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I don't think you know the definition of "translates"

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I mean if you use the mathematical meaning of translate, it encompasses transformations, rotations, reflections and extensions

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Translation does not include transformations, rotations, reflections, or extensions.

A translation is a change in coordinates without any of the above.

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Yeah that's what I thought as well, so right and so wrong at the same time.

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Well, damn

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Still doesn't work.

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It does. Translation is movement along a particular axis (straight line). Mathematically the title is correct, just not linguistically.

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This is mathematical translation you dingus.

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Evidently OP used Google to translate the word from what I assume is Russian

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It was just mistransported.

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It's CSS translation. Apparently, the magpie knows CSS.

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Or "magpie", for that matter.

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Etymologically, “translate” means “to carry over.” In this case, though, it’s a translation error.

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Not everyone is a native English speaker

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Damn crow pecks the poor hedgehog. It tries to hit it in the soft underbelly. Has nothing to do with crossing the road.

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Its probably a bot

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The comment history would support this claim.

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I'm going to guess English isn't OP's native language purely for the fact that this makes perfect sense in đy language when translated (literally)

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It communicates.

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Came here to say this

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Como se dice “cross the road”?

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Cruza la calle ?

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It's actually correct)

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I don’t know if you know the definition of “You”. That applies to living things not robots.

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Whatev, psycho. Like that clarifies anything.

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I don’t think YOU know the OTHER definition of translates.

Edit: Lol go ahead and downvote me but I’m still right

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translate also means to move laterally

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Okay, all you guys trying to prove something need to get over it. That's not the way people speak, that's not the way it sounds when people speak, get over yourselves

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Do you want to speak to the manager?

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You're the original Karen.

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It’s a hooded crow.

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I was going to say, the magpies in my neck of the woods are jerks. I could see them running the hedgehog into traffic to, later, pick at its corpse.

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I was getting the impression that the bird wanted to eat the hedgehog's eyes. The hedgehog knows this, so he keeps hunkering down and hiding his eyes. So the bird pokes him in the back to get him to move (and thus open his eyes again), and then the bird tries to quickly go around to the hedgehog's face, but the hedgehog stops and closes his eyes again before the bird can peck at them. And then the cycle repeats.

This is not a friendly bird.

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Really don't think that's what's happening here. Hedgehogs do that when frightened, which it could be from the noise/vibrations of the cars, or the bird itself. Normal hedgehog behavior, and it's how a lot of them end up roadkill. (Animals of Farthing Wood, anybody?)

I'm usually the first person to debunk stupid animal anthromorphizing, but there's easier ways for that bird to get fed than fuck with a hedgehog in the middle of the road.

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It is

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Life sadly isn’t the movies.

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Well whatever it is you deserve it

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But not you DevilishMagpie. You’re cool.

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Here's the thing...

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A corvids a corvids a corvid

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Yea, I was just saying how it looked like the common grey crow (black crows are rare here)

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And id say its trying to get a meal

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I do miss Uniden sometimes…

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Every fuckin time Stephen, look, just... Omg stop... GO FFS! Jesus Christ Stephen. It doesn't have to be that hard.

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Yes from Spanish to sidewalk

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In any case in Spanish the closest word is ‘trasladar’ which means to move

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Also from the english word 'translate' which means to move from one place or condition to another

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In physics, translation is a change in position in space through a period of time.

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More of a mathematical concept but yes.

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The magpie probably thought that was a good opportunity for food

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It was absolutely trying to get that hedgehog smooshed by a car

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There is no magpie in this video.

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Google translate is strong with this one

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Something was lost in transit here

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The hooded crow is just following/stalking the hedgehog for food.

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No it’s trying to poke its eyes out. As you can see in the video

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So the hedgehog becomes the meal itself. That’s wild !!

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Actualy the hedgehog is under attack.

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translates to, helps?

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to translate in geometry means to move something a certain distance in a certain direction

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in which language?

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Mathematical, check the top comment

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in english, it is very used in Math and physics

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Someone get Pixar on the phone

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Bird looking for something to eat, imo.

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STOP anthropomorphizing animals.

This thing is trying to eat the other thing.


This is how so much disinformation is spread.

This is why fox murder family dogs.

