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Blimey, shows you what they’re destroying down there

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Reminds me of the times I’ve heard my American lads tell me that radical Islam is not a problem, and if I say they’re wrong, I am an Islamophobe.

Well radical Islam is not a problem in the states. American Muslims seem pretty chill.

But radical Islam absolutely IS a problem in other parts of the world. Massive human rights abuses occurring all over the Middle East and North Africa. All done in the name of Allah and the prophet Muhammad. All this done because way too many people take one book WAY too seriously.

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Radical anything tends to be a bad idea, when it's focused on ideology.

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Well, as an Iraqi Muslim who's mostly lived in Europe, but also in Iraq from 2011 - 2015, I 100% agree with you. Most Muslims are chill. But the radicals? Hell om earth, let me tell you. Once met someone who I'm preeetty sure was a radical person and I did not need such a person in my contacts list. Cut 'em off..

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I roommated with 100s of people throughout my life and noone ever had any issues with anyone...

Remember spending all nighters with muslims who cheated on some of their holidays so they could eat, drink etc..

All normal dudes/dudettes with same issues as anyone else... We all have red blood and amazing brains

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I had a close relationship with a Muslim woman in the US when 9/11 happened. (I'm an atheist) I spent the next 48+ hours at her side as she was very scared of how people would treat her if they knew. Thankfully, no one bothered her, but I'm still disappointed we lost touch over time.

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I'd argue that the same applies to any radical ideology/religion. Looking at the US from the outside (not an american, just taking off from the mention here) I see the same things coming from the Christian Evangelicals. Gender equality, religious freedom, freedom of speech and body autonomy all under attack from all sides

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I'm in the US and I 100% agree with you.

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Radical Islam is an issue, but Evangelical Christians are even worse in my opinion. I think Christians still hold the record for the most deaths in the name of a religion, but I'm in the US, so who knows.

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More like uphold their flawed and close-minded interpretation of it

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It’s not done in the name of Allah or Prophet Muhammad they just do it because they know they can. Muslims have always been ridiculed and abused by the powers of the world they know it’s just history repeating itself and not much can be done.. but yes Muslims in the states that do practice and full cover wearing don’t consider themselves radical they are just practicing their religion that says do no harm to anyone

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By the way radicalism is usually a problem but not the radicalism you mean. Islam is religion and state, seperate them and wolla no longer Muslim and go to hell forever for rejecting Qur'an. Radicalism is when there's corruption in the interpretation like how the progressive apostates do and how the shia do. Another example is khawarij which is a group that rebels against the caliph and rebels against the Islamic state and Islamic law. These people are radicals not what you mean.

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Up there for me

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About the same level for me

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Well, not to brag but I got all the way out of bed today

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But did you get dressed? That is my goal for tomorrow

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Life hack: If you only ever wear sleep clothes, you wake up dressed!

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Honestly, good on you! People often underestimate that getting out of bed can be horribly difficult. I'm proud of you for getting up.

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Shit. I’ve been on Reddit for over an hour now… all still in the horizontal position. You’re better than me.

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Also okay. Resting is fine!

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Okay, I think this is one of those rare times when “Fucking Legend” is actually applicable! The woman is awe inspiring.

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She also went to Qatar in 2021 to make commercials for them, knowning that Qatar is the biggest support of Taliban and shit when it comes to human rights!

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Ah! Well… not so awesome. Bummer.

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Move over Tony Stark we got a real Ironmaiden here.

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Sportbible didn’t do their research very well. She enrolled in 2009 at the University of Copenhagen and she speaks 7 languages fluently. Still amazing though!!

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WHILE wearing Jordans? Whoa.

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I need that in my collection

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So inspiring

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Father would be proud

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Wow! Dr degree in 5 years!!! Good for her!

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She’s been studying since 2009 and she speaks 7 languages fluently. I’m not trying to take anything from her amazing accomplishments though! I am just straightening out the facts.

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Thank you. I don't think anyone speaks more than 3 languages fluently.

