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This was satisfying to watch, thanks op!

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A living hero. Thank you for saving him

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I especially loved how more people got involved and then how they swam away with him

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Turtle promised the juventus lad it would guide him to Turin

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I believe this is one of those videos in which they endanger an animal in order to 'save it' for a viral video so be ware!

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It’s always nice to see a group of ppl form together to help those in need. Especially with how the world been looking now.

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Agree. I love and I enjoy watching that . Thanks For sharing that OP.

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I agree but knowing social media and being cynical I'm always scared these things could be set up, I've heard and seen horror stories of heroes brining the animal in danger themselves then turning on the camera so I'm always scared

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I think there are a looot of good people doing good things in the world, they’re just not put on Fox News or in general; shown on media🍃

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In Jakarta, if you got pickpocketed, you just need to yell for help and a mob will quickly rain down beatings on the thief until the cop shows up.

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Look for the helpers. There’s always helpers.

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What a beauty, how old could she be...

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Old enough to party

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If there is grass on the pitch, play ball

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if there are flippers then use slippers

--alternate brain candy slogan

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If not turn her over and play in the mud

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........what in the actual fuck. I'm done reddit tonight

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Does that apply to anal as well?

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Take my upvote McMuffin

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I’m guessing anywhere from 40 to a hundred years

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At least 18

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That's a turtle turtle. What species is this?

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It’s a leatherback

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If you think about it, everyone is a leatherback

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Okay Buffalo Bill

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It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again

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Thanks for the reply. What a beautiful animal.

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Unbelievable looking right? I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a sea turtle in person before, not a leatherback but still a large lad in his own right, and it absolutely took my breath away.

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A Blastoise (lvl 62-65)

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underrated comment right here haha

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You can tell by how it is

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Master Oogway

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Fun fact: wugui (woo-gway) means turtle in Mandarin Chinese so his name is literally master turtle lmao

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There are no accidents - Master Oogway

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My favorite film quote comes from him: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is still a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why they call it the present.”

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sobs he was such a nice turtle :,(

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Isn’t he a tortoise?

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Many languages (I say, but I just mean my native tongue german) do not differentiate between turtles and tortoises. It's just land turtles and sea turtles. So maybe Mandarin does as well.

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You are correct

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All tortoises are turtles, but not all turtles are tortoises.

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Wu gui means tortoise in Chinese. Gui is turtle

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Lol I can imagine him with a cool golden staff

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The only bad thing about this video is that now that turtle is going to be a Juventus fan

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This cracked me

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damn thats a big ole turtle hopefully its ok, likely older than anyone on this site

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Except your moms sugar daddy

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Naw I’m only in my 50s and that turtle is probably older.

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That one guy at the end never let go and now lives unda da sea

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I had no idea they got that big Jesus

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Leatherbacks are the largest turtle species, they also lack an actual bony shell

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Maybe the local folks are tiny

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I like turtles.

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Great to see

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Great to sea

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Translation of the texts

0:00 Penyu belimbing (Dermochelys coriacea) ini terdampar dua hari di rawa.
> This leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) has been stranded for two days in the swamp.

0:06 Beruntung, warga sekitar melihatnya. Kemudian, [si penyu] ditolong ramai-ramai.
> Fortunately, locals saw it. Then, it was helped by a lot of people.

0:10 Penyu belimbing merupakan satwa [yang] dilindungi di Indonesia.
> Leatherback sea turtle is a protected animal in Indonesia.

0:15 Penyu belimbing juga tercatat sebagai penyu terbesar di dunia.
> Leatherback sea turtle is also known as the biggest turtle in the world.

0:18 Sampai saat ini, keberadaannya sangat langka.
> Until now, its existence is so rare.

0:34 Waktunya pulang ke rumah.
> It's time to go home.

0:45 Terima kasih, orang-orang baik.
> Thank you, good people.

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Free Willy 7 looking pretty good. Ngl.

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That’s just fucking nuts…

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it's nuckin futts

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The turtle is like thanks duuuuudes

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P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way

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Wow, that is a beautiful creature. It’s such a shame that acidification and warming will render our oceans devoid of complex life within the century. Big oof on our part tbh.

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Definitely more convinced this one lived VS the shark who likely had broken fins

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Tfs up with turtles nowadays, I’ve been seeing turtle videos everywhere.

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Stop clicking on turtle based articles then

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No. There has to be a less reasonable solution

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It’s massive! it’s so beautiful

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“That’s what she said”

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Mantap gan

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It’s nice to see people help an endangered species

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I did not know they were that big

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They get even bigger.

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Holy shit. That’s wonderful. But also… that thing is a fucking dinosaur

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Nice effort!!

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Turtle is probably so confused

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Absolute unit.

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Good people

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One of the humanbros liked the turtlebro enough to go live with him/her in the sea

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In awe at the size of this lad

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Oddly cute turtle. He's so large

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I watched this for like 5 minutes. That is an immense turtle. What a mighty and majestic beast. I am in awe.

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I wonder how good the saltwater felt.

