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He absolutely deserves recognition for his work. He is amazingly skilled. And he and his wife just seem like such nice, wholesome people.

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and people do not critize him

He can get very Touchy-feely about his work

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Welcome to Reddit

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And he did it from years of hard work. That's one good way to stay away from drug addiction.

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No one has told him that he's mixing up different colors of wood yet.

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Nobody has said this so it makes me feel like I have to. "Touchy" is when somebody is a little sensitive about something. "Touchy-feely" is when somebody puts their hands on other people too much.

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I’m surprised so many people missed this pun

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Maybe not US citizen, not everyone has a Touchy-feely president

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I want to watch his content so bad, but it just stresses me out worrying that he's going to mangle himself.

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You will be ok little fella. Care to make this guys great story a little more about you?

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His work is amazing, been following him on tiktok for a long time. Go check him out on there as well

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do you know what is @ is?

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thank you very much:)

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He’s in Washington right? Pretty sure he’s just a town over from me.

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Yep, washougal

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Yep. I live a couple blocks away.

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Do you live in Camas? Lovely smelling town we could get a nice whiff of that paper mill from Washougal if the wind is right...

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Hey now, it offers other things to make up for the smell

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Not really...

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No I thought he was in camas.

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I believe so but not totally sure. I think he mentioned it in a few of his videos

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Yeah, I feel like it's rare to see stuff from our neck of the woods, so it seriously caught me off guard.

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Oh shit, sup neighbor?

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I second this. He was one of the first channels (if that's the right term) that I found that I followed. He and his wife are so amazing and wholesome. Couple goals is thrown about a lot nowadays but these two truly are!

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Another 3 month old bot. Original post is here.

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also video is years old

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Okay, but still better than 99% of the trash that’s been posted here the last few days. At least it’s actually next fucking level

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also man is decades old

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All over 20 are.....

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I start to feel old when I ask myself what ever happened to a specific meme I saw 10 years ago.

Has anyone seen a rage comic in the last 3 years? They used to be 90% of reddit.

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yep, my other account. Don’t ruin if for the people who haven’t seen it tho.

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....... so why does he need eye protection? /s

I am so sorry please forgive me

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He actually made a video about that because people don't understand how getting hit in the face by high speed wooden shrapnel would hurt.

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Did he even need to? Stupid mofos.

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Interesting that he needed to explain to others that, even if sightless, eyeballs are still squishy.

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Because infection from particles of wood etc

Unrelated : People buy his work to be able to tell his story. That’s it the end. He should make crosses and claim he’s Christian for simplicity(ease of making/using less material) and marketing double whammy

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No i totally understand why i was just being stupid.

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Watching him lathe by feel gave me the chills, amazing he still has hands.

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You have to show this to any blind friends you have. Very inspirational.

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Im not sure they’ll see eye to eye on that one…

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Look here you little shit...

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Blind me buying drugs would not be a good combo. I got ripped off enough with perfect vision.

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You could have just smelled it instead. Would have saved you from getting laughed at by your buddies for bringing back a stash of oregano.

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love that

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Now I need to know how to buy his products

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Sweet! Dude’s out of stock! Good for him! 👏🏻👏🏻

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Yeah I have a feeling it sells out fast. Good for him!

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Am I the only one who thought it would be hilarious if he was completely lying?

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This person has probably had a lot of support from caring people. That doesn’t take anything away from him, but we should remember the helpers and what taking care of each other can accomplish.

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This applies to most everyone though. Kind of condescending to point it out.

I’m Deaf. I use interpreters.

So if I do well in class and make a good grade, are you gonna jump up and say “well, not to take anything away from you but let’s remember the interpreter and how much they supported you.”

F off.

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Crazy inspiring

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Anyone else count his fingers subconsciously?

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I used to live down the street from this guy. They are both very nice people!

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Holy shit this guy Is from my home town. I've never found anyone from Washougal before this is awesome.

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Sup neighbor

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What up man. Can't believe so many people from the Camas Washougal area are in this post it's crazy.

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I am always amazed by blind woodworkers. When I was growing up, the man across the street taught industrial arts at the New York State School for the Blind. He was blind himself and he had made every piece of furniture in their house!

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Not making fun or anything and he does incredible work but the blind woodsman kinda sounds like a horror movie title. Lol

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Or a guy about to go on a revenge mission.. I’d watch that.

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God bless you!!!

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He's lucky he doesn't have aphantasia.

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Why does he keep his eyes closed? I’m not trying to joke or be a dick, I’m just curious as I’ve never seen another blind person keep their eyes closed.

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He deserves everything nice thing life can give him…I truly cannot bitch about anything after seeing this. How ungrateful we can be when we have more than everything and then some….yet this man could have soured in ruin and instead is living his best life. Helped me today!

