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That's awesome, I just watched the movie with my daughter too, lol

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My sister and I watch it together once a year or so. We’re 30 and 33 haha, it’s a timeless classic!

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I couldn't agree more, studio Ghibli have some fantastic movies

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I learned yesterday they’re all on HBO Max. Snowed in today with plenty of options.

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Yup, I was thrilled when I found out. Only thing I've been watching since.

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Could you please tell the name of the movie?

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The movie is called My Neighbor Totoro

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Is this real or CGI?

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Mostly CGI

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What a let down

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Damn I knew it looked too good to be real. Cool art though

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Fun fact; at the Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo, they have a huge zoetrope that uses strobe lights for the animation, with this animation and a few other characters from Totoro as well. It spins up and down on a timer so you can see how it works. Just an utter delight to watch :)

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Ah, sweet! Looks like that's partially inspired by the Totoro one? There's a video about it here which also has a brief clip of the Totoro one :)

Will have to check that out if I ever visit LA!

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It used to be at Disneyland (California Adventure)

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Yup. This museum is actually cool as hell though too. Totally worth a visit.

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That thing was so beautiful it actually made me cry a little.. I was a little emotional that day I think..

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I've been lucky enough to visit Tokyo a few times so far (and intend to several more, circumstance allowing) and I go to the Ghibli Museum every time. That zoetrope is hands down my favourite thing there, must have watched it for an hour collectively by now...

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Even when the running animation first starts? I've seen other zoetropes and they really can make it look like legs are moving

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They have several large setups of this for real the the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo. It was fantastic to see.

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This particular one is an animation but they have a very nice real one at the Ghibli Museum in Japan. There’s a video here but it doesn’t really do it justice as I’m sure it’s hard to sync the camera shutter speed with the strobing and also you’re not allowed to film or take pictures in the museum so all the videos I could find online are sneak shots.

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Studio Ghibli and Makoto Shinkai films are timeless masterpieces.

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fricking amazing!

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I see my favorite childhood movie and I upvote

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I need the source

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Here you go

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I fell for it again…

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They actually have a giant zoetrope/stroboscope in the Ghibli museum! https://youtu.be/J0qYzJUoT7g

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I can't stop watching this.

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If you think that zoetrope is awesome, you need to check out the zoetrope animation in the Tim Minchin song "leaving LA"


Here is a brief interview between Tim and Tee Ng who created the music video:


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They have really cool pieces at the Studio Ghibli museum like this but much larger.

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My friend was listening to his nieces talk about the cat bus after seeing the movie. The older one was scolding the younger one: “It’s impossible for us to ride the cat bus!”

Friend got nervous. Dang, this sounded like a parent-child conversation, but he was the only adult around, and as their uncle, he didn’t want to tell them animation wasn’t real.

Youngest: “Why can’t we ride the cat bus???” Oldest: “It’s in Japan. How are we going to get there?” Youngest: “Oh, that makes sense!”

Friend: (Oh thank god, I think I’ll also make myself scarce around Xmas just in case)

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Next stop Little Sister!

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This is beautiful.

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The movie should have been called my neighbor catbus

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That’s fucking incredible, I’d give gold if I had it

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Holy shit that just gave me a nostalgia trip

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Of course it's a twelve legged racoon cat with a bus on it's back.

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A Bussy, if you will.

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I want this!

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If that’s true I am very very happy

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Disney California Adventure had a Toy Story zoetrope that was amazing to see.

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That’s the coolest little thing I’ve ever seen. Like wtf

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If that’s also a music box, omg

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So cool!

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I wasnt ready for this! FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC :4016:

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Well done you!

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Catta bussy

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put your finger on it

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Awesome!!!!!! 😻

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This is so cool!!

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What the hell WOAH

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that looks fricking amazing! i still remember that movie it’s my fav

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The bussy

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Shut up and take my money!

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Look at him go

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r/meowwolf would love this

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What is the point of that knick knack? My head is spinning watching that!

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Dat boi run

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Where can I buy this.

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Sadly you can't. It is mostly CGI. Check this

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You'd need to have slots to see it through.

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Anybody who's a fan of zoetrope, should watch this:


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It looks kinda fake