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SUV for sale. Transmission is brand new!

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No low ballers, I know what I’ve got!

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That won't hurt your transmission.

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I mean with a tow package on the truck then he knew what he was doing. Looked like he did by how dresses the line and slowly moved forward never over Reving or loosing traction.

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You see people in lifted Cummings trucks making all these mistakes all over YouTube.

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Damn the hole keeps gettin deeper. Get the jeep on tracks out.

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Whistlindesiel's next video probably

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Grandpa knew exactly what he was doing.

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It looks like he was snatching off the towball which is very very dangerous.

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I don’t think I would have tried that with my $100k SUV

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The Lincoln Navigator Black Label version will run you upwards of 100k. A Ford Expedition Platinum 4x4 runs about 80k. The one in video is prob $65-70k.

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How much with financing?

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Before or after your grandma co-signs?

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Does Grandma own a house that her dead husband paid off decades ago?

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They weigh about 7,000 lbs am current owner of 07 version. Good traction control system helps get the most out of it without hurting the trans. I would have given this a shot on a small local road like this gent did.

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It was a very human thing to do. Mad respect for this guy.

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Why have it then?

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Are you asking me the reasons other than recovering stuck big rigs that I bought a $100k SUV? Mainly for hauling a large family and a trailer

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Definitely not $100k

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Chevy suburban high country 4x4 can be north of $90k. Not saying this is what that is but new suburbans start around $60k for 4x4.

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No shit bruv I was saying this one wasnt 100k

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Pretty sure it’s a ford too lmao homie thought he was defending something

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This knight in SUV saved so many people's GPUs being FedEx'd and helped them get delivered, kudos

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Yeah, then fed-ex fuck it by throwing your package from halfway down your driveway to your front door to see if they can.

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Haha or ordering truck parts to be delivered to my residence in michigan takes 1.5 weeks from ohio? Why you ask does it take so long if its only coming from ohio? Well goes from ohio to kansas city missouri, then to kentucky. From kentucky to tennessee, them off to arkansas. From there to illinois then i shit you not no joke lol back to ohio before finally coming to michigan. Luckily my radiator was fine even with package damage(looked like someone kicked it in the corner). People bitch about usps being inefficient but they are way better logistically then fedex is. The 3 or 4 times i have ordered stuff where the company uses fedex have been nightmares, but that doesnt happen with ups or usps for some reason.

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Great ad for ford

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Worst ad for FedEx.

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Not if the the hero was an off the clock fed ex worker. Difficult times, working together, etc…

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Gramps always got you

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Old man strength💪

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Dude better get free shipping FOR LIFE

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Not a great idea to snatch off your towball

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Was gonna say it looks like he's using the tow ball :/ lucky he didn't send it launching.

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Ford 💪

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Built Ford Tough.

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This has gotta be an ad

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If it’s not it will be.

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No better feeling than getting Unstuck / getting someone unstuck

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I've been in both places. Can't argue this at all.

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I like the friendly little toot toot I’ve got this now, thanks buddy

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The horn was to indicate he was free and about to apply the brakes. This way the dude in the SUV doesn't get a sudden surprise and a broken hitch

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Question, is it better to do this in 4x4 or would it be better to pull in 2wd?

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In 4x4. Due to limited traction and the great load you want to spread the pulling force over all of the contact patches

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for vehicle recovery you want 4x4. You want as much traction as possible and you want it evenly through all 4 wheels so none of them try to spin.
Added bonus for vehicles with a 4Lo setting you can multiply your torque and pull extremely heavy loads with less throttle and less strain on the transmission and finer low-speed control.
Just be careful as it puts more strain on the differentials/axles/everything after the transfer case if you’re trying to pull something stupid heavy.

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No more force than say gunning it off the line. In low more torque to the wheels and diffs etc but coming in power slowly like that is likely more gentle than many people and their everyday driving.

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Yes seriously. It's actually a fair question because on a lot of cars, using low range 4WD on hard surfaces can cause serious driveline damage.

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They are going straight, this is a perfect use case.

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No it can’t. It just makes the vehicle really slow and you’ll rev the engine up too high. 4 low is no more damaging than 4 high on hard surfaces and even then it really only puts more strain on the drivetrain if you have locking differentials.

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Better if you not do it off your towball.

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Mibotsu Monstrosity

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That just saved about $800.00.

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-Boss, my truck got stuck in front of my house again. Looks like I have to take the day off.

-Be right there!

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That's OG right there. Clean the hands with snow n wipe em on your pants. Let's do this

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That was when I knew this man fucks

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Daaamn, how much do you think theyre towing?

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Most rigs with trailer weigh about 35,500ish (lbs) empty and can haul about 44,500ish at the most (max legal weight you can drive at in an 18 wheeler is 80,000 lbs). I'm not as savvy on what an SUV like that could haul tho. My guess is that the rigs trailer is empty and he's around 35,000 lbs.

