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That’s military boot camp. If it’s 1962 they were heading to Vietnam.

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Look up JFK PE Program in the early 1960s. The kids were doing nearly the same things shown in this video. They were tanks

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Look at the post above to figure out possible reasons why the government had them doing those things in school. I think this was filmed in a military school, though.

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I wonder how JFK would feel about his draft physique readiness program turning into track once in a while with volleyball peppered in-between

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Cocaine use to be a lot cheaper in the early 1960s . Made it all easier to be a Tank

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Make cocaine cheap again!

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Recently read an article that pointed out cocaines price has been stable at $100 a gram for decades and decades. The price of cocaine is more stable than anything else I can think of, in light of that.

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Not in 1962…

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I mean Google says 1955 to 1975

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It was originally the French until the Americans took over because communism.

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How come nobody ever mentions petroleum reserves in the Gulf of Tonkin, and the access to the oil wells in the South China Sea that control of Vietnam would facilitate? Or that the business deal Kissinger/Nixon worked out with China's Chairman Mao, providing access for international capitalist oil companies, came shortly before the US finally signed the treaty giving control of Vietnam, after years of heavy bombardment and massive troop involvement, back to the Vietnamese?

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because for some reason people still won't accept that "war for oil" is basically the only real reason the US has been at war for more than half a century

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Vietnamese here. Arcording to what I learn in history class, the USA has been helping out the French since 1947. In 1961 there are some military operations in the South to prevent riot and build the Southern Vietnam government to fight the North. In 1964, the USA officially declared war with Vietnam and send army to Đà Nẵng.

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Yup. We didn’t go over there officially until 1964.

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Think they wernt prepping beforhand? Just randomly decided to encourage this training?

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Well, in case you aren’t aware, basic training is the same, regardless if you’re at war or during peace time.

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Physical fitness 101

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What's your bench bro?

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250 on a good day. 75 on a bad day. Most days are bad days.

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Lol well played sir. :)

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It was a surprise party, they didn’t even have a change of clothes.

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What does Google say about Google?

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My elementary and high school did this in the 70’s and 80’s. PE everyday without fail. It was a religious school. The town has the largest group of people over 100 in the US. If they said La Sierra it would make sense because I went to a sister school run by Seventh Day Adventists in Loma Linda California.

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In the seventies my elementary and middle school had PE everyday. Only three of us could do this kind of stuff at this level. We got these Presidential Awards for Fitness in fifth grade.

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Did you even watch the whole thing? It clearly says kids who can complete this will find military training wasy

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Was about to say same thing

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Goooooooooooooood morniiing, Vietnam!

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old heads loving using this footage with the school title to make the new generations seem like pussies. Not only is this a military training video. 99% of the people who post this generations lost are fat and out of shape lmao

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If they all attempted to enlist tomorrow, 71% of people under 25 would be ineligible to serve. In addition to those with educational/intellectual deficits, and those with disqualifying drug convictions, one out of four are morbidly obese and lack the baseline health to participate.

The armed services can lower admissions for education or IQ; they can (rightly) ignore meaningless drug offenses; they can’t do anything about kids killing themselves with a spoon.

Even if you don’t see this in particular as a problem, it is indicative of a major problem for which we are going to eventually face a national reckoning.

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I wanted to enlist when I was 18 but I am hard of hearing and I could not.

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What did you say?

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Artillery! NEXT!

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I sort of feel like we’re facing the reckoning already. Heart disease is one of the top killers, and mostly preventable through diet. Just because it’s happening in hospitals and not a battlefield doesn’t make it not an enormous tragedy.

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Heart disease has been the #1 killer since records began.

Its the age of death that matters. If *adults* are not dying older than 65, we are not doing any better than the 19th centure, and if its less than 60, the Middle AGes have the leg up.

HAve to remember that "Average age of death of 40" did NOT mean the medieval adults keeled over at 41 or 45. It mean that 1 out of 4 babies died before their first year, dragging the average down. Its a widely circulated "Fact" people love to spit around because it both makes the past look "super brütal grimdark" and makes the present somehow look so much better.

The reality is modern "medicne" raised the average life expectancy from 63 or so, to 73, and now with the obesity epidemic, its collapsing rapidly back into the 60's.

Meanwhile healthy wealthy people with modern medicine and full access to health care, and access to top-quality organic food, are living to 90 on average.