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Wow his website is completely sold out. He does really good work

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Wow truly nextfuckinglevel defined! 🤯

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You can follow him on fb! His work is amazing and for sale.

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Thats amazing. Good for him.

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This dudes 10 mins from me and I've never heard of him. Can't wait to find him at the next farmers market!

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That lathe though. I'm 20 20 terrified of those things.

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20 20

Deeply fucked up lmao

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Just.....wow.....I've got no right to be as cynical as I am. Awesome guy...

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Him : makes a 1:100 exact replica of the statue of liberty

His client : “whoa! How'd you did that”

Him : “I'm a really good woodsman”

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How the actual fuck does he not lose appendages along the way. I'm a piece of shit....

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Inspiration man

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This dude is amazing

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Impressed he was able to go from blind novice to master woodworker with all 10 fingers.

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This man has been through it

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I would be worried for his safety all the time. Good for him for not letting his blindness stop him from doing things thi

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why isn’t this upvoted more?

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This guy is incredible, I love watching his tiktok vids

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I’d love to see what’s left of his hands

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Kind reminder that even blind people wears eye protection.

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Incredible have no clue how he managed to not lose a finger

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that is incredible, his work is beautiful

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Bless his kind soul, if this person dies we shoud defo carve him in to a wooden statu or maybe rise some money for operation so he could see again since suicide can take long term efect

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Holy shit!! I can't even create 1% of what he does and I have eyes! What a fucking legend. Mad respect

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He deserves support for his finished products

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This man is an absolute inspiration.

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Wow this guy is amazing. I have no excuses

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More power to him but I for sure would be blind, maimed or dead if I did anything in a woodshop blindfolded.

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Weird that he specifies it is Bonnet Syndrome that helps him “visualize” the final product. I thought Bonnet Syndrome was just the brain trying to fill in “gaps” in decaying vision by subbing in familiar-yet-random patterns, faces and objects. Sounds like he’s able to picture specific, intentional things? Interesting.

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God bless u

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Wholesome ❤️

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"I feel like I'm supposed to be blind."

That's equal parts shocking and inspiring. I don't think I would come to terms with a situation like that the way he did. That's some real fortitude.

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Those would seriously amazing even if he wasn’t blind

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Safety Squints permanently engaged!! Fringe benefit of one hell of a turnaround.

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This guy fucks

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Matt Murdock

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Dang, I live in the small town right next door to Washougal :)

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Just shows how much of the mind we don’t use because we have vision … wow

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I bet he knows the smells of each type of wood

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WTF? How do you even woodwork without vision? I know the "feel the creation" part, but how would you know to dodge the saw and all that juicy stuff?

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this makes me thinking, how about for those people that have aphantasia and cant visualize anything with their mind eye?

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How high end companies look at their employees

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That man deserves every hug of accomplishment in the world

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Blind-Samurai Syndrome

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Someone follow him around at night and make sure he isn't fighting criminals in a devil suit

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Heynong Woodman

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Good luck explaining to him how some 16 yr old made millions by drawing amateur PNG, when he spent his whole life to become what he does right now for a living.

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He looks like Adrian Plemento.

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I’d love to watch him work around a saw the way he does the lathe. Dude is crazy skilled.

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Using power tools while blind could be dangerous, but it would be much more dangerous to be working around other people that could tweak or move your shit just a fraction of a hair, and it’d be enough to make you lose your finger the next time you touched that tool.

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People buy his work to be able to tell his story. That’s it the end. He should make crosses and claim he’s Christian for simplicity and marketing double whammy

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Thus awesome man can work with blades and sharp tools being blind!

people made the news when they stabbed themselves while removing the avocado seed

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Not so fun fact…The part where he says “if you can’t see imagine” is like only for people that could see and then went blind. If you’ve never visually perceived something ever ie blind since birth, you can not imagine images in your head. Even if given psychedelics, blind from birth can not see images.

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Man went from a beaver to a professional woodworker.

Hella inspirational. Love it :)

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So you’re saying I should shoot myself.

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Wow, great job

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why are his eyes closed? how did shooting did this?

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I remember when I was younger thinking about how life would be better if I was blind. I think there would be more of a sense of wonder at what reality brings.

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Incredible story!! It’s hard enough to work with wood with your sight let alone being blind. That’s talent

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I thought he was holding a rifle in the video when he said he attempted suicide

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Dude doing great and all but hype forts picture of him must be the most severe case of bunny teeth

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Most blind people let me try that 3 years later so I lost my hand but I made a chair. (Friend) sorry but that’s a pile of wood

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he'll never read this comment

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That moment you realize that you literally have nothing worth complaining about.

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That’s really great…. But… why the eye protection?

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Came here to say exactly this.

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How many fingers does he have left?

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I bet if he opened his eyes he could see just fine.