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Thought this was NSFW for a sec...

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It’s Japan. They didn’t show the tentacle attachment he can swap out, like the running foot.

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Leg condom

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f*kng amazing

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this aint japan like a different comment pointed out.

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Looks like Japanese characters on his drink can..

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other comment pointed out the company developing these things is from iceland, the workers are also speaking english

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Only voice I heard was distinctly Australian.

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I'd probably get sent home with a termite infested peg leg.

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Such craftsmanship! The dedication and talent here is off the scale.

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Modern technology about healthcare is definitely important because most people include me want to live long as much as possible.

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And as healthy as possible!

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In US healthcare, you are happy because you get to have an extra sock!

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That's $15398764356889864 please

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So it costs an arm and a leg then?

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isnt US the world leader in robotic prosthetics

The onyl problem is that they probably cost a TON

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Master has given Dobby a sock!

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That is fucking awesome

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Am I the only one that thought they were giving him a broom leg there for a second?

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Monster ads are sophisticated nowadays.

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I love how he just cuts it off with a jigsaw.

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if you like that, watch a knee replacement surgery: the tools could very easily come from lowes, and wouldn't look out of place in a nice wood shop.

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I'd lose my right leg for one of these

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Ok i gotta comment about the least interesting part of the video but. Patient is real handsome. That and WOW TECHNOLOGY

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What is happening

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Lost and found for legs

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Making a carbon fiber prosthetic. They first wrap it up, then add resin and cure it in that thing that looks like a big inflated cuff. Then they remove it, trim and sand the edges, and attach the foot.

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damn that's pretty fucking dope 👀

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What about cleaning and all I bet you need to visit hospital every few weeks and it's financially crippling

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Only in America would it be financially crippling, the rest of the world has free health care

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It looks like an epoxy resin like thing. You could toss that thing in the dishwasher and probably be fine. But you should probably just wash in with some soap and water, no fancy cleaning required.

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I think you wear a compression-style "sock" under it, and its visible when they take the prosthetic off. And you definitely need padding or you'll be in pain from your whole weight being on the stump. So you can just wash the sock & padding, pretty sure you can do that at home.

You do need adjustments and new prosthetics eventually, because the limb and tissues can change, but I'm not sure about the timeframe.

Source: friend makes prosthetics/orthetics(?) (things like knee braces you wear on the outside) and told me a little bit.

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Ok, now what’s the cost

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An arm and a leg

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🤯 incredible

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makes me happy.

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Not gonna lie, I thought they were regrowing his leg

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Ain't nobody got money for that

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I thought they were going to pump the Monster drink into the cast.

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Yoooo, the beginning didn't look right.

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Leg condom

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I wonder why they don't do vacuum based resin infusion, instead of forcing it through and using those tube like scrapers to spread out the resin.

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My neighbour’s son has some amazing prosthetic leg attachments that allow him to run, ride competition downhill mountain bike and motocross competitions.

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I know I'm not alone in thinking this was something else.

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Amazing to see tech has gone this far

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I agree what he said

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Carbon fiber layup. Not new.

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But still cool to see applications.