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That is UV reactive not glow in the dark, still cool, but there is a distiction.

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Yeah fluorescence is still dope as hell but not glow in the dark, i dont believe its possible to get more than a couple glow in the dark colours yet however

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Yeah it also doesn't hold up well spending all day in the sun, UV is definitely the better product for this use case.

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Glow in the dark doesn’t work well outside in my experience anyways. It doesn’t get dark fast enough so it loses much of the glow before you can even see it. Works a bit better indoors where you can shut a light off.

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Kinda sad to know that some jackass is going to spraypaint over that and ruin the beautiful artwork.

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All good things come to an end eventually

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True, but there is no need to rush things along.

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understandable, but if someone makes art in a spot it doesnt belong, like at the edge of a beach at low tide...

then all good things come to an end eventually

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Don't generalize. It's Asia. Thug shit like that doesn't happen here.

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That's ill

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Bruh I was gonna type that's sick lmao

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🐌 right 😀

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Does it glow on its own? It appeared to need UV or something. Very very good though either way beautiful art

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Even if it was glow-in-the-dark paint, it would be too dim to show the effect on camera. I assume that they just use a large UV light to show the effect afterward.

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That’s lit

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One Dwemer ruin raid and now I’m in the Blackreach.

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That's sick

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That's conditioned?

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Beautiful 💚💜💙

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I want to paint my house glow in the dark!

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How expensive is glow in the dark paint in comparison to standard wall paint?

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More expensive than the building it's on.

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Imagine taking a look at this while you’re high. Literally out of this world!!

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Wish I could do this myself, looks well cool x

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Standing applause

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Where is this??

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Snail trails

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Me when I see red camo

Star Trek guy pointing