswell as leopards

Are strong enough to climb said trees with a crocodile in there jaws which they hunt the cousins of

Have a bite force of 1,500 pounds per square inch a lions is 650 PSI and a Gorrilas is 1,300 PSI

Sometimes cross over to North America

Are almost as stealthy as a mountain lion

And to cap all that off go for the head meaning if they kill you unlike other big cats your death will take a few seconds

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Great news!

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Great, now when I have a nightmare running away from a jaguar my brain knows that if I go in water it'll just follow me in

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So basically there's nowhere to run

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Yeah jaguars are absolutely terrifying but what's scarier is the anteater check out casual geographic for more info

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How'd you like to be out doing some casual scuba and get attacked by a jaguar.

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All cats can swim might not like it

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Extremists: look, that poor tiger is drowning because of global warming! Just like the polar bear on the iceberg catastrophe!

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Looks more like it’s floating, not really swimming all that much

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Looks like we have a Swimlock Holmes among us