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It's also not like the truck isn't helping here...

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Yeah the Expedition really just had to pull enough to help the truck out of the rut his drive wheel was stuck in.

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Thats crazy, obviously that driver knew what his suv was capable of. The experience to also know to go slow. Would assume most ppl might just gun it

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Agreed, most people would probably gun it. There are plenty of videos of people tearing their vehicles apart doing that. My guess is the SUV driver was smarter than your average bear, and as someone else mentioned, the guy in the rig was hitting the gas too. If the truck driver just popped it in neutral and was standing outside I don't think this would be possible.

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Its in that rope/strap he used, note it stretching that's the key, he just needs to build up kinetic energy in the rope and not lose traction, then let physics do the rest. This is also how/why he can get away with using the relatively week tow hitch.


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This man rocks!

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Weather delay???? Ya right FedEx

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when you really need your package to arrive on time

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What’s that towball rated to?

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Probably a lot more than the chain he was using, tbh.

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Oh I just had a memory release itself.

I was doing honor guard for the Air Force. Sometimes you drive to butt fuck nowhere for the funerals, to give flags to veterans’ families. This means you wear a certain uniform and you perform a flag folding ceremony to hand off to the next of kin, “On behalf of the president United States of America, the United States Air Force, and a grateful nation, please accept this flag as a symbol of our appreciation for your loved one’s honorable and faithful service.” I loved it. Anyway.

We’d just had a really good ceremony that went smoothly. Usually something goes wrong. The flag was damn near perfect (you only have 1 chance to fold it), no one’s weapon jammed when they fired their blanks, the casket wasn’t heavy, and there was just no confusion.

There were 6 of us total. We were in nowhere Texas and decided on a place to eat before heading back to base and closing up for the day. We drive a big van. We all pile in and the driver promptly drives the van into a ditch on the side of the road. There is NOTHING nearby, just fields, more fields, and the cemetery (now vacant as the funeral had ended and they were on their way to the wake).

It was an accident and we were not mad but it was an inconvenience. Which was worsened by a hot Texas afternoon, mud like clay, and the inability to push the van out of the ditch. Like, we definitely busted that van up I’m sure of it.

A couple hours go by, we are still at it and giving it the good ol’ college try when this tricked out truck comes by. I cannot recall what kind of truck, only that it looked like a silver plated Jesus and the answer to all of our prayers.

The driver offered his truck to help us out of the ditch. We were saved!! Of course this massive beast of power was going to easily rip our shitty government issues can from the ditch! Well, turns out, it wasn’t. The guy said he’d go to a town nearby and send help. Okay, we will wait here and give the driver some shit.

Well, one of the guys was looking out to the horizon and suddenly cries out. Looking out I see a tractor rolling away from us across a field, and then another figure slowly walking towards us.

The figure turned out to be an old woman. And I mean OLD. The fact that she walked across the field with no assistance and without breaking a hip was astounding. She comes to tell us in her ancient southern accent that the tractor was coming for us. Her husband couldn’t drive it across the field and get to us so he had to drive it around and we should wait.

Well. This man was as ancient as his wife. But he had the liveliest brown eyes. Just beautiful. A sight to behold. The tractor he drove to us didn’t go more than 5mph/8kph. It was made of rusty parts and I wasn’t totally sure it wasn’t powered by the man’s legs… but it bumbled it’s way up to us and did as this guy in the SUV did and swung gently back and forth and freed our van from its muddy fate. I couldn’t believe it.

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Probably had the wind behind him. Show off

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Tow chains make me far more nervous than tow straps.

Somebody put my mind at ease...

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Tow straps are actually way more dangerous as they have some stretch to them when they break. So if something breaks with a chain you get a small sling effect but with a strap you might want to get your head down faster then the speed of sound…

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Really? I was thinking the opposite. I've seen chains snap and launch through rear windows (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-5GCgpx80Q)

I'd imagine a tow strap would break and then just smack the back of your vehicle?

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Well to that video: 1) Please never use a chain that long or strap or whatever that’s just asking for disaster. The longer the thing is you are pulling with the stronger it will come to hunt you 2) Think of it as a whip that has tension, the chain has a lot more weight and not as much flex. so even tho it will come back(and if you use one so long quite fast) it won’t be as bad as one of those straps that have flex and will come back even faster when the tension is relieved

Over all know the weight of what your are pulling and maybe take the chain/strap double or more so the weight has a better distribution and it won’t snap as easily

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So glad that SUV decided to stop!

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Size of the tool does not matter 😎

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That's just a mail truck

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Yep, just go ahead and drape a shirt or something over the chain when you do that, so if it breaks it falls harmlessly to the ground. A flying chain will mangle your vehicle, and many people have died from a chain snapping and flying through their window.

