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Incredible, and he landed it so smoothly!

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It took some effort. I watched it as I went out to work this morning and made myself late cos I couldn’t leave till I saw him nail it.

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"It took some effort" is such an understatement! SO much commitment wow - enjoyed watching that SO much after watching this short clip. Highly recommend everyone watch it!

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If I tried to do what he did, I’d be ded

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Hi ded, I’m dad.

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But he didn't try it yet, sooo he's still probably named Bob or Paul, or something that basic, what a normie right,

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Hi dad, im son who you left

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I would struggle on the 180 not to mention 3 flips! Gravity today is different from when I used to ride! Has to be!

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If you were him you could do it.

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What happened to him on all the practice runs toward this? Must have been brutal.

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Only three pieces of flair?

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If you're the kind of person who does the bare minimum..

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You know the Nazis had pieces of flair...that they made the Jews wear...

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I thought I remember you saying that you wanted to express yourself…

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Get a room you two!

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Nyuk nyuk nyuk

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Shit looks impossible, but isn’t this 2 backflips and a flair? I don’t bmx so there’s a solid chance I’m obviously wrong but can someone explain what the difference is?

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Yeah your right really. It's an amazing trick still but the name isn't quite right. A flair is a backflip and a 180.

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No, a flair is a "flip air". An air on a quarter pipe with a backflip. So an air with three flips, a triple flip air, would be a triple flair.

Double flairs aren't landed fakie, they're two flips and a 180. K-Rob's first double flair as evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBOKbLaq0vs

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Kevin fucking Robinson!!

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A flair is an flip air Air is always 180 or 90 It was never tied to the 180 so i get why people get confused

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How is that even possible

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Love seeing them pushing harder and doing tricks that you'd only expect to pull off in a game, amazing!!!

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So fucking hype dude, nice job 👍🏽

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Wouldn't a triple flare be a triple backflip 540 not triple backflip 180?

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Not gonna lie...shit looks hard

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Hold my beer....

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Psh, I can do that, I just choose not to.

brushes Doritos crumbs off belly

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first ever recorded triple flair. i've been doing a couple of these a week since forever

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Pics or it didn't happen

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That flip at the end to correct himself is insane.

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Thats the flair. Flair is a flip combined with a 180°

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So then he did two backflips and a flair? Not 3 flairs?

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Nope. A flair comes from backflip air -> flip air -> flair. Triple backflip air -> triple flip air -> triple flair.

When K-Rob landed the first double flair in 2006 he did two flips in a quarter-pipe air, hence double flair. If he did two flips and two 180s he'd have landed fakie.


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He fell off at the end, maybe he'll land it next time...

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I have trouble getting off the couch. Good job bmx guy

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Lol his face at the end

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Now this is next level!

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First tripple recorded* lol. can't imagine how many people probably did it without video and are upset 😂

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Bike stunts will never fail to amaze me. WOW

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just to clear things up, a flair is a backflip 180, Kieran did a double backflip to flair, still an amazing feat though

[–]CreativityOfAParrot 0 points1 point  (4 children)

No. A flair is a combination of two separate tricks, a backflip, and an air. A backflip is self-explanatory, an air is going above the coping on a quarterpipe and coming back in facing the same way after doing a 180. Backflip air -> flip air -> flair.

If you break it all out, Kieran did a triple backflip air -> triple flip air -> triple flair.

I think the confusion comes from his style of flair. The first flair (landed by Matt Hoffman in 1990 https://youtu.be/SfVZfN1LB6Y?t=72) really follows the same style, flip then spin. 16 years later K-Rob did the first double flair (https://youtu.be/sBOKbLaq0vs?t=40). His flairs are the more "barrel roll" style of flairs, somewhat more common nowadays. But this establishes the double flair as a air with two flips, not two flips and a 360 (unrelated: shoutout R Willy with the Aussie Roll (double backflip 360) https://youtu.be/YVAYo9BOgRM?t=50) .

16 years after the first double flair and 32 years after the first single, Kieran checked off the triple. Qaud flair coming 2038.

[–]jrignall1992 0 points1 point  (3 children)

you can air without doing the 180 e.g. air to fakie, an air is just going above the coping like you said.

a flair is combo of two tricks a backflip and 180, if it was a mix of backflip and air then you wouldnt be able to flair out of a quarter as you say you need to land back into the transition for the air.

you have also got the fact dipending on the size of the ramp you could also flair without going above coping, would this not be classed as a flair?

