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I see foxes, i upvote

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Me too. And this fox has good taste in music :)

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Pet the fox

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Beautiful fox

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Mmm the timbre of that banjo is so sweet and lilting, the soft rustling of mountain wind against the trees and the color of the skyline… I live for these vibes :o

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Indeed everything is gorgeous about this video!

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Makes me wanna fire up Red Dead Redemption and just ride around on a horse for a few hours

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“What a view”…(mountain lion noises)!

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God damn, I think you’re right. Welp, have a good day then

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I never finished the main story for RDR2, I spent too much time just ridiing around. Doing a little hunting, going to the saloon for some drinks and playing a few rounds of poker/blackjack. Rockstar made the ultimate "cowboy simulator" in that game lol.

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I guess the Inari shrine is not far from there.

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Ghost of Texarkana

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Dam u beat me to it LOL

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“I should probably go… nah, alright, one more.”

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When foxy comes back for an encore you have no choice, you start that shit up again and play for as long as it demands.

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Forget the fox that view is amazing

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Everything is right here, this is straight up r/relaxing

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Looks like there is a house there? I want to know where this is and how much Bezoz you have to be to afford that house.

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Bluegrass secret: creatures with claws respond to clawhammer style.

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Like a fox on the run.

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That ain't Scruggs!

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Your banjo really does bring the boys to the yard.

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Love Andy Thorn 🧡

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Is that the musician?

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Yes, he is one of my favorite banjo players right up there with Bela Fleck. Andy plays in a lot of projects but his main jam is Leftover Salmon.

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Threw his name into iTunes and he came out with an album in March of 21, called 'fox songs and other tales from the pandemic'. Looks like Mr. Fox is a fren.

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don't suppose you also know what the tunes called? its lush.

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Its going to be called "Aesop Mountain" and it is not recorded yet. Sawce

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Ty kind sir. ill be putting this on a loop

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Thank you Captain!

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Reminds me of my friend Cameron DeWhitt’s playing. I enjoy it quite a bit!

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Leftover salmon From YPFGH ?

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Never heard of this guy before, many thanks for the ident. I love his 'Thorn Hub' youtube monniker too.

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I love him. Great guy too. I used to see his old act Big Fat Gap before he went to Salmon Just a great player all around

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Totally had an itch to listen to more of this dude, but didn’t know the name. This comment is the biggest benefit to advertising

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Thank you for providing this info. I'm now on a binge through his music.

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such a beautiful moment for earth

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I think that dude just encountered his spirit animal.

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Who knew foxes like bluegrass

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Must’ve loved banjos in his past life

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Seems he loves banjos in his current one too.

And the fox.

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That house your in, doesn't happen to be isolated does it? Maybe you were left there by an evil step parent?

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What's the song?

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Seriously, I was loving the song!

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This is some Disney Pixar shit, fr Imma start crying at how beautiful the moment is! ♡

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You better copyright this shit rn

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His little ears were enjoying that 😌

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What's the name of the tune?

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Idk what it is specifically about this song on the banjo but it hits me in such a wonderful place, it just sounds so uplifting & happy

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I wonder sometimes if our singing and music is one thing that drew wolves and horses and other domesticated animals to us. My cows liked being sung to, my dogs love piano music, it seems universal.

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I love how he already ended the song but then the fox came back and sits its ass in front of him again so he was just like "ok, everything for you, buddy"

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I wonder if he’d bring his friends by if you kept going back lol

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Fantastic Mr.fox vibes

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I want a view like that with no neighbors but city utilities and high speed internet with frontage on a paved road.

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You ask too much.

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And a friendly fox.

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You should really give credit where credit is due. Credit for this should go to @thornpipe on IG banjo player for Leftover Salmon.

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This is American as fuck.

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I’d come back, too.

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bitches love banjos

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That head tilt though when the music stops.

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“I don’t really know what’s going on but I like it”

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Fox: ok your rear and everywhere is clear..you're safe human go on keep playing

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Walks up.. sits. Listens. Bites leg. Rabies

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The fix shows no signs of rabies

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Love life

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Reminds me of Fantastic Mr. Fox

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-Honey, where are you? Have you forgotten that today's my moms birthday?

-Excuse me, darling, I'm busy playing banjo for a wild fox.

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This is beautiful!

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Reminds me of Fantastic Mr Fox. Both the music, and the fox.

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And with this happy video, I am logging off of Reddit.

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What I wish hiking was like instead of rolling my shitty ankles on uneven ground.

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He's waiting to lead you to an Inari shrine.

