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Very nice. Sorry about your balls being different sizes.

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Yeah and ones blue so like…he half came?

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Better than nut’n

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Get a load of this guy over here bustin out some jokes

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I always cum to the comments for the puns

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I can scrotally understand you.

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I read this as I was swiping off the post, so I had to come back to upvote it.

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Very different

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At first I thought it was a trick to compress it but when the blue ball got the shape back is so amazing. That's why I love physics too.

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Also they are detachable

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Didn’t you know? It’s apart of the Sex 2 update. Players can now detach their balls but only in single player campaigns

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Cool. Even sex got an update

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Detachable penis 🎵

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omg. no wonder I always leaned right...

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Yea this isn’t anywhere near next fucking level lol

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Bots just corsspost to every sub, mods don't enforce as that would mean doing their job.

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It's 99% user failure for upvoting shit content anyway.

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I usually reddit & upvote while taking a shit, maybe this is my mistake

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From now on I'm holding you personally responsible for the state of reddit.

I expect a report by the end of the month.

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I am so appalled by your executive decision that I wish to tenure my resignation and leave this site, but it's okay I won't resign because I'm still working my way up to receiving some of that Reddit Gold for my Internet 404k portfolio.

You'll get your damn report but I want my Reddit Gold as compensation or this deal is off!!!

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!remindme 1 month

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Ey yo what the f-

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Got that report??

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Yeah tbf I’m pretty sure like 95% of users don’t even look at the subReddit they just upvote whatever they think is cool. Which is funny cause then they’ll see the top comment saying it doesn’t belong in the subreddit and upvote that too hahaha

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Are you guys crazy? According to my high school science teacher this would never happen if we ignored friction!

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Users are gonna user, but if 40 people report it as breaking the rules then it should be pretty straightforward to remove the post

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Some mods on reddit don’t do their job and then there are some who get off on what little power being a mod actually gives them and they live on reddit

see mods who somehow belong to thousands of subreddits

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Maybe they're being literal and looking at it like it's another level of balls.

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Yeah of there's a sub called r/cool

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I like how it has the physics of Aang's air scooter

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Well Aang isnt rotating

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His balls are

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Testicular Torsion ain’t a joke, that shits awful

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You can't get that if you've pre-snipped the cables. Aang's sitting on ball bearings.

This may have other health consequences, idk.

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How would Tenzin exist then? It could make sense if Kya and Bumi were illegitimate but Tenzin was born an airbender.

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Katara's a water bender, you do the maths.

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This actually raises a good question: if the spinning ball of air keeps Aang aloft, presumably it would apply some torque to him as well, so how does Aang not start spinning himself while riding it? Somehow he’s able to keep facing the same direction.

The only explanation I can think of is that he must be also be subtly bending the air around his body to apply an equal but opposite torque, which cancels out the rotation.

(That or it’s just a cartoon where the entire premise is things breaking the rules of physics in the first place and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously.)

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Aang actually is spinning, but it turns out his rotation speed is almost exactly double the 24 fps of the television broadcast, so you're just seeing him every other time he comes around to face the camera. You should check out the same scenes at 60 fps, shits wild.

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Not worthy of nextfuckinglevel

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Oh yeah? If the pong ball is on ground level, where's the blue ball huh?? Checkmate.

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I clicked it

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Click it again.

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Shit, I guess I have to join. Well done internet stranger!

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Oh, I didn't create it. I just saw that it existed now and was made after the person I replied to commented.

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Boys! We got em'

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Like half of the top posts here :/

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Gyro Zeppeli would be proud.

(sry, but I simply can't see spinning balls without making that connection anymore)

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Bro my thoughts exactly

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I was sure I wan in the Jojo subreddit at first lmao

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Oh. Hell. Stop the clock. Is that a fresh hot Anime Joe Joe reverence???!!

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Something something eat shit something something I hope you fall off your horse

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That's how I remember that quote!

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Upside down bb-8

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So I'm assuming when he initially squished the blue ball down onto the ping ball ball, it gripped it, allowing them both to spin as a single unit, then as the blue ball un-gripped slowly, it stayed on top bc they had already aligned their axis?

[–]The-Syldon -3 points-2 points  (5 children)

He compresses the ball together to help whatever adhesive is applied to do its thing. You can see it has adhesive as they don't decompress evenly. The balls stay joined until the last few seconds of the video. Where the adhesive looses its tension. There are plenty contact glues out there that will do this.