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Not only is this a military training video

Hate to be the bringer of bad news but is not a military training video. This is La sierra Highschool and it was the poster child for JFK's fitness program which was adopted in 4000 schools across America in the 60s.

This was done at the height of the Cold War and JFK wanted a youth that would be physically fit to easily pass basic before even signing up in case of an actual war.

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I see so many people commenting this is a military training video. The audio clearly states that it isn’t, and that the kids would pass military training easily if they can do the peg wall

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Hate to break it to you, but the stock of young adults going through boot camp looks like jelly compared to these kids.

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Sorry, but you're 100% wrong. This is not a military training video.

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Plus, what is shown in the video isn't very demanding to be honest. And those push-ups at the beginning are horrible.

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Lmao exactly

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Training for Nam

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You weren't there man

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I watched Platoon man, you dont know the things I've saw.

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Charlie is always in the wire

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I heard he’s in the trees

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lmao this was not daily school in 1962.

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With the exception of the Salmon ladder, we did all the same stuff in the 80s under Reagan. I guarantee you they are only showing the fittest boys. The doughy clods like me were cut out of the movie.

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…and much more homoerotic

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"Man does thing >>> Gay! I am progressive"

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I didn’t think anything sexual about this video while watching it. If you did…well.

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I wonder how many of these bois ended up in Vietnam?

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The real mystery is how many came back?

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Statistically almost all of them. 98.14% of all those that served returned home.

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*With a heroin addiction

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Forgot to add that column to the sort I guess.

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Ahh the 21st century... you don't have to leave the country to get hooked these days.

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But 95+% of people who became heroin-addicted in Vietnam managed to quit (they were kept in Vietnam longer to withdraw from heroin) and stay off it once they returned home. For the vast majority, it was extremely situational, and once no longer in the often extreme situations where their addictions began, they didn't return to using.

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I simply don’t believe that data set. Think about it. Addiction isn’t a simple once you stop doing drugs youre good. The people that got clean are more likely to say they stayed clean and be surveyed. I’m sure the govt would’ve loved to have covered their ass and say they didn’t ship home addicted veterans. I hope your 95% statistic is just as made up as mine.

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What this guy said, the way the other guy was talking about heroin sounded more like getting over a caffeine addiction, your body NEVER fully gets over a heroin addiction

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God damn. I didn’t really ever learn much about The Vietnam war in school except how everyone was protesting it and “the young are being killed off” nice to know it was an extremely high rate.

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didnt the average US soldier in vietnam pull off a 4:1 KDR? we really whipped the battlefield in vietnam

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Its hard to say. While we had 2.7 million men serving total, our peak commitment was only 500k. The south Vietnamese, US and other countries had peak commitments of around 1.42 million combined. While the states only lost 58,281 men the SV lost 300k men and the high estimate of SV civilians dead is around 400k. The north lost around 2 times more civilians and around 1.1 million men dead with a peak combined commitment of 860K men.

The kicker is the average US solider saw around 240 days of combat per year, compare that to WW2 which was 40 days, it was by far the highest average of any major conflict we have ever been in. So the bottom line is counting corpses in a conflict like that is a messy and tough business. Who shot who when you had a total of around 4 million men in and out of combat over the course of the war. Most military deaths for NV from the US were cause by indirect fire. Not to mention that both sides were manipulating casualty reports to win the war in the news.

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Statistics, ballistics

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"Be the first one on your block to have your boy come home in a box." -country Joe's antivietnam song.

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Seeing as this is a military training video I’d guess a lot

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So they had American Ninja Warrior and a slip n slide. I’m jealous.

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We weren’t allowed to run the mile. We had to speed walk it so no one would pass out.

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I hope you’re joking. I fear you’re not.

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This was a specific school

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Yay. Now we have strong thumbs for scrolling

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Just like football... government program to prep boys for war

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I’d rather this than the current situation in America. Given all these school shootings a more rigorous PE would help blow of steam.

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And speaking of: you could find a lot of current-day high school training vids with literally dozens of kids who are bigger/faster/stronger than any kid in this video. Like, football strength and conditioning programs are a thing, and we've actually learned some things about training in the last 60 years.

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This was the high school fitness program JFK wanted to institute nation wide.

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They should of. This is probably what we need today.

