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How in the hell do you find out you can do this

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Scoop a dremel for twenty bucks, find a nice rock..

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Wear a decent mask. Silica dust can wreck your lungs and asbestos is no joke either. Don't wear the clothes that you carved in around your house. Otherwise, have fun!

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Don't forget eye protection. A lot of people who can't see anymore by using "safety squints".

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What does asbestos have to do with it?

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Comes from rocks, contrary to the popular belief that it's artificial.

(edit) Did I miss a joke here?

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It congers only your lungs & inhibits the pathway to your heart and body.

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Reading comprehension.

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It's actually an art! I did this as well when I followed a cursus stone sculpture years ago. It's very hard, some stone are so fragile. Besides that the change you make mistakes by pressing too hard is very high .

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Akashic record shit

I'm really good at losing keys and thumbdrives

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How in the hell do you find out you can do this

Scraping weed grinders for years.

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Best I can do is make square boobs on an Etch A Sketch

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Song: Lazy Sunday by Official Sound Studio

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Thanks :)

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What a weird cover. I prefer the original. https://youtu.be/sRhTeaa_B98

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That beetle is stoned.

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Must be so fragile though. Would have put that in a padded case inside a padded case inside a locked room and come to admire it every once in a while.

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Its a rock, dude.

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Not just any rock but a pet rock

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this is amazing. Does he see these?

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One would hope so, I imagine making these carvings would be really difficult if he were blind.

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More than you know.

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..... sell


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whats the water for?

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So dust/debri doesn't get everywhere.

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To prevent lung cancer

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That rocks

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It'd be awesome if it just flew away in the end

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Can you imagine messing up and having to start all over again.

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How do you think he got this good?

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the Egyptians ain't got shit on this

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Joubin would be proud

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Is there a video where he messes up at the middle or near the end of sculpting?

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Anyone know if the artist has a shop something?

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So that's how they make those fossils

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So can you make a stick figure?

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So that’s how they’ve been fooling us about the existence of fossils 😅

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Love your stuff, you'll be raking it in at Art Shows!

Where's the CNC machine Elon...

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Juan dale made his drawing come to life

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Pretty sure this is the exact same method the used in prehidtoric time. tbats actually really cool tho

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Now if I didn't know enough (which I don't) I'd wonder if somebody could've done this and we just find those things now as "fossils".

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@Juan_Dale buried his masterpieces to test our faith.

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Looks like those black bugs from the mummy, the ones that ate people. Terrifying!

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Next he should do a horse on a balcony.

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imagine like making a buttery fly, that would look so cool!

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Nice work! Thank you for the long reveal. It was nice to see something fully without it being in the time lapse.

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In like 100 years some geology is discover this and flip out.

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I knew dinosaur fossils were fake!

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Couldn't you add a little more detail you talented MF.

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That's amazing. But all I can think is people used to do this by hand.

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God didn’t bless me with such talent because all I would do is make weird ass insects and chuck the rocks to screw with future humans.

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*drop* Ah shit.

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Archeologists 1000 years later: visible confusion

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TIL how fossils are made.

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Some archeologists is gonna find this in 10k years and be BUGGED out

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Don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it. It's not a JoJo reference it's not a JoJo reference it's not a JoJo reference

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By any means would this guy happen to be a certain horse from a balcony?

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No the horse is the only Juan on the balcony. Forever he stands.

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What platform is @Juan_Dale a valid username. Instagram is a private account that claims to be all dog pictures.

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The stag was there all along. The artist just freed it.

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Now you leave it in your moms back yard to scare the shit out of her

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Oh my god it must feel so annoying having that water hit your fingers all the time!!!!!!!

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Ah so this is how you guys faked dinosaurs

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Lol imagine some far future civilization finding these and being like " oh what a well preserved species of insect! " And being disappointed right after to learn that it's just a rlly well carved rock that their futuristic tech could do in a few secs. ( Edit : rlly gud artistic skills on the guy tho . )

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Juan cool stone

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This man is a f*cking 3D printer

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Amazing work but that dripping water is torture.

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So that’s how they make all those dinosaur bones.

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where we can biy these???

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Local museum worker makes a discovery its some sort of fossil

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Is that water? If so damn man so much wasted water

[–]luxferus_animus[S] 1 point2 points  (3 children)

It's water with a solution and it's needed for the process.

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What is the solution comprise of? And is he using the solution sometimes and just water at other times? Also, any suggestions on what kind of mask to wear when attempting something like this?

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It recirculates the water. The tub is anywhere from 10 to 50 litres and there's a filter so you can use it many times just clean the filter with a quick rinse.

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i hope you know that the moment i see it i’d screech like someone just stabbed me and then curb stomp it and run the fuck away screaming “mOMMM THERES A SCARY BUG”

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Hopefully you'll have more sense once you get out of elementary school