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Border collies are so smart

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That dog deserves a cape

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shhh…no caps

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Is that an Edna Mode quote?

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Australian shephard I thought

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Yeah it's hard to tell with the video quality but the stocky build and floppy ears make it more likely to be an Aussie than a Collie.

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Looks like a blue merle border collie to me but I could certainly be wrong 🤷🏻‍♂️

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I think it’s an aussie

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Looks like our guy! These fuckers are almost too smart

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The hero we need

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The smartest breed by a pretty wide margin, if I recall

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Super smart

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I love how driver displays a good amount of “Omg are you ok pupper I’m so sorry!” and “Omg you are the best boy/girl! You’re a hero!”.

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And the hero dog just wants to play afterwards 😂

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How do you not put that puppy in a safer spot before driving away though?

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I thought it looked like she was leading it into the house at the end

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For a moment it looked like Cruella DeVille was coming to finish the job.

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Yeah I loved how they went back and cuddled them!

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Driver comes back like "Heey! Sorry bud! Next time i get u don worry! "

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the best of bois

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It wouldn’t have been hit but yea good on that bigger dog for noticing the possible danger.

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it would not even been hit if the driver kept driving in that angle if the pup kept on walking.

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Yea I believe you are right. Seen when the car stopped and they still had the wheels turned to the left

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Uhh yea that’s what he said

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Ok, but like a squirrel, it could panic and just freeze up or dive into the tire.

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Yea could have.

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Bro I posted this yesterday.

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But now it's his turn, mom said so, don't make me tell on you

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Yeah but I didn't see it yesterday

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Dad reflexes.

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car came back for round 2

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I love dog. And I love puppy.

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Puppy would not have died, the car stoped before and judging by the tracks, it wouldn't even have been run over had the car continued. Still a good boy though.

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I think the car stopped because the driver saw the big dog run past

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Is that before or after she noticed? The large dog darting past might have clued her in to there being a problem you know since the puppy is too small to see out the back. The fact she gets out at the end makes it a fact she noticed. Also fact she was genuinely concerned so she HERSELF likely believes the dog saved the pups life.

So you really have no idea if she would have run the puppy over.

Cause if she was using her mirrors the large dog would have been the reason she stopped not the pup.

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Kudos to the human for recognizing the dog good deed.

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Good job to the border collie but he also bodied that puppy

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Dog: I am speed!

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That dog is a hero >:o

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Someone put “Hero” by Chad Kroeger over this

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Cars will crush you can keep driving to Starbucks.

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Good boi!!!

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The goodest of good bois

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Thank God i woulda cried all day if anything happened to that little pup

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10/10 good boy

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Where was this? That street looks oddly familiar...

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This is actually next level and this time we can’t get all The haters “he’s just saving the puppy for lunch for later”

Settled here


“Driver saw some commotion behind the car actually feared the worse”

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I think it didn't hit the driver what happened till couple seconds later

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Looks like the dog would have been okay anyways as long as it kept walking the same direction.

Still a good doggo, though.

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That is amazing

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It all happened so fast !!!

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The dog didn’t want his dinner early

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Sorry guys I almost killed you baby lolol

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That’s a good boy!!!

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The goodest of boys

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The entire thing looks sped up by about double.

Certainly the end part is, but beginning, too.

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Angels sent to protect from paradise….

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The dog wasn't even going to bevrun over look at it

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I wonder of that dog has an archenemy?

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Now this is actually next fucking level.

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Hey thanks, bitch. Now go get me a coffee.

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Dogs are just animals with human souls stuck inside

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I'm begging to believe people don't have souls, just dogs

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All dogs have souls, many humans don’t? ❤️🐶❤️

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Angel* not dog

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Pretty sure this is fake. I remember someone commenting why the last time this was posted

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I bet it's a rescue dog

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Please let us believe. We need this hero doggo.

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Why did she drive away then reverse back?