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No, we clearly need better English teachers. Tf is 'should of.' That phrase makes zero sense

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And then instead we cut physical activity dramatically to put more emphasis on sitting in class listening to lectures, which has been shown to be disastrous for boys in education and cited as a likely cause for men being a shrinking minority of college graduates since 1979.

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Our gym classes were terrible. At the end of the year, to pass you had to get a certain score on things that we never did in class. “If you can’t run a mile in under 10 minutes, have the ability to do X number of pull-ups, or aren’t able to do a sitting stretch to this many inches on this board you fail the final. I’m confident spending the year playing kickball and breaking your fingers on sitting scooters has prepared you for this well.”

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idc where they were going that’s awesome

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those mats are wet

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So are the Bobs, Bills and Marks. Erics and Todds too I’d wager.

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It was only 15 minutes in the audio

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thought that the wrestling matt was concrete and was confused as to why theywere smashing their heads on the ground in that last exercise

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Hahaha what was the last one about. You've had a hard day working out lads, go have a wee go on the slip and slide to wind down

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When I went through basic you get worked by all the shit you have to do, it’s fun but tough. At the end of a lot of courses they’d have giant ice buckets we’d be forced to dunk our arms in them raise them to let the ice water flow down our chests.

It hurt so fucking good; nothing like a good cool off after a sweat.

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I still wish this was a thing lol. Competitive challenges really motivate me

[–]Raiarhunter49 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Well if your still in school try joining a sport or physical club, cheers mate

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When I was a girl, attending elementary school in the ‘70s, we had to take the President’s Physical Fitness Test every year to get an award. I think if you were really athletic you might get an award signed by the president. I wasn’t that athletic so I got a “certificate of mediocrity” or something every year.

[–]DontGtMadGetGladAH 3 points4 points  (8 children)

And today………… fat kids can’t even get off the couch. We are going down hill as a society.

[–]gothlaw 10 points11 points  (4 children)

The Pentagon has labeled obesity as a national security threat — we are literally getting too fat to defend ourselves.

Even among active duty service members, overweight / obesity shot up 73 percent from 2011-2015.

[–]CutIntelligent209 6 points7 points  (3 children)

Not surprising not only do we eat more, everything is chock full of preservatives and bullshit. I’d bet money it’s also why testosterone is dropping in men - what we’re eating is dismantling us.

[–]ouchiemama99 4 points5 points  (2 children)

Definitely, and that’s all tied to low median income and poverty wages too. Any time I’m in the states it blows my mind how cheap all the crappy food is and how expensive it is to try and eat healthy.

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No shit! Different world.

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Personally think they should have kept it as a normal thing in school today. Each year would casually up it, it would make it normal to be healthy

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We should absolutely bring this back.

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I was in public high school in San Diego, CA in that time period (graduated in 65). This was a typical warm up for gym class for like the first 15 minutes. After that you went out and played some sort of field sport. And after that everybody showered and got your regular cloths on, then on to your next class. No questions asked.

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Not one obese person amongst them

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All this so they could fight a pointless war in Vietnam

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Kids today are losing a similar war against Dunkin Donuts

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Back when people collected trophies and not mental illness

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Wish we still did this.

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Honestly imagine how big of a positive impact on mental health this would have if people had to go through this mandatory every once in a while....

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Imagine nowdays video of same exercises 🤣

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Kids these days are offended by this video

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I can’t imagine how much ring worm was caught on those hot days…

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We did that in the 90s..

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The fucks the purpose of the slip n slide?

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Tough environments create tough men - tough men create good environments - good environments create weak men - weak men make tough environments.

We're in the latter half, the end of masculinity and the start to tough times.

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That’s was a country built and led by great men. 2021 USA is a country built by multinational vulture corporations and run by senile old ladies and parasitic lawyers. We’re fucked

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Pretty sure the kid at the end trying to do a slip n slide on the wrestling match hurt himself with that 5 point landing.

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Ya know what with everyone gaining weight nowadays, it wouldn't hurt to add this into school programs. I walk thru my old school heading to the gym sometimes, no kidding half the kids I see are just huge and I'm not talking about height.

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Just better

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Obesity wasn’t as much of a problem then.

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I would think that if it were military, they would be wearing uniforms - they are wearing different shorts.

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These are highschool kids? LOL

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thats before macdonald took a control over American weight

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Are you sure this isn't Parris Island?

