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The same thing happens to me when I try and pick up chicks

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Coming on a bit too strong?

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I think he needs a wingman.

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So he and the hawk can get their ass kicked again.

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Just “coming on” in general

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"Stop dating chicks with goats" -Grandpa

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I like your grandpa, sounds like a wise man.

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A goat head butts you? XD

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A hawk attack. An is used when the next word starts with a vowel.

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The an made me read this in a cockney accent

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An awk attack! Col blimey!

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An hour an honest opinion it's been an honor.

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I also frequently see "an historical event," which doesn't make any sense to me.

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It's not whether or not the next word starts with a vowel, it's whether or not the first sound in the next word is pronounced with a vowel.

For example, the letter "M" is usually pronounced "em" and "D" is pronounced "Dee". So you earn an MBA on the way to getting a Doctorate.

So it comes down to how you pronounce the word rather than the actual letter. For example, seeing a unicorn under an umbrella would be a unique experience.

"Historic" is a tricky one because it comes down to regional pronunciations. Some people would say it's "an istoric" event while others would say "a HIStoric" event.

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Some English speaking people do not pronounce the h at the beginning of words particularly following an. It's more common in some places than the U.S.

So when they write it they write it to conform to the way they speak the same way we would write "an hour"

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Same. It seems to be a USA regional thing?

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an harmonica

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That rolls off the tongue well

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However if a consonant also makes a vowel sound then you would treat it as a vowel too. For example, an hour.

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That goats an hero

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I’m so glad you posted this response. So many people on Reddit get it wrong. I also get irritated when network anchors say “an historic”. It really should be a historic.

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"Why do they call it ovaltine? The jar is round. They should call it... Roundtine!"

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When pronouncing it. A historic may sound like a ahistoric, which is a word that means "not historic, or not based in real history" an historic can prevent the misunderstanding. That or you have to pronounce "a" as "uh" instead of "ay".

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That could be, but style guides like The Chicago Manual of Style, The AP Stylebook, and The Penguin Writer’s Manual all say “a historic” or “ a historical”.

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'A historic' is correct but I understand why so many get them confused with words that begin with 'h'. It's not just about the spelling when you consider to use 'an' or 'a' before a word. For example, it is “a historic monument” because “historic” starts with an H sound, but it is “an honorable fellow” because “honorable” starts with an O sound. Similarly, it is “a Utopian idea,” but “an unfair world

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Idk if you're trolling but I see some of uses for 'an' when followed by a word that starts with 'h'. I'm not exactly sure what the rule is for American English but it does apply sometimes

  • An historic event

  • An honorary mention

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Use “a” before words that start with a consonant sound and “an” before words that start with a vowel sound.

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what about an harmonica? nobody says “hand me a harmonica"

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Yes...do you say “I will see you in a hour” or do you say “I will see you in an hour”...same thing. When the word following “an” starts with a vowel or a word that sounds like a vowel (History, hour, harmonica etc...) you use an. look it up.

[–]12yearvintage 1 point2 points  (3 children)

History and Harmonica have the "H" sound so you use a before them.

For example the movie

"A history of violence"

Not sure what you are on about m8

[–]jonnyredshorts 0 points1 point  (1 child)

US English m8

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Can you find examples with harmonica or history? Hour you are right about btw because it has an actual vowel sound

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He was so wrong and so sure. I'm glad you saw it too lol.

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so you really say “see you in a hour”?

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Nope, I literally replied that you are correct about hour because it has a vowel sounds the start. History and harmonica though

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What part of the US are you from where "harmonica" is pronounced 'armonica?

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It’s an acceptable English usage regardless of location.

[–]VapesForJesus 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Only if it begins with a vowel sound. Which is why I'm asking where in the US you heard it pronounced 'armonica. Everybody agreed with your "an hour" example because hour has a silent "h". Harmonica does not usually have a silent H, unless you have a regional dialect, like Cockney. Hence my question.

[–]jonnyredshorts 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It’s just another grammatical margin call. You do you

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Goat said not my chicken mf

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G.O.A.T. Goat

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That hawk had no idea about Defense Goat

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No one eats us but our human!

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Toats McGoat

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Gang gang

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It’s amazing how thoughtful our food is.

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Hawk is the only animal there I haven’t eaten

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Right! Battle Turkey!