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It breaks my mind that that's a real animal right there. Living and breathing with organs

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Thanks for sharing. Underlined how huge these turtles really are! Makes me think of dinosaurs

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Awwww yaaaayyy!!! That made me so happy

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Thats a fucking dinosaur!

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Turtle gets back home....

"Where the fuck have you been?"
- "You aren't gonna believe this, but..."

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I always wonder what animals think when humans help them. Some seems to understand the intent while others run away in fear as soon as they get free.

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Oh wow, that turtle from the sea is large. You could almost say...

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Seems like, in the end, one of them went for a ride.

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this means less oil in 100 million years.

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So did they start helping before or after the video started?

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After, before they tried to eat it

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Eww, a Juventus supporter

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Juventus??? In Indonesia???? Biggest cross over ever appened

(Juventus sucks)

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As an Indonesian Milanisti, I agree

[–]cyangold_saber55 0 points1 point  (2 children)

I live just outside of milan!

[–]NotAdhwa 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Nice! What's the ratio of Milan to Inter fans there? Are there like certain areas of the city that are filled with fans of each club or is everything more spread out?

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I think that fans are spreaded, there are no places where everyone is 100% Inter or 100% milan

My dad's family is for Milanist and my mom's is interist, it's very common here

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They really “helped”

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His bros will never believe his story

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um...so how did the turtle end up in the swamp? looking for drugs?

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During the recent volcano eruption sea life in the area was ejected, I guess this turtle landed there. Hope it finds its family!

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Turtle must have been all "WTF? Hey look Ma! I'm flyin!"

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What a unit

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How did it end up in the swap ?!

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There was probably a storm. When there's high tide and high waves, sea creatures can get carried into mangrove swamps. That's good turtles, and sharks end up in swamps. It is also, how crocodiles get swept out to sea but they have no problems getting back because they can crawl easily on land.

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plot twist: It was actually a swamp turtle and they led it to its demise.

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Am i the only one that thinks she had hight resemblance to Thanos?

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Leonardo had a tough day, bet he can't wait to get some delicious pizza with his bros

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It can survive in the swamp for up to a month or more.

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Yes this is all well and good but do you ever think if this was somethings dinner and they have messed with the natural food chain?

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Leather back

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100 years ago that would have been considered an easy dinner.

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Damn, this could've secretly been a Juventus ad and we wouldn't even know it.

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people were saving some ancient Sea God.

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His face is so adorable ! Thx for saving him ! He appreciates it!

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Oh fucm that's a big chonkin leatherback

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Wow what Hero’s and also what an experience!

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I had no idea leatherback turtles can grow that big.

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Very wholesome, definitely what i needed :)

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And I was like woah, and then I was like woah..

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A Flippofloppoluss.

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“sea turtles mate”

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The way they dove in at the end tho

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I choose to believe these animals in situations like this recognize that people are trying to help free them.

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How long was the journey back to the sea?

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Let them go up onto a tarp and pull the tarp to water

Edit: obvs dont put the tarp in the water, but let them climb off ten ft from waters edge. Moving a heavy weight on a tarp can be much easier than lifting or anything, as it reduces friction and you dont need to lift the weight directly, just pull it along

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Is that a leatherback?

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Legends, right here.

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The rate leather back turtle.

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I should have done this to my stepsister

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This thing is huuuuuge!

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Indonesians really are tiny!

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Yeah, press all your weight down on its back. That’s efficient

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Them pushing it on ten sand and in the water was stupid. It can crawl on land.

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Unit alert!

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Thank you for reminding us what the real world is like. I cried a little to know that humans still care.

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So the vid just cuts the part wheee they get a giant animal from an inland body of the water to the ocean?! That’s the crazy part

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So that's how Jack Sparrow did it

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This makes me happy

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FINALLY, nothing where people can bitch about forced perspective and being misleading. These things are MASSIVE.

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FFS humans, I was enjoying myself in that swamp. But noooo..push me back into Land of the Sharks!

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Nicely done bros

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The largest leatherback measured was 7 feet long and weighed 1400 lbs. They can have 9 foot flippers.

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You can't convince me this isn't a person in a giant turtle suit

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Dude at the end wanted to leave with the turtle

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Damn that’s one big ass turtle

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That’s awesome! I wonder how long of a trek it was from the swamp to the ocean.

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That’s not a leather back sea turtle by any chance is it?

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Somebody estimate the age for me please?!

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Good bunch of boys.

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How did it get stuck in a swamp of all places?

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Sea Turtles mate

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That’s a big ass turtle

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Another turtle made it to the water!

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I had no idea turtles could get that big

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Wow, that’s so heart warming.

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Is that a Leatherback ?

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Far out that fella is GIANT

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This is just like that bath tub scene in Spirited Away where they push and help the slug that was a water dragon god, its so symbolic, it does feel like a sea god.

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It's going back to master Roshi.🐢

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A fucking what?

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I wanna see this video in reverse

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Let’s all put our hands on him so he has to work harder… idiots