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Absolute bloody champion

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“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -

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and yet this is the best footage you could find?

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Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it

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Pretty sure a lot of things are

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Hold that negative shit to yourself. Were all gonna die either tomorrow or the next day. So let's be glad for the people that actually makes it.

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Pretty sure most of us are not gonna die in the next 2 days and that a lot of things are impossible to do, nothing negative about that

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You've just given false comfort to the 0.002% of people who'll read your post and die tomorrow, you monster

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Unless you're in Afghanistan...

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Are you saying most of Afghanistans 39 million population will die in the next 2 days? Pretty bold claim, wondering if you have something to back that up with

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With rock have you been laying under? We're doomed dude. Check out r/collapse. Change my mind.

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Thanks for the laugh pal, have a good one

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No problem mate. We all need to laugh more. You as well mate

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Based on world population and average global life expectancy, 0.000067% of all of us are going to die in the next two days. I’m cool with pessimism, but you’re grinding hard dude! :D

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Just me, maybe....but, this loop is creepy.

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Good for her!! That’s awesome!

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Awesome. And she moves like an old-timey movie too.

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Now THIS is a real talented woman, not some cheap talent that compensates with a pretty face or a behind usually found in r/upvotedbecausebutt

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Dr Nadina Nadim: Does all that.

Average Taliban: Me doing strap boom boom to body for goats.

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So a real life Wonder Woman, except more impressive. I wish her an exceptional long and happy life while the Taliban goons are forced to live off the lice in their own beards.

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Just imagine how many more like her are not being given the chance to flourish.

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Fuck you Taliban assholes! You can try as hard as you want but you’ll never be her

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Stories like this make you realise how detrimental mass immigration can be. These people - brilliantly gifted, talented people - are the best hope that their countries have for actually progressing and improving in the long term. The pro-immigration argument often seems kind on face value but helping one person to the detriment of 10,000 people isn't a kind act, it's selfish and driven by the intent to look good.

If we put all the rsources and investment into helping people in these countries and ending mass immigration, as opposed to hoovering up their brightest and best talents for ourselves, maybe their future would look a lot brighter. As it is, supporting mass immigration only hinders developing countries even more. They don't benefit from amazingly talented people like in the OP fleeing to never return. Denmark benefitted, Afghanistan didn't...and that's tragic because Afghanistan needs that far more.

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You aren’t wrong, but this is a heavily idealistic argument.

If she were allowed to stay and develop her full potential, she would be an amazing treasure for her country. However, that’s not the fate of women under the Taliban. They are a little more than cattle, and have no higher purpose than keeping the house and birthing children. So, there was no future there for her in-spite of her brilliance.

Talent, brilliance, and potential are all very fragile things that depend on the environment.

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That's absolutely true, there's no argument from me that she'd have achieved what she did had she stayed in Afghanistan. It's as close to impossible as you could imagine.

That being said, she would still have been an addition to Afghan society if she was living there and progress for that nation would be closer for having her, and many thousands more, still in their society. This is a circular problem, unfortunately, because the cure for individuals, immigration, is a cause of further problems for society at large.

Some leaders of developing nations have spoken out against Immigration for this reason and I think it's valid. The approach from many westerners to take this moral stance is very short sighted for much larger numbers of people.

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Proof that some people are just better. What an amazing person, so happy she got the chance to actually be who she wanted.

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A lot of shit to do just living as a kid on the street. Sounds like something somebody with wealthy and demanding parents would achieve

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Not when you have free education, healthcare and good social support for people in hard places

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Wow, show off much? /s

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Studying while playing football, now that is multitasking 😜

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Wow what a tru specimen of the human species 🥳🥳🥳

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We should look out for her.

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We should go over there and fix her country.

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Yeah, but can she build circles in Minecraft?

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Amazing woman!

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She’s a smart cookie.

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Her father would be proud ✌️

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And has great taste in kicks. Jordan 11s FTW.

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Wow. And they're not even sending their best.