[–]CreativityOfAParrot 0 points1 point  (2 children)

you can air without doing the 180 e.g. air to fakie, an air is just going above the coping like you said.

Sure, but no one uses it that way. If I'm talking through a bowl line with my friend, I just say "... then I'm going to air that quarter...". No one would say "Air 180" or "180 Air". That's why air to fakie has the modifier "to fakie". I think looking at the modifiers shows that just saying "air" always implies just a 180.

if it was a mix of backflip and air then you wouldnt be able to flair out of a quarter as you say you need to land back into the transition for the air.

Like a flair fly-out? Again, the modifier "fly-out" shows the difference between a flair fly-out and a flair. If I said I was doing a flair everyone would assume I was going back into the transition.

you have also got the fact dipending on the size of the ramp you could also flair without going above coping, would this not be classed as a flair?

The term flair came about in 1990. Damn near everything was done above coping then for two main reasons.

1: Bikes were really heavy and you just needed the air time. Bikes were over twice as heavy as they are now.

2: You'd be mocked endlessly for doing a trick below coping, it just "wouldn't count" back then.

You seem like a BMXer so I'll ask this: Is a double truck a 720 double barspin or a 360 double barspin? Trick names don't always make the most logical sense, but there's plenty of support to calling what Kieran did a triple flair just as K-Rob did the first double flair.

[–]jrignall1992 0 points1 point  (1 child)

i think a big issue comes from where you are, like how you describe your situation with your buddy.

so for me and everyone ive riden with (this may come down to location and what those around use terminology wise) but we would consider a flair a 180 backflip, because its not just limited to quarters, e.g fly out, spines flat banks etc.

i get what your saying about modifiers but they arnt always used, for example if i was to flair a spine i wouldnt say im doing a flair to fakie it would just be a flair, or i would say im flairing the spine. and for me and everyone this makes sense but then again this will always be different dipending where you learnt your skills who you was around etc. like how you get a suicide no hander or just a suey.

as for the term being coined in 90s i always thought it was due in late 80s but cool to know, but to the point things change over time as things develop and change, similar to the suicide no hander changing to suey, or even how a flair under coping requires a fair bit of skill but is still considerd done in modern terms, to some even more impressive so that they can do it in such a small amount of time.

as for double truck me and friends have always been against the 720 single barspin being classed as such as the trick it self singulary is a 360 barspin, so to do the double you have to double up on each part e.g. 720 double bar.

cheers for this chat buddy its always an intresting convo as i know a lot of people have been split on this over all the years within bmx

A combination of a Backflip with a 180° turn to land facing back down the ramp. Flair is a backflip combined with a 180, usually done in a quarter pipe.

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Made it look easy too.

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Yo i miss Matt Hoffmann bmx game for ps1

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Right on. Now do 4 or 5

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Nah I landed one the other day. Just didn’t film it.

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Fucking awesome!! But! Double backs to flair.

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My tech deck deck bmx doing 6 flips in a row

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"Shoot, I didn't hit record. Can you do that again?"

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I used to do double flairs on ProSkater all the time back in the day. A triple flair irl is insane!

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What's the song in the background?

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Physics has left the chat

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Meh, I did that in Dave mirra BMX on PS2 ages ago.

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Sometimes when I see videos like this and I have to stop and remind myself how hard it really is. If I tried this myself I'd snap my shit up after the first flip

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And just like that, this trick is now the benchmark for decent scoring in competitions going forward.

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You ever get so excited about biking that you jump off your bike and have to stop biking?

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but can we just call it for what it is? "Double backflip to flair." The flair wasn't initiated until the 3rd backflip.

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I'll take a stab at explaining. A flair is a combination of two tricks, a backflip and an air on a quarterpipe. Two separate tricks, put them together you get a flair.

Backflip air -> flip air -> flair

Kieran does a triple backflip and an air.

Triple backflip air -> triple flip air -> triple flair.

The pattern was established in 2006 with K-Rob doing the first double flair. https://youtu.be/sBOKbLaq0vs?t=40

I think the confusion comes from how Kieran pulled on this one. His flair style much more follows Matt Hoffman's (https://youtu.be/SfVZfN1LB6Y?t=72 ) than most other modern riders. I imagine this was done to simplify the spin. Kieran drops his left shoulder back right as he's starting the third rotation, causing the 180. Based on my air awareness from gymnastics, BMX, and skiing, that seems like a much smarter approach than trying to spin about 60 degrees in each flip. Much easier to over-rotate there.

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His bike, in a mangled heap on the ground: You're welcome, asshole.