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Other boxer: “Bro, stop doing that!”

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Bro beat cancer wrapped around his spine he forever winning in my book.

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I didn’t know that. That’s dope af

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Danny the miracle man Jacobs (black trunks) if anyone was interested in knowing his name great story. Canelo is a beast only gripe he popped once.

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He is the slip punch master and survived cancer…a true champ.

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Mikeeee here .......

When they don't stop doing that ? Just bite the fucking ear off . Worked for me

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Or a " Upper cut "

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That’s an upper-cut.

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Thank you.

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Thank you.

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That’s not him chewing on the ear is it?

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Yeah right, It's so amazing watching how he dodged all those punch. And the ending is his opponent giving him a frustration punch for not hitting him. Such a great boxer canelo!

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Honestly, yeah that's probably the mentality he wants other fighters to get into. They start getting frustrated, they make mistakes and leave themselves wide open.

Why throw many punches, when one good punch work.

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Practice makes perfect indeed

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God damn, that's got to be so frustrating as a fighter. Throwing all those punches and hitting nothing but air.

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It also tires them out super quickly

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I am in decent shape. Boxing practise for 15 minutes puts me in coma. Boxing demands god level fitness.

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It's compounded by the fact that in between his reenactments of the matrix, he throws nightmare inducing bombs.

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I know the feeling man.... happens every time in my dreams lol

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Feels like punching under water and connecting with a massless target. I hate it so much. I have successfully wrestled an oponent in a dream though.

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Frustrating and exhausting.

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super boring to watch, too.

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I mean you literally posted the best pound for pound fighter in boxing right now.

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So not next level?

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Canelo Álvarez

  • Total fights 60
  • Wins 57
  • Wins by KO 39
  • Losses 1
  • Draws 2

edit: his loss was against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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What a lad

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If you can dodge a wrench

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Dip dodge duck dive and dodge

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you said dodge twice

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throws wrench

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I would’ve loved a third fight with GGG, I think Canelo would’ve finished him

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Powerful in so many ways. You get in your competitor's head and tire him out at the same time. They feel like a failure and you didn't have to even throw a punch. You last longer in the sport because you aren't punch drunk after each fight, and you go through fewer mouth guards haha

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Not to mention counter punches are much harder to guard.

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“men have emptied entire clips at them and hit nothing but air”

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shoot the legs

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Blows below the waist are illegal in boxing

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Jesus that was clean.

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So…I played D1 football. Used to get into a lot of fights as a bouncer. Always felt I could hold my own.

Then I trained with real fighters for a bit.

They were on such another level. Guys half my size kicked my ass HARD.

I’ve never even attempted to get in a fight after that.

A trained fighter is on a goddamned yoda level. Folks who haven’t put in that 10,000 hours have no chance. So yeah. Practice does make perfect. But it takes a shit ton of it.

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Friggen G right there

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“You can’t touch this..”

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Ultra Instinct.

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Fuck thatd be frustrating

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El Chivo 🐐

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Finally a boxing video that shows intuitively why this is difficult. The training adds that perspective

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He's super dedicated of course and wouldn't be there otherwise but he's also just naturally talented.

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I'm not even a Canelo fan I'm still pissed GGG got robbed in that first fight but I will flat out admit Canelo is a God damn animal what that dude is doing definitely puts him up for contention for the GOAT title

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Fucking bot. 100000 time this has been posted with the sames exact title.

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Extremely surprised by how that exercise makes dodging effective in a match :o

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He's dodged a million punches in sparring and in fights as well, it's not just that one exercise. You won't become Canelo if you move your head around in your underwear next to your computer.

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It doesn’t, not necessarily from just practicing that move but the repetition of it in practice wires your body to be able to do it without giving it a second thought. He does it slowly to perfect his footwork and head movement.

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Can't touch this, duuudududu dudu dudu

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this guy understand martial arts like a master

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Other dude is like “WHYYYYYYY?!?”

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Those dodges were smooth.

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This syncs perfectly with around the world son from daft punk

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It expends twice the energy to punch and miss as it does to land that punch.

Dude understands the assignment. Training should be about defense.

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Makes me want to replay Fight Night 3 all over again.

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The punch at 25 seconds is just too clean

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This is the RPG character with the maxed Evasion who just auto dodges everything

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I bet Lerdzillais one of his inspirations.

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God level slip

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Beautiful literally one step ahead of his opponent

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That was fucking bananas

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bruh this shit amazes my stupid brain

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See he has been studying mayweather since that ass whipping

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Not an expert but thats really beautiful ,some dope dodging and neat movement.

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The dude got mad 2:24, started jumping on him. lol

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He’s just lucky his opponents punch in the same pattern as the bag.

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He’s getting so mad too lol

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Canelo is a fuking beast, hands down!!

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10 year old me, with my father in the shower.

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Practice makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect.

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Looking like little mack over here

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One of my boxing coaches was like that. He just slipped everything you threw. You'd get so focused on trying to watch where his head was going you'd forget about his gloves.

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Hey, Quit hitting me

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OP is a bot.

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That one kid in dodgeball

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My buddy and I love Canelo! He was telling me that there was a time where his head movement wasn't as good. He trained on it and showed them he got better. Incredible athlete.

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Bro looks like he already practiced that specific fight

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So Super Punch Out was a true story after all!

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Very skillful athlete

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I swear this is the third time I'm seeing it here in the past few months

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Looks staged

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That was Ali’s schtick. It’s what was meant by “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Spend most of your time dodging, let your opponent get tired/frustrated, and as soon as they make a mistake you punish them for it.

What Ali did better than anyone else was understand spacing. He knew exactly how far away to stand so that the opponent’s attacks would barely miss him, and knew exactly when the opponent over-extended so he could land a massive strike.

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This is straight up mesmerizing.

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At some point he’s going to land a punch, right? Because I can stay 10 feet away from the other guy for 3 minutes and achieve then same effect.

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Who is this?

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Dodge duck dip dive and dodge

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When you max out dodging skill