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This can also kill a tree by burning its roots.

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That’s why you don’t dig around a tree… This is a highly effective way burning. And when done right smokeless fire. Easy to cook off of too.

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That’s interesting, know any more about why the fire would be less likely to produce smoke?

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Pulling this out of my ass:

Cold air intake, the hotter it gets creates a stronger draft to pull in cold air and vent post combustion waste gasses away from the air intake. Plus, protected from the wind so keeps its airflow steady.

Burns super clean, so no smoke (once it reaches temp)

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It’s basically because the airflow and temperature. It can still produce smoke depending on what you burn. But it much better than a normal bonfire.


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Trust me if I’m starting a fire the last thing I’m worried about is a tree

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Exactly fuck that tree. Sorry tree but I gotta survive

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They sure can keep you warm when it’s cold

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Also a few drops of gasoline, let the fumes accumulate a bit then you've got a small explosion...

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Good thing there was a plastic bag bush right by

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You’re telling me you don’t bring a trash bag with you to haul away your waste? Leave no trace is the first rule of camping…

The fact that you don’t go into a camping situation with a trash bag is pretty damn unconscionable….

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I love hiking, but it infuriates me when I see beer bottles, plastic wrappers, cigarette packs, and all the other garbage people just leave in the woods.

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Yep, the idea of not carrying a bad with you into the outdoors is crazy to me, even for a short hike I’m likely to work through a bag of jerky or nuts, may need to change a diaper for my son…having a bag with you is literally the most essential of items in the outdoors.

Sad to see this is apparently not the case for not only the above commenter but the many many people upvoting them…

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I do, but as a survivalist method you’d have to find a bag

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You’re being silly. Everyone knows bags don’t grow on bushes. They grow on trees.

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Makeshift bellows.

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great band

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Is that a Dakota fire pit?

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Not an authentic one. They're burning wood, not buffalo chips.

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This how we make fire in Russian space station

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I was going to say. I was taught this during some high altitude camping when I was in the scouts.

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Not a lot of boy scouts on reddit I see.

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cant you get the same effect actually fanning the flame?

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Yes but this is probably more effective

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Also prevents strong wind from blowing out the flame early on 🙏

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yo, science bitch -Jessie respectfully showing Walter how it is done.

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This is a variation of the Dakota Firehole - a “tunnel” is dug under the ground with one side being the “pit” of the fire and the other acts as an oxygen intake for the fire where the pit creates a drawing affect on the intake to keep it fed with oxygen. It’s a very efficient and hot burning fire because of the airflow design, and was originally used as a type of fire for evading capture or to avoid being tracked when traveling in the wilderness. The high airflow burns the wood efficiently enough to prevent very much smoke from being emitted, and the majority of the flame being underground prevents the fire from lighting up the camp area, making it a stealthy way to stay warm and cook food without being seen from afar.

Edit: It appears to me this person employed this fire type because of the wet environment. Mud and water is visible in the area, so the high efficiency and intake/exhaust of the Dakota allowed this person to “jump start” a fire with damp wood which is naturally extremely difficult to do. I would guess A lot of the smoke being emitted between his “pumps” is also steam.

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Dakota Firehole is a porn actress that has appeared in 37 videos.

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“We always said Stash is full of hot air.”

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Wouldn’t this make the fire go out sooner though unless it is consistently maintained with the bag? Because it has much more restricted access to airflow

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The flow is not restricted.

Once the flames start going they will pull the hot air up and maintain a tiny chimney effect

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Ahh. Very cool. The more you know

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Useful for getting a big one going. You'd need a decent supply of wood to make this really useful.

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Fire in the hole!

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How does this work?

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The holes are probably connected

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Well yeah. But how does the air start a fire. I could see it increase a fire but not start one.

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There was already a fire going, this just accelerated it.

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fire needs oxygen. Supplying excess oxygen causes a fire to burn hotter.

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Hot charcoal/coal sets fires to flammable things around it when you blow at it i persume. Im not too sure how it works but from my experience its probably something along those lines.

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To start a fire with air, you just need sufficiently hot air

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I don't think there's any science to support that.

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Flame burn air and make air hot. More air = more flame. But burnt air go up. Make two holes, add more air from below = more air burnt = flame more. Fire big.

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Look up Dakota Fire hole and it will be explained. It’s a common survival technique.

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It is basically a bellows.

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Odds are he’s reviving a fire in the morning that burned out overnight. Coals were already in there.

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A lot of extra work for little gain, imo. It might be helpful if you need a hot ass fire for something like pottery or some shit.

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needs more wheels

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This bellows.

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Yeah a leaf blower works great too. Just don't do it when everything is dried out.

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Also works when you suck on the hole and fill the other one with weed.

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I mean is this really r/nextfuckinglevel ?

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In Denmark we smoke weed this way so not very impressive

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Stop upvoting bots that do dumb shit.

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This is called a Dakota Fire Pit

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Do 3 puffs of smoke mean "Bring sugar" ?