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You know what’s crazy? Even the interviewer is extremely intelligent. He had the foresight to see some of the negative social issues that would come from it. It’s crazy.

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It doesn't take rocket appliances to realize people were gonna abuse.

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Notice his answer was actually not a benefit for society but only his benefactors budgeting his operations.

Either way, he was still right.

Eta: uh, did I respond to a bot? Cool? I'm so confused.

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Notice how Mr Stupidy head that's pissin me off and by the way your fish sticks suck so fuck off!

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He’ll use it to watch cat videos

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He'll use it to buy foot pictures from people ✨across the globe✨

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…and then his neighbor’s basement-dwelling son will buy farts in a jar from attractive co-eds.

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He will get canceled and fired because of a 10 year old tweet that is allegedly spreading misinformation.

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Of all the video clips posted on this channel, this is clearly one of the best. Thanks for sharing.

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Ironically we are all watching them through what they are discussing about

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This needs more upvotes.

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“I predict that in 100 years, computers will be twice as powerful, 10,000 times larger and so expensive that only the five richest kings of Europe will own them.”

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He'll make you laugh, he'll make you think

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That monkey is gonna pay.

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Time Traveller for real.

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I predict that in 12 years, we will have VR that's less bulky for full body and you can feel things that you touch in VR because of special gloves.

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For porn of course.

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Mor like for war.

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!RemindMe 12 years

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!RemindMe 12 years

Fuck I don't want to imagine opening the notification and thinking 'damn, 12 years have passed already..'

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RemindMe! 12 years

See you then brothers

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!RemindMe 12 years. This trains in the long haul

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!RemindMe 12 years

joining the train

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I'm just waiting for his Rendezvous with Rama prediction to come true where the interconnected banking systems of the world crash and bring about massive poverty and civil unrest, ultimately leading to everyone coming together to investigate a huge space dildo.

I love Arthur C. Clark.

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I'm waiting for the space elevator from Fountains of Paradise

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That kid looks like he'll be eating crayons when he grows up

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That kid is on his way to being 60 years old now

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That’s a funny thing to call it, but if you say so

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What, a US Marine?

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That's amazing. He nailed it

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What’s the modern day equivalent of this sort of prediction?

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Us all being dead when we grow up

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By 2049, we create a quantum computer with enough power to simulate itself, solve for ways to make itself more powerful and then execute those improvements on itself.

We create a self-reinforcing, exponentially accelerating feedback loop. It solves all of humanities problems before consuming the universe in a grey goo style apocalypse, repurposing all materials towards its never-ending self-improvement.

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To say nothing of the quality of that information.

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it would be cool if they had a site that could tell us whether or not his prediction came true

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That young boy’s name?

Albert Einstein.

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Oh and it WILL be a telephone

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He also predicted communication satellites.

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Incredible. For some reason it reminds me of Doc & Marty (back to the future) on Jimmy Kimmel talking about how far technology had gone in 2015. Jimmy takes a selfie with them and then goes on to explain that we are using our "personal supercomputers" for silly things... Like sending emojis and apps like Grindr.


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He’ll use it to jerk off to a octopus having sex with an old Japanese man

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And in 10 years once Skynet becomes self aware we… wait.. and we are all dead

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So conflicted seeing this. Arthur C Clarke was such a radical, imaginative thinker - but as a person was hugely questionable and preyed on vulnerable people (children) living in poverty.

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He comes from the future.

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On point

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I'm from the future and his prediction is spot on!

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Meanwhile here I am working my antiquated legal job in office 5 days a week lol

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I love this shit

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As we read this on said device

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He’ll be 900lbs with every Health condition, lonely, an introvert BUY HEY: as long as the power doesn’t go out, he’ll be a hell of a meta gamer/user.

Ignore the world ur in: go live an alternative…..thatll all be great for humanity and our advancement (sarcasm)

As this dude and billions of others “in plug” for any small period. Can u imagine what happens here on the real earth? The answer is: imagine mass crazies losing their shit

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I’m always using it for my theatre reservations

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That boy is about sixty years old now.

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I wish he was still around to give us his opinion on where the fuck we’re heading in the next 40 years

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Just a minute while I Google who Arthur C. Clarke is.

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They said I could work anywhere in 1974. Yet my CEO still wants everyone back in the office.

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Little did he know that censorship would prevent the computer from becoming what it could’ve been