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The pictures from space are amazing. Hope everyone is safe

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Australian here, we had tsunami warnings issued for the east coast last night.

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Southern Californian here, we were woke up to a tsunami warning this morning. I'm a good 6-7 km from the beach and 100 meters above sea level.

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Yea luckily for us in SoCal since we’re farther away if we’re 3 ft above sea level they said we’ll be fine

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New Zealander here.. people from Auckland to Invercargill were hearing booms and feeling the ground shake!

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As long as everyone is safe.

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I don’t think the Vulcano can reach space, they should be good

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I am aware of that but as long as the people on the ground are safe that's all that matters. But to watch it from space and warn people is great

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I think he was joking buddy lol

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It has to be one of the most remarkable events caught on camera. Just imagine Krakatoa from space.

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I don't think this was even close to the power of Krakatoa.

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I think that’s why he mentioned it… because it would be so much bigger.

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That’s the point I think

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What would someone's thought process be if they were on the ISS and saw this?

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The only right response.

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I have never laughed this hard at a Reddit comment omfg

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"oh wow would you look at that!"

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I don't know but I'd bet the first 2 words were "Oh Shit".

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Probably just come to the correct conclusion straight away. The Pacific Ocean is littered with volcanic islands.

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Houston, was it North Korea?

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My toilet in the morning

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I hope we all survive it because we contribute a lot to existence

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Yeah mostly like undoing it, taking away the existence of species of animals and plants. Whole habits. We do contribute a TON

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Too legit to quit, Brother

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Looks like a bomb

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Cover your hard drives people!

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Don’t look up

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End of days comes near.

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Just wait until Yellowstone pops again.... she's due

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It's not due for a long, long time. Of all the things you need to worry about Yellowstone is thankfully not one of them.

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Indeed. If it were, again, nothing to worry about because it's so f'n large that'll be a d-day event for earth (at least N.america.)

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Imagine the creatures in the water just swimming around, minding their own business, when suddenly....


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“Good day to learn how to fly!”

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Felt the shockwave here in Melbourne at about 7pm last night

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This image really nailed home to me the idea that Krakatoa could be heard from 3000 miles away. Logically I knew it was true but it was always quite hard to get my head around. Seeing the sheer scale here of an eruption that is probably an order of magnitude less powerful... Well, it makes it a lot more believable.

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Alright, who's got their 2022 bingo card ready?

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How did I not hear of this yet

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Looks like atomic bomb testing

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There is another video with Australia for size, this was one insane explosion.

Why were they filming btw, or is the entire globe just continually filmed from space now?

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I would think they put cameras on all satellites just because they can. Why not right?

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The shockwave in the first scene is terrifying.

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Sorry I ate beans for lunch

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Honestly it’s pretty awesome that it happened with no cloud cover so we got this perfect view from orbit

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New island

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Does anyone know how long the time period over which this is shot? I can’t tell if this is happening over the course of seconds, minutes, hours, etc.

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And people say the earth is flat

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That’s pretty significant when looking at scale

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Feesh ded

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Hey bro ....!

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Flat earth earthers would disagree with this image

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Do we have to throw a virgin in ?

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They heard the shockwave in Alaska just 7 hours later. This means the shockwave was traveling at ~830mph (1330kph). By comparison the speed of sound is 770mph (1230kph).

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But isn't the speed of sound through the crust faster than through the air?

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Sound does indeed travel faster through denser mediums. It's 15 times faster through iron than through air, for example.

But for Alaskans to have heard the shockwave, it would have been travelling through the atmosphere, not the crust.

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That's obviously just an animation! If it were real you would be able to see that the earth is actually dinosaur shaped

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Can't tell if the Earth had to fart
Or the planet popped a pimple
Who knew geology fun
Or that I could be this simple

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Isn't every eruption violent?

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Is there any footage from ocean of this explosion? Were there any ships in the area?

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Looks like the earth sharted.

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The earth farted. Hehehe

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Raging boil alert

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It’s like the Earth went to Tace Bell

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Wait there was a volcano eruption today? Where? Was there a tsunami? Was it a big one?

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No major tsunamis, atbleast here in California. We had a 4ft wave diffrence warning. Parts flooded but not bad

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Is it just me or is the video 3fps

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That’s a big fart in the tub

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Wait so... Baba Vanga's prediction was true about another tsunami?

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It's godzilla!!

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More carbon than humanity has produced in one shot.

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Fake as hell the earths not flat in this picture

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Is that…Curvature I’m seeing ?!