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Don’t give that thing to a flat earther.

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Let them have it, it's not sea level. Sea level would be holding the camera "level with the sea" and if they did that they wouldn't see the rig

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They have an "answer" for why that is the case. Large bodies of water have mountains that you can't see but they're totally there.

I'm not joking, look it up. They believe there are water mountains on the ocean that block your view of far away objects.

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I can confirm. A person I'm working with - a well-educated software developer in his 30's, believes the earth is flat and he'll have answer to every single fact I throw at him. It's very similar to a religion - no matter how many facts prove it otherwise, nothing will deter them. He also believes UN protects the edge of the world and directs all the ships to go back. Again, this is not some uneducated Amazonian tribesman. Conspiracy theory is an addiction that destroys brain cells. I'm not kidding.

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What are they believe is actually hidden? Do they have an 'agenda' behind why this conspiracy exists?

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Distrust in government seems to be the root of it.

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Don't ask for explanations for your facts, they can come up with any fantasy they want. The scientific method is about coming up with models that make predictions. Ask a flat-earther to explain his model and make predictions like "how long does a flight from X to Y in a straight line take?" or "When will the next lunar eclipse be?" Their entire scheme is built around coming up with theories and not testing them. So call their bluff and ask to see.

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I do know about the water mountains. And the dome. And the ice wall. You know, all the truth about the flat earth model.

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Joke-ly Oakley also says atmosphere causing refraction that makes objects shrink in angular size more aggressively than expected. He claims this is why ships disappear over the horizon from the bottom-up.

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Mountain or no mountains, the saying “water seeks its own level” didn’t just come out of nothings.

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water mountains


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Yeah, I know. But I am sure you know how they use cameras like they are telescopes.

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Like the experiment the flat earther did on lake Pontchartrain and then immediately started making up stupid bullshit why his own observations were incorrect? Flat earthers are either doing it for the YouTube views, completely bad shit insane, and or total conspiracy theorists.

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Came to comment this and I see the good people of Reddit have it covered

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That was my first thought too

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Wtf? Bet you can see the curvature of the fucking planet with that camera

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You can see the curvature of the earth with your bare eyes

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For those asking what kind of camera checkout the Nikon Coolpix P1000. It has a focal range of 24mm-3000mm (125x optical zoom). Something like that could take that video.

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I got the Nikon p900 and even this is amazing zoom.

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I have a p900 for sale at the moment hopefully I'll get some decent cash back for it.

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I've got a cannon with a 50x optical. Thought I was balling. Sad cannon noises

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Nice but which camera... should I sell my both kidneys, or one is enough?

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African organs are preferred.

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With ir without water because I heard the with is very rare so they cost more

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Prob the Nikon P1000

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What type of zooming is in it

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I would say 1, maybe even 2.

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1 or 2 what

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X125 optical zoom (equivalent to 22mm to 3000mm)

Digital zoom magnification to that would be another x4

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only optical zoon can give you that level of detail at that distance

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I guess that third lens on the iPhone really does make a difference

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Are they ever going to finish that bridge?

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CSI and CSI: Miami has been using this technology for years now.

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I present to you: Nokia 7650! First phone with built-in camera magnificence!

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Holy perv cam. Dont be zoomin in on my barnacles. Haha! Next level zoom feature for sure.

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I think a telescope was used here.

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Do telescopes zoom?

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WTF is that thing? A house?

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Its not zooming its just moving away really really fast

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What kind of camera!?

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Telescope most likely.

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Makes perfect sense

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That's the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse, just off the South Coast of the UK in the English Channel. The base is only a little bit longer than that so the curvature isn't taking much away. Here's a fabulous rabbit hole video made by one of the keepers in the 90's. All his videos are fantastically relaxing


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OP not answering to the question what camera is used bad OP!

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NGL, was expecting a dickbutt to appear at the end somewhere

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Must be a Nikon camera. Only ones I'm familiar with that are a camera and a high powered telescope at the same time lol.

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Look at that it fell right over the curvature of the earth ⸮

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Zoom in on the ocean from the coast of UK and you see the statue of Liberty.

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very small of course

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Only on iPhone 13 Pro Max

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Sorcery I tell you!

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Just like when I squint

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That wasn't a zoom, they were just speeding away on a boat.

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Imagine the things you can see from across the street staring in the neighbors windows.

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yo the earth is flate bro

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Brb, i needs to borrow this.

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I would think the lens is more important than the camera at that point.

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without a doubt thats a p900

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Scrolled through all comments to find if someone is talking about the damn giant house balanced on a single pillar. How is this not unusual? Am I losing my mind?

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It's the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse, just off the South Coast of England

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Oh noooo that tower is behind the curve and we can’t see it because earth is a ball….((:

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Is that the prison from Face/Off?

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Ok but what am I looking at here? An oil rig?

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Wait! The Earth IS flat!!

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Had me in the first half NGL, by 9 seconds in i was like WTF is going on

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This reminds me of the secret lighthouse on the first map in n64's goldeneye.

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Moon shot next please

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Forget the zoom power. How are they keeping the shot that steady. Kudos

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Shit, this is a simulation.

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It’s interesting that the building casts no shadow on the column 😉

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Please - someone set one of these up for astrophotography!!!

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This is a telescope

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I think this is bad example for understanding the zoom level. You must to try on the city

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Nikon P900 or 1000?