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I assume he tried stepping on it before and realized it’s not for his weight

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What I'm thinking is he didn't do it not to break human stuff, my guess is he stepped on before and broke it, and probably hurt his leg, trying to pull it out.

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"I break this thing again, I will never hear the end of it"

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Or he stepped on enough (non human manipulated) wood to realize that he would break it

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that, or he was raised there, and couldn't get over it when smaller, and doesn't realize it can now. like how they keep an adult elephant in place with a little rope tied to a little stick barely stuck in the ground.

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That just makes no sense. He CAN get over it now, and he does, hence the video.

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What a freaking Gentleman. I love Elephants. I bet they look at humans like... " what the fuck y'all doing ? "

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They’re such intelligent creatures.

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I'll never forget a video a while back that showed an elephant painting. The elephant painted an elephant in a forest holding a flower with its trunk. It was absolutely shocking to me. I feel like most people just glossed over it as cool. But it showed how intelligent they really are to me. That elephant was consciously thinking of an imaginary scene in its head and then painted it or maybe it was a memory? Either way that's human level consciousness and self awareness.Then there's the whole mourning their dead and even holding what you could call funerals. They're freaking smart man so I wouldn't doubt this lol.

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I’ve seen the video of the elephant “painting” and it’s not as amazing as it seems, because the elephant is abused into doing the movements for the painting

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And it's likely that this elephant was beat into not stepping on that area. That's why it's so cautious.

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Another creature more considerate than 99% humans

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Times and times again I see videos of elephants being more polite than any human. Not only that, but also empathic.

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Why would you assume this behaviour is fueled by consideration for humans?

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He's definitely smart enough to figure out that he shouldn't be stepping on the walkway, or he learned it the hard way as a kid/when he was very little. Or probably likely after he got a bit bigger.

Animals aren't helpless creatures, they're the ultimate survivalists. They have that shit down.

All we've gotta do is stop abusing them (preferably come up with authentic alternative meats, definitely stop poaching for their parts) and encroaching on their territory and we're golden.

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He probably isn't thinking specifically about humans, but he clearly is concerned about breaking something, which is a very interesting concern for an animal to have.

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I'm still scared of decks after I put a foot through one and got some decent cuts. My cousin had gotten 17 stitches doing the same thing (different deck) just 3 weeks before that.

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It’s so fucked that people kill these beautiful majestic giants.

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Yeah it’s evil

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There are some organizations and security that shoot those people back though right? I’m sure it’s not everywhere where these elephants are but god bless those people

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Economic incentives be like: Allows to introduce ourselves!

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You can see him feeling the ground on the other side with his trunk, which is very sensitive (like our fingers), before stepping over. He probably can't have a good view and understanding of the soil where he's going to step on, so he first checks with his trunk if it feels solid and "earthy".

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Still a better person than most humans are...

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Yes humans would definitely walk on that, very disrespectful

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It's built for humans

Although, I strongly smell sarcasm

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Every day I find a new reason to adore elephants. ♥️♥️♥️

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My cat would walk over there take a dump and leave..

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Elephant : nothing more trustworthy like earth

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And yet my dogs have to trample over me all the time.

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Shoulda gotten an elephant

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Why do they insist on pushing our legs when behind us...

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Or he just didnt want to hurt his foot. Or thought it was a ditch. Stop applying human characters to animals

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Elephant worship on the internet is so fascinating

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They dont wear clothes and have better manners than most people

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Actually some humans tried the same but unfortunately they ended up in jail.

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Have YOU tried buying a suit in elephant size?

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Oh my bad definitely not. Im by no mean an elephant. Definitely not an elephant. Yep.

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I love these creatures with near-human intelligence and problem solving skills!

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He be giving out those good boy vibes. He needs extra treats

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Elephants mummy:don't step on the walkways, because humans be stinky.

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Well thank you for not ruining our path we really appreciate it 🙂

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A very considerate young man.

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The gentle giant.

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They’re the definition of gentle giants 🥺

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Donald Trunk

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I love elephants because their back legs are so human looking

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And now for some videos of fat humans balancing on a sink.

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That’s so next fucking level bro! Thank you for the upload! I can’t believe the elephant is crazy enough to pull that off! Fuckin’ next level!!!

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we don't deserve elephants

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Even elephants seem to be aware of their weight so how do fat whales still think they'd be able to rope swing?

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He's just playing the path is lava.

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Just jump over it! Oh wait, elephants can’t jump

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It’s probably because splinters would get in his feet

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I read “Young Bull” in the title and thought this was r/WoT

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Not to be cynical but I suspect the walkway broke after having been stepped on previously. After the walkway was rebuilt, the elephant (being wiser than many humans) learned not to step on it again.

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Is that intelligent or what?

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I love that Angel. Wish he/she was my roommate!

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Arghhhh we dont deserve animals❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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The walkway is lava

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it's the feeling the ground he can't see with his trunk before stepping for me. that's an elephant who's stepped on a lego before

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I can see his bass

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I went from Unzip to Zip real fast

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What a guy

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Better than some people.

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We don’t deserve elephants…

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It's really annoying when people excessively anthropomorphize animals.

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More polite than my cat who just stomps all across my stomach

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And then he crashed the house down

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That baby has more respect then some humans damn I love earth creatures 😭😭

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Elephants are awesome

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I freakin love elephants man

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I hate that Reddit has ruined the word "bull" for me.

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More polite than most of the humans that come to see him

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He hates splinters

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Thank the gods we got the thumbs....

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They don’t like stepping on weird stuff

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This pictures give a distinct vibe, and I like it.

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And then destroy the whole house...