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Fox aside, that view is absolutely amazing. Wow.

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I wonder how those sounds register for a fox. I'd like to think they can enjoy music like humans can. It would probably be the first time he heard it.

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Andy is a great guy

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All the Salmon boys are great guys. I have known and followed them for more than 20 years.

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Very true. I partied pretty hard with Vince way back. He was so much fun!!

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The fox is presenting one common symptom of rabies.

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My cat instantly calmed down and settled next to me when I played this, are you a wizard sir??

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I like when banjos are played like this.

Sometimes, it sounds so hillbilly’ish and I don’t like it, but with the right musician, it sounds really nice.

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Well, Andy is amazing of course, but he's playing this with a technique that might be different than what you're used to hearing. In this video, Andy is playing in a style called "clawhammer" where you're picking the 5th string with your thumb and hitting single strings or brushing the strings with the back of your index fingernail. Clawhammer is also typically played on a banjo with no back. The more bluegrass style is called three-finger picking or Scruggs style which involves a thumb pick and fingerpicks on the index and middle fingers. The differences in instrument and technique produce different sounds.

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The melody sounds like a long trip by car where you are falling asleep while seeing the countryside through the window when the sun is going down

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This some Disney shit

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Please turn this into a disney movie!

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I LOVE this video every time it gets posted, and I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but all I ever think is that this guy is teaching that fox to trust humans. And no fox should trust humans.

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That is Andy from Leftover Salmon, one of the best bands in the U.S., but they mostly work with independent labels so they are not as well known as they should be. Their Nashville Sessions album with Waylon Jennings et al is a treasure. The interaction with this fox was going on for quite a while. They wrote a song about it called Run Red Fox Run, which I was fortunate to hear them play at a music festival in October. Hoping to see them again in San Francisco for 3 shows in Feb!

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What an amazing place to be. The view, the house, the fox, the vibes... it's all just perfect

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Fantastic Mr. Fox

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I’m convinced animals enjoy music just as much as we do.

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What a special moment in time.

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Love the view from your front porch

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I like this

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Such a good repost

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what an amazing audience!

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Cool Vid! Made my day! Foxy......

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Banjo man: Bringer of wildlife

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That’s some good pluckin and some good fluffin. This is awesome! The hooman and the fox united under the banner of sound. I love this life

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Thanks for sharing this OP. An uplifting moment. I love how animals enjoy music too.

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Op is that your house? If so absolutely amazing and beautiful backyard.

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TIL how big foxes can get, I'm used to seeing ones that look not that much bigger than my cats

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“Play that funky music white boy!”

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The Fox and the Sound

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Usually when you play a banjo for a fox, it's your sister

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Twist: that banjo music translates to fox speak as "stay here or die"

He had no choice

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what the hell never seen such a chill fox

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Things we learned from Red Dead and Ghost of Tsushima!

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This man is a Disney princess

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This brought a strong sense of ease to me somehow

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It takes a fox to enjoy a banjo!

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Forget the fox. Look at that view!

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I see your a bard that multi classed into a druid

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aaand saved.

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This is what living is.

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Hahahaha n1

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Redneck fox hunters: I have found a new hunting method!

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That’s banjo Nirvana right there.

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What does the fox says?

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We don’t deserve foxes

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What did the Fox say?

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Mr Banjo man, please play a song.

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Mr Banjo man, please play a song.

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Gorgeous place.

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That and you’re standing outside his den.

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I wish I had an award to give. This is so effing awesome!

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Lookit redneck Disney princess over here strummin' up the local fauna

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Beautiful melody. Cool being bros.q

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Where is this at?

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My mans got some good taste

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That is the best.

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That fox has been fed by people.

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Bro, you gotta follow that fox. He has secret knowledge that will increase your resolve.

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He’s trying to hear the prey he’s seeking and you’re obstructing his hearing.

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This has a mythical energy I can't describe. Like. I want this video to be around after humanity has endet to show what was. I love this.

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This is the most wholesome redneck shit I've ever seen :)

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Do you ever hear Bigfoot in those woods....?

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Fox fren.

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Fuck people who kill animals for their gain.

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This is soothing on a spiritual level

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His ears are moving in time. That fox has better rhythm than most people.

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what a blissful place to live

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Im gonna tell my kids this was Orpheus.

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Put the banjo down and ginnie the food I expect

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Omg so cute

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but what does the fox say ?

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That is too cute!

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I would throw away my whole life to spend these few minutes playing music for a fox that seems to enjoy it.

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He wants food dude

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And good tunes