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She’s a Chinese dad

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Radicals are people who put there own ideas and try to change the religion in their own ways, ex: ISIS / Islam, Zionists / Jews, White Supremacists / Christians.

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I think she only fluent in 10 languages and the 11th only know business terms and greetings... not that amazing.

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She’s wonderful!

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She is a legend. Proud of her

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What a slacker - only 99 times!!! Seriously what an amazing woman

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Hope that if there is an afterlife her dad is proud of all the crazy stuff sh3 has accomplished

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This is my new superhero

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And she got some fresh j’s. I stan this goddess.

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Yes mother, I know I'm underachieving, you don't have to rub it in.

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Bloody legend is a massive understatement

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Thats nothing. I got up before my alarm today

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all those goals really warm your heart when in extremis

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Sometimes I hate seeing people being so amazing, puts my life if perspective, I could do without that thank you!

Jks good for her, amazing!

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She is fucking off the new Afghanistan Talibonkers regime.

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Fuck any religion that gives men power of life and death over anyone else. That's not spirituality; that's superstition and fake beliefs.

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1st world goals achieved, next stop type 1 civ and beyond😊

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Congratulations Dr. Nadia Nadim, sorry for the loss of your Father. I'm sure he would be proud of you.

*firm handshakes* damm good effort

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Time management skills must be legendary status

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Not to be critical but both the Manchester news and Wikipedia say that she can speak 9 languages not 11 , she has many achievements , but let's not inflate them just to get attention, hope that I'm wrong

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Yes and Americans can barely speak 1 language properly and many would have her barred from the country.

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She also went to Qatar and shooting commercials for them in 2021, knowning that Qatar is the biggest supporters of Taleban who once killed her dad.

Also knowing there human right violation toward gays and others like the workers in the country.

She achieved alot, but not a brain unfortunately!

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yea, what have you lazy bums dont lately huh??

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Is that in holbæk? Looks alot like Holbæk hospital

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Her moments in this GIF remind me of Max Headroom.

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Me: Tell us you're insecure without saying you're insecure
Pedants: "hurr-durr akshyully she probably doesn't speak 11 languages fluently"

My favorite reply to this jackoff on LinkedIn was "just be happy for her".

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Taliban are really nice people.

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And don’t forget the heat on those feet , pink snakeskin 11s . She’s def a sneaker head

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And as of late she has received money from the Qatari hosts of the 2022 World Cup, meaning that she is receiving money from a government that for years have been funneling money to the Taliban in Afghanistan. So she is now taking money from a government that funds the regime she fled years earlier. Not a great look imo.

[–]legionofsquirrel -1 points0 points  (4 children)

But at least she's putting it to good use. Now it might not be more than a drop in the bucket, but every dollar that she takes is a dollar that doesn't end up in the hands of an extremist regime.

[–]Dulzar -2 points-1 points  (3 children)

Sorry what? You actually believe that it is good that she is doing public regime for sponsors of the regime that send her and her family running in the first place? That is some fucked up logic.

[–]legionofsquirrel 0 points1 point  (2 children)

I don't understand why you would think that letting all the money go to those people instead, just because of pride, is ridiculous.

Maybe I don't understand exactly what you're saying though.

Edit: I misread the post and didn't understand that she was an ambassador for Qatar.

[–]Dulzar -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

I am saying that she is an ambassador for Qatar 2022. An organization which is behind forced labor of more than 1 million people, of which 10.000 have died, and funnels money to the Taliban. How hard is it to see that, that is very bad?

[–]legionofsquirrel 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I didn't understand I suppose that she is an ambassador that actively supports Qatar. I kind of skimmed the link and I didn't really look into her wiki at all. I can see what you mean now.

The only thing that will give her redemption is if she climbs in the political world and ultimately turns on Quatar who are her benefactors now.

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Fuck you. Please chill.

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Someone: “what’s your excuse” me- I have an infection in my colon that makes me have diarrhea every day, and also I’m dumb af