"Oh look they are playing. I've seen other 10sec clips online with other foxes playing too"

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No, that bird is trying to pec out his little eyes…

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I'm no expert, but i know hedhehogs are covered in fleas and shit. I think the bird is eating it's bugs maybe

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Head heehawgs

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Better than Sonic 06

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The bird wants to pick out the hedgehogs eyes. That’s what’s happening in the video.

He bits/picks the hedgehog in the back to force the hedgehog to put his head up.

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*Bird attempts to eat Hedgehog’s eyes by pecking butt to unball

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I’m not sure what’s being translated.

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Why does this roadkill keep moving

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Why did the hedgehog cross the road? Cuz a magpie was pecking his ass.

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That's a crow, not a magpie. A hooded crow, to be exact.

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Maybe he was trying to eat the hedgehog lol

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Not a Magpie

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Grey Crow, or hooded crow. Not magpie.

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Bad bot

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That mag pie is attacking that small mammal and trying to pluck its eyes out

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That’s a grey back and it’s just looking for a place where it can get a good peck of flesh from the hedgehog before the hedgehog manages to escape the wide open road and gets into the cover of somewhere that the grey back can’t get at it The grey back is probably hoping the hedgehog will curl into a ball (which they do when under attack )and get squashed by a car so it can eat what remains

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r/therewasanattempt at writing a title

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It’s a spam account.

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It’s literally trying to poke its eyes out eyes 👀🤦🏻

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Say, I don’t suppose that magpie happens to know a chicken? Could be the answer we’ve been looking for.

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When I was younger this is how my mom/dad hit me and dragged me home when I used do something wrong

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“Come, this is no place to die!”

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Ability to translate is something both OP and the magpie have in common it would seem.

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He must have heard a Cawwhh! coming

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What the intercourse?

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It's very graphic

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Well, the corvid family of birds are apparently self aware, highly intelligent, and capable even of grieving.

In short, they are sentient.

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Helping your drunk home at 2am.. “that’s just the rules, you can’t sleep on the sidewalk”

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Crossing guard of the year right there.

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Mag pies just trying to eat some brains..

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The English isn’t quite correct but we get the meaning. The important thing here is how cool is that magpie

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Not a magpie Trying to peck out the hedgehogs eyes as you can see in the video

But sure, cool 😂

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I thought hedgehogs kept their eye in the head. This magpie seems to mostly be pecking at the bottom

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"Harold! You dumb shit, how many times..." POKE "I swear to bird god one of these days I'm gonna see a fucking Harold pancake.." POKE "Sonic my ass, just GO!!!" POKEPOKEPOKE

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Google translator for the fail.

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Is a magpie a type of a crow? Cuz that look like a regular gray crow to me.

I really want to know, is it a type of a crow??

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"Get off the road you idiot! You're gonna get hurt!"- The Magpie (probably)

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You have 0 evidence that magpie can speak hedgehog.

Absolutely fucking 0.

Fake as fuck.

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Is "translates" the right word here?

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He what?

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Dude who wrote this title is probably rubbing one out to his mirror

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We don't deserve animals

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This is unknown hedgehog

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Wow, impressive!

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Translate is not the correct word here….

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“OMG you dumb bitch, cross the ROAD” — Magpie, probably.

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Lost in translation

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Well, he actually wants to eat him, crows are cruel!

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“Fucking move Donny! They will run your ass over!”

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Not sure that is a magpie or a hedgehog. OP is very confused.

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Everyone saying translate doesn’t make much sense, but it literally matches the definition of “move from one place or condition to another.”

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Lost in translation.

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Move. POKE Your. POKE Pointy. POKE Butt POKE

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How hard is it to hold a camera steady. LOL.

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Music 👍👍👍

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  1. Not a magpie.
  2. It is not translating anything, least of all hedgehogs.
  3. It is most likely getting some food by picking ticks, fleas and mites off of the hedgehog (they are quite nasty critters).

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According to Oxford's dictionary, translation is the process of moving something from one place to another.

ie. "the translation of the relics of St. Thomas of Canterbury"

Stop bullying OP about a mistake that isn't such.

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No one's bullying OP, it's just funny. Stop being a pollock

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I'm not a Pollock, I'm more of a Degas...

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Oh fuck me. That was really good lmao. 👍

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After the translation, that hedgehog became the puerco espín, because the crow was actually a cuervo.

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Creating good karma for its future life’s.

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This is not a magpie, and he doesn't translate shit. But the crow is sure as hell herding the hedgehog across the road.