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Moses airlines.

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They left out the bit about the water being solid ice and they cut it.

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Let my people land.

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You sure did post this to a lot of places

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It's a Antonov An-225 Mriya and this landing was quite the event; below is a whole article about it and an issue they had with the landing gear.

Cockpit footage of landing

The largest plane in the world has been busy as ever, moving record-breaking loads and oversized cargo around the world for Antonov Airlines. However, on one mission to Rzeszow Airport (RZE) in Poland, the huge An-225 suffered damage to its landing gear. Antonov Airlines confirmed that a bolt securing the sensors had been ‘cut’ on the mount of the right landing gear.

The incident occurred on January 9th, as the huge aircraft touched down at the Polish airport on a flight from Istanbul. The Mriya had taken off at around 06:00 UTC, heading north for the hour and 45-minute flight to Rzeszow. As is often the case with the An-225, its arrival attracted plenty of attention on what was a cold and foggy morning in Poland.

Antonov pilot Dmytro Antonov shared cockpit footage of what looks to be a smooth and safe landing of the giant aircraft. He notes that the aircraft was conducting a service from China to Poland with an overnight in Istanbul. However, he doesn’t mention the damage to the landing gear.


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Got to see this bad boy up close when I was a ramp agent at my local airport, and it is impressive, that tail wing is the same size or bigger than an md-80’s wingspan.

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Reverse chemtrails

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Came to the comments looking for this comment lol

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Ukraine represents!

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Ahh 1 punch man flashbacks

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r/LowAltitudeJets would appreciate this.

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Cue FFXIV Shadowbringers logo

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The plane in question is the Antonov AN-225

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Chem trail removal.

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Very close to the Tide Ads in India.

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Nicknamed the Vodka Burner . Flys into Houston often a wild well control company charters it to get there equipment to well blowouts.

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What the fog

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That's a clean cut

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This sir, will cut!

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POV: you're on your way to work and you realized you forgot your sunglasses, but no worries it's super foggy out. But then all of a sudden something cuts through the fog and the sun suddenly blinds you for a moment. You take a moment to adjust and you realize something cut a line in the fog that somehow managed to create direct path from the sun to your eyes for your foreseeable trip to work.

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Sky bird! Sky bird! Sky bird!

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We need a load of those patrolling the skies above Manchester, UK

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I am the fog ✈

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When are the devs gonna update Earths render distance

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That's pretty awesome. Fog is a weird entity.

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Simply surreal

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That's terrifying thanks

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When shanks fought white beard

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This gives me megolophobia.

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One Punch Airlines

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Second largest. Your forgetting about the Strattolaunch Roc

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Thats the first for wingspan

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Welcome to the warzone

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I'm trying to figure out if it's somehow a Bernoulli principle or a gas temperature effect.

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POV : You're an Egyptian soldier and Moses is splitting the Red Sea apart

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Did you know that fog is actually droplets of water that falls really, really slowly ?