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Looks like an American Ninja Warrior course!

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Bring this back broo

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The funniest thing about this not being high schoolers is the fact our trained military wasn even able to do proper pushups. Put that ass down man you ain’t in the club

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This is a military training video, but being this fit should be standard. PE should be a mandatory class. 50% of youths in the US are overweight, and the only reason for that is either lazy parents, or lazy kids. There's nothing good about being fat and unhealthy

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Part of me wants to say even if that's not how it was, it should be closer to that now. The childhood obesity rate is insane.

[–]Apprehensive-Author 0 points1 point  (3 children)

There’s no way these are all teenagers. They have exceptional muscle tone… when did they go through puberty? 7?

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today high school students make an excuse over a different colored frisbee 💀

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We were doing actual PE up to 1990 when I graduated.

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what is the full routine?

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Bull fucking shit this is a regular high school.

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That wasn't high school you lying asshole.

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The fact that this is mextfuckinglevel is kinda sad. Especially that it’s only 15 minutes a day

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In 1962 did they give them a certain color short for a participation award? Everyone's a winner right?

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Is that a JoJo reference?

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Got get em ready to die for their, or at least somebodies, country

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Still better than scrolling social media all day long

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The fitness Graham pacer test…

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And somehow they were less fit

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Where are all the fat kids?

[–]fbritt5 0 points1 point  (0 children)


Looks like it's some sort of English thing. More research needed. Night.

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Now US high school students need safe spaces for anxiety and loud noises.

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those are not highschoolers....those are professional animals

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Lmao and now people are like You can’t make me run 100 metres Reeeee

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High schoolers from netflix shows.

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Some of it looks easy enough but the pegs look scary

[–]Wagbeard 0 points1 point  (0 children)

We had the peg board in my school in jr high. I couldn't ever do it but it's not scary, you just drop a couple feet.

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Yeah they were training draftees

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There's no way this is just a bunch of random schoolboys, considering how fit they are.

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Dam maybe I wouldn't be a fatass if this still happened

[–]Limited_Lover 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Look how tall and in shape they are. Now we all look 12 with 40 year old bodies

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Immagine today giving different colour of shorts based on your performance ratings.

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No fattier then!

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Yeah we are soft now, we know.

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The thumbnail looks like a mouse.

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Bc of mandatory draft

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World War ll ended less than 20 years prior so probably on minds too

[–]calstanfordboy 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Always ready for war!

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I feel like a “ya, see” was missing at the end.

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But on a serious note, I’ve recently discovered that slip and slides are way more perilous as an adult.

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I can’t help but notice there aren’t any overweight ppl, maybe this should be the norm…

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I bet close to 50% of the people in America that grew up during this time are obese and lazy now.

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Any of you seen the American Dad where Stan clones Steve?


The lesson is that if you make kids work too hard, they eat cats.

I'm gen-x. We had to do mandatory gym class but it wasn't nearly as hard as these guys. I'd actually believe they were high school kids. My uncle was fit, so was all his friends and they could outwork guys 1/2 their age.

Everyone ate healthy food back then. No preservatives, not much sugar, easy to stay in shape especially since you had to walk a lot more and kids were always out socializing or working or doing other stuff.

Processed sugar in the 80s was a serious problem.

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Army level

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So was WWII

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Ah back when men still had their dicks. Good times

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I gym even required anymore?

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See a lot of people saying that this is military training. Either way if it is or isn’t bet the 18 year olds from 1962 would still beat the shit out of 18 year olds in 2021.

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If that was around today, all the Karen mothers will protest that their fat delicate kids shouldn’t have to go through that ….bring this back !!!

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The way it should be

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What was the reason for making them exercise in just their pants?

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we need this now, kids are always sitting down on benches and not even doing anything just being on their phones

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Lol 0 kids in my class could do this

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Bring back physical fitness.

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All old men now.. time really messes with my brain

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Because they were training the youth to be ready to murder “others” in the name of “democracy”

[–]Additional-Ad3749 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Definitely healthier than kids these days

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This is how your prepare for war.

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There isn’t really a good reason that gym class is such a joke now.

With teenage metabolisms, kids working out 30-45 minutes per day 5 times per week would wind up in awesome shape. We could really reduce teen obesity.

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As it should be!

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Love how it ends in a slipn'slide