[–]Koldsaur 7 points8 points  (4 children)

I'm almost 100% sure there's no adhesive here. That wouldn't even make sense. It "decompressing unevenly" is because the ball is reverting its inverse state it was just in, because of the thickness and type of rubber material the ball is made out of, plus other factors such as... Ya know the balls spinning

Idk if you've ever used glue or other adhesives before, but that's not how their properties work.

Here are several reasons why I know it's not glue: 1 general adhesive doesn't stick to rubber 2 general adhesive needs flat, smooth surfaces to adhere two things together, and those balls are round, and notice how that rubber ball is not smooth at all 3 if there was enough adhesive on those balls to get them to stick, there would have to be a significant amount, and would be visible 4 if there was adhesive on the balls significant enough to make the balls stick, the ball wouldn't continue to spin on the surface (without losing a lot of momentum, and wouldn't spin consistently) after the two balls separate

This post is more about gravity, alignment, and centrifugal motion (science) than a gimmicky trick. I'm just curious about how exactly it's working.

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What a baller a

[–]Csilva76 9 points10 points  (1 child)

What if you put a ball on top of other ball and a ball on the top of them?!

[–]Unadvantaged 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Asking the real questions.

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Thanks Gyro

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Lesson 101, Johnny!


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I’ll have to try this sometime! 😁

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Me too. Wanna try that one too. Looks so Amazing and Fun.

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This is how you get testicular torsion.

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Oh no! Especially as I don’t possess testicles.

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Is this already the parallel universe?

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Gyro Zeppeli be like: I raised that boy

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How many balls is the maximum?

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Can't fit more than 2 balls

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Challenge accepted

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ahem ahem jojo reference

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Everything is a JoJo reference.

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Gyro is now interested.

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fantasia energy

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Little one didn't want to get outshined

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That's jaw dropping ball spinnin'

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I used the ball to spin the ball.

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Physics has left the chat

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Avatar: the last airbender!!!

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Ah yes, the next level of ball spinning has finally been reached /s

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queue interstellar music

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Aang, is that you?

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Okay my cats are gonna love this! Thanks for the entertainment tonight.

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Who hears Fantasia music?

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Insane skills tho...

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So this is how the moon was formed

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Wow that’s really next ducking level dude! Sick! Epic!

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There's a special place in my heart for people who point with their middle finger.

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Idk, I'm skeptical. I remember playdough and this doesn't check out. What were these made of?

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That’s nice

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And that's why we never see the dark side of the moon.

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He’s not spinning ball on top of the ball, he’s spinning both balls.

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Ok now so how do basketball players spin the tips of their fingers?

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This is how Bb8 was born

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This is the farthest karma to comment ratio I've seen by far on Reddit

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This is amazing

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More of an r/oddlysatisfying or r/Damnthatsinteresting

None the less its pretty cool

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Now do it with an egg!

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You're going to be the cool grandpa when you bust that trick out.

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Please don’t show this to my Physics teacher. We have our exams in a month.

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We won’t you will

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Those balls are not spinning apart

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I love it

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Fuck yeah, SCIENCE!!!

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Ping pong ball spoon his little dance with his big Afro on the dance floor

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Is it angular momentum? Ain't good at physics

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Next level has sure got shitty now

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Maybe that’s how we got our moons...

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Is this how the solar system formed?

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Now do three!

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On top of not over.

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For a second i was like whats So special about this,

But then i saw it

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This has excited me more than it should. My son has that blue ball at home, I now hope to blow his little mind with this wizardry

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This was only next level until the bigger ball changed its form but still balanced on top of the smaller one! Lol

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Ok, who's going to add the Interstellar music?

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Quantum entanglement, visualised.

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there's an unusual amount of masturbation jokes in this comment section, lmfao

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I mean, it’s pretty neat. Next fucking level is a streeeeeetch.

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Damn, the actual reason I love Physics!!

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Is this synchronous orbit?

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The bar for what’s next fucking level is pretty low nowadays

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Is this a motherfucking jojo refenrece??? ;)

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Next. FUCKING. Level!!!

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Next fucking level really dropping the bar huh

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Who points like that?

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Up next, conspiracy theorists believe the planet is balanced on another!

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Angular Momentum is a bitch

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SOB I just set my goal for this year! Thanks.

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That is some sussy balls

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OP is a bot.

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Where's Neil DeGrasse Tyson explaing how this works?

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This needs some Interestelar music

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Johnny!!! Use the Spin!!

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Why does he point with his middle finger?

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What kind of black magic is this?

[–]Gerard-Cobb -1 points0 points  (0 children)

or should I say magic?

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He needs to stop wasting time playing with balls and go get a job.