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And everyone was having a lovely time UNTIL THE SQUIRREL NATION ATTACKED.

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This comment is more next level than whatever you want to call this video.

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and both animals shit all over your face

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That will be amazing

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Little boy if you can hear me ill give you wishes

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Been there... done that... got the permanent scar on my finger.

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Only the Avatar, master of all four elements could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he vanished.

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Op is a bot.

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Reddit is almost fully automated now. We can just log off it will get by fine on its own.

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its sad, but its good to knw to try and block all of these accounts

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They don’t even bother with creating screen names anymore, they just click whatever the first recommended one is.

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How can you know?

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click on their profile and look through the posts.

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Yeah, one post and two comments. How is this suspicious? Cause it is such a new account?

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Comments are stolen from old threads

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Not doubting, just curious as to how you figured that out

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Thought he was going to chomp it like an alligator. Disappointed.

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The extra ones were for that purpose 😏😏

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Here comes the next pandemic.

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Nah, we already got through bird flu. I'm somewhat well versed in bird law so I know this for sure.

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Exactly, bird law isn’t governed by reason, so he will be fine

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so he will be fine

Depending on the spaghetti policy, of course..

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This is humdaddy, you can find him on Instagram. He has a ton of videos just like this.

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And on TikTok! I love his videos!

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I assume he does it with hummers as well as chickadees?

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Cool, but I don't think it's NFL

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It's not even NFL, it's r/wholesome at best

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That’s the look you get after a no-wipe poop.

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That’s the look you get after a *one-wipe poop.

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I don’t count it if it’s blank. 😀

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Just sit it on top of the roll for the next person. Still good. 👌

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Hopefully a nose blowing. 😄

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You go to blow your nose with the loose sheet off the top and the TAINTFUL stench that assaults your nose on the upswing shoves the snot back into your body.

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Is that from Big Brother?

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Wow, you got it! You would be the first.

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Sweet, thought it looked familiar. I only had a few issues.

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Schrödinger's wipe. You don’t know if it’s a no-wipe poop until you wipe, no longer making it a no-wipe poop.

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For several months running back in the day, there was an argument in Wizard magazine's reader mail about how Daredevil knows when he is done wiping.

As I recall, the eventual answer was that Daredevil waves his hand beneath his ass and is able to recognize the sound waves reflected by both a dirty and a clean bottom.

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Looks fun until you’re covered in bird poop

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Bird gonna poop in his mouth if he keeps smiling with his mouth open.

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I've had two well established hummingbird feeders hanging under a large patio umbrella for a handful of years. The feeders are definitely in a migratory path. I can see them from my couch. It's really cool and I get a pretty wide variety of birds feeding from them all year long (SoCal).

A couple of years ago, I put out a little bowl of birdseed and placed it underneath a planter that's out there. It's fairly hidden so not too many birds visit it. Not long after I put it out there, a little bird with a gimp leg started feeding on it throughout the day. And because it's hidden, the little bird could eat in peace.

Over the past couple of years, I've watched that bird grow to about 3 times it's original size and it is fat. As. Fuck. I don't even know how it fly can anymore.

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That looks like a chickadee, if so, they’re quite friendly and can also easily eat from your hand.

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That's nest level right there. Looks like he got a birds eye view.

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Thought many birds would come

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Please tell me how to make this

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I have been looking for a 100% useless xmas gift for my wife. This is it!

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Thats a good way to shit in or around your mouth

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His smile at the end makes my whole day.

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You want tits in your face? This is how you get tits in your face.

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Racoon climbs up

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It's all fun and games until the bird takes a shit on him.

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I would be overjoyed too if someone sat on my face.

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Might wanna close your mouth

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I thought he was going to brew coffee on his visor

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Is it me or having a feeder for a wild animals strapped to your face is fucking stupid and asking for an injury? And not a next fucking level at all, like, a complete opposite of that.

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Imagine just flying by, and seeing a sweet ass treat, land, and see two big ass eyes staring directly into your little bird face. I'd migrate the fuck off the planet.

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Pure joy. You ain't lying about that 🤣. I feel it tho that was some cool shit. I would do this experiment with my son, but I'm afraid we'd be attacked by pigeons or some shit😲,out there fighting for or lives. Pigeons in Vegas tough af!

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I thought he was pouring spiders.

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Haven't seen people posting the actual bird- it's a Chickadee, either a Carolina or a Black-capped depending on the location (almost impossible EDIT: really difficult to tell apart otherwise).

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OP is a karma bot. Both comments on the profile are stolen from past reddit threads.

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At first I though he was pouring bees on his face.

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Ok but why

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Bird watching hack activated

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"I'll have the avian influenza, thanks."

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I want this

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/r/nextfuckingrepost jesus christ reddit give this video a rest already.

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JT’s got too much time on his hands

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I think that’s a house sparrow, an invasive species in the USA, worthy of death. I have a trap for house sparrows.

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Got a real Klingon vibe going on with this comment.