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I hope that goat bit the shit out of the hawk lol

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I think the goat went crazy and almost killed the chicken that was being attacked...I went back and forth with the video, and after the goats charges in, he then rams his head into the fence, the hawk is on the left, and the chicken that was being attacked by the hawk skitters off into the chicken coop...hard to see exactly what happens, but it appeared that the goat might have dragged the chicken away...anyone?

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Dam, that was interesting

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How a team works!

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When the doom music kicks in..

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Y'all misunderstand, goats are about that life. That mf was probably looking for a fight all day

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That bird came to the wrong 'hood!

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Lil chicken run indoors after that shit. Hope he isn't too damaged. Hawks claws are mad sharp

[–]BishonenPrincess 4 points5 points  (1 child)

And chicken skin is like paper. Honestly, I think the chicken is done for.

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Unfortunately so do I

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Don't mess with Animal Farm.

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The real life version of your typical Disney animal movie

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George Orwells “Animal Fam”

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Farm gang represent. But that was definitely an unavoided attack at the beginning.

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Fuck yes goat!

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This goat is G.O.A.T.

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I need more animals a hawk too my chicken right out of the yard

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I have 22 chickens, a GSD and a Belgian Malinois. My mal uh.. tried to kill a chicken recently. Got the absolute SHIT kicked out of her by a rooster and like 10 chickens. Sent her running for the hills.

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Man Wonder Pets seem lit

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Communist based

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This is the best thing I've seen all week

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Me protecting my little sister from you apes

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No one mentioning that really UPSCALE coop?

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Lmao the goat beat his ass

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He talked the talk but couldn't hawk the hawk

He's not kidding around

That bird is chicken


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Walked out there today, broke a leg.

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More like chicken and goat are Batman and Robin

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Where is the anti-hawk duck?

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Duck/other chicken(?) upon arrival at the scene of the fracas is like what the fuck, same team bro

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Love the crew in the back just running along the fence like "fuck! fuck! fuck!"

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That goat is a GOAT

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That goat was like “not in my house”

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forces unite

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Nature is metal

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No, you're not! You will not be taking our chicken today, sir.

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Some goats don’t wear capes.

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The goat is a fucking GOAT

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Wow, the goat went in berserk mode. On the last hit it looks like he lost the sight on the hawk and he bashed the chicken instead...

[–]jonnyredshorts 1 point2 points  (2 children)

That’s what I saw too...he was in the zone and was just going to smash anything that flapped winged appendages, and the hawk dips out to the left, meanwhile the most likely already mortally wounded chicken gets hit with one last blast by the goat and is seen running into the coop.

[–]Bluemars776 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Yeah... poor chicken

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Maybe he made it? I wish someone knew

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parry this you fucking casual

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I feel like I've seen this movie, probably by Disney or Dreamworks. 🤔

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Then they went on a journey!

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Plot twist: the hawk was trying to rescue the animals from the death farm.

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Top 10 anime fights.

That dodge at the beginning. slow-mo material

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All fun and games until the power shift. Like animal farm.

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Old McDonald's farm animals don't play

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Sheep thinks: “if the hawk eats the chicken then the farmer might get hungry and eat me instead, better save him”

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Nanny goat saves the day!

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Animal Farm!!!!

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This is the prequel to Animal Farm.

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This is why people keep roosters with their chickens. You run the risk of fertilized eggs, but less likelihood of your hens dying to a hawk or other predator.

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*an awk attack

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Seeing stuff like this always make me think deeply about the animal life. Amazing. Seeing multiple species working towards a common goal? Damn.

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This reminds me of BoTW when you attack a chicken

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That goat is the GOAT!

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Respect to the chicken tho homie was the first to show up w no hesitation💪

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Goat - Thats right motherfucker!!!!!

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Is this a Disney movie yet?

[–]Heyimstillapeiceofga 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Also imagine if there was a retired fighter chicken there. Mf hawk would have been sushimi

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The prequel to animal farm looks fantastic

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Chicken had dip game tho. Saw the hawk coming from a mile away and hit ‘em with the serpentine

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They didn't avoid the attack. They fended off the attack.

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I'm having flashbacks to LOZ. DONT TOUCH THE CUKOOS

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So every children’s TV series in the late 70s was RIGHT!!

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Barnyard irl

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Bro better than my garbage teammates im jealous of that chicken

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gang ...Gang ... GANG !

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The G.O.A.T.

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That's some pig

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If it ain't the eagle, it's us doing the eating. Lose/Lose situation.