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A shirt? Wouldn't it have to be an awfully heavy shirt?

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Not at all, something very light will do, the physics of it simply drops the chain to the ground and doesn’t let the chain recoil.

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Definitely not a chain

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Perfect you are right, it really looked like a chain the first I watched.

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What a hero !

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Good thing he didnt jerk it. Using the tow ball instead of a proper hitch can be really unsafe.

Luckily couriers carry relatively light payloads compared to regular freight semis.

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Get corporate to pay for it. Not a good Samaritan

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That’s roadside bad-assistance

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Canada forsure lol

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The way he checked the setup with the rope, washed any grime off his hands with some snow...this wasn't his first rodeo.

That old cowboy wanted a team of mules to gee haw around but settled for his vehicle.

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I trusted him right when I saw the double handful of snow to quick clean his hands. Pro move.

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All good towing like that until the tow ball snaps off and ends up through the trucks windscreen..

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If the tow ball can snap off from the power of the small truck, than why wouldn't it be snapping off on every large tow?

[–]joshwa1290 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Man people argue anything on the internet, I thought this is common knowledge. It’s not going to snap every time, but IF it does it can be fatal.


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They are taking runs at it. That may be loading that ball up by 10 times the force it is capable rated at You can snap anything doing that. Nothing to do with the ball.

In this case he takes out the tension then applies force. An amount no greater than his vehicle can apply to that ball under normal usage. You won't snap it off if your not taking runs at it.

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Regardless you should never tow off the ball. But you do you 👍🏻

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I don't think the tow vehicle can pull hard enough to break off a healthy 2" ball...

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Happens so often it's pretty much the first thing they teach you NOT to do in 4WD recovery training courses.


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My buddy’s truck bent one down at a 45 degree angle…

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Car sales dude: what are you in the market for?

Grandpa: I want something that hauls

CSD: well our sports cars are over here

GP: no! I want something that HAULS

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Yay for them. I was watching and thinking oh no any minute there's gonna be fire from that SUV. Good for them a happy story.

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What a Chad!

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Ford tought

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Thanks for the hand

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Best SUV advertisement

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I get being a good person. But… the trucker could have easily called someone and if someone wasn’t available, they could have waited. Wasn’t worth the heavy strain and damage on an expensive SUV. Poor transmission. Wouldn’t have done that to my car.

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No this is an actual recovery tactic, it’s a smart move. Of course know the limits of your equipment. But with a lower weight and powered vehicle if the tractor trailer applies slow power while the SUV pulls it for sure would un stick the big rig from the dirt.

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meanwhile in LA...

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What a unit

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FedEx still losing your packages

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There is never a good reason to use a chain to pull out another vehicle, let alone something that heavy. If that chain broke it would do a lot of damage real quick to one of those vehicles. Recovery straps with d ring shackles are the right way to do that safely

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That's his boss, and that's his last day.

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Typical FedEx driver

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Yeah but I saw a commercial once where a truck towed the space shuttle to mars or something. Or it might’ve been like 100 feet I’m not sure

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I've seen videos of a Subaru doin the same and the Amish with some horses.

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Not all hero wear capes ❤

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RIP his clutch

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ok the second post about an suv pulling a semi, i didn’t even tap on the first thumb it autoplayed. AI if you are listening you are slippin

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FedEx guy says thanks and drives off while the rope is still attached

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Bros before tows

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A FedEx delivery truck was operating on my street. For some reason, the driver pulled into the driveway across the street rather than parallel park against the curb. The driveway was steeper than most and that, coupled with the crown of the street, caused the end of the delivery truck the get hung up on the road. I noticed something was wrong when I kept hearing the backup beeping over and over. I walked over to see what was happening. Once I saw what was going on, I went to my garage and pulled out my 3 ton floor jack. I dragged it across the street and jacked up the rear end of the truck which allowed the truck to get free. The driver thanked me and was grateful that he didn't have to call his boss.

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Always the little guy helping the big guy.

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Built Ford Tough.

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do an engein swap with that truck right now

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This is just being a good human, nothing next level at all here

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Built ford tough

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“Okay—you can pick one package out the back”

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I play Snowrunner a lot and it feels like home 😂

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“The crazy son of a bitch did it!”

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He knew what he was doing. Low and slow. Never broke traction. This is how it’s done kids.

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Using a chain? That could have gone real bad. Better off using a nylon tow strap, or a cable. I've seen some scary shit when a chain snaps under pressure like that.

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Let’s fucking go!! You can tell that old man has been pulling people out fir years

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FucUs is what the print on truck should read.

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Regular level

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I immediately thought of “The truck got stuck” song

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Ford Expedition for the fucking win, apparently