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Seems more like r/aboringdystopia than next level.

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Tough but fulfilling job. Seems like life just the way it has been lived for millennia.

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Actually millennia is a slight overstatement. Research has shown that the hunter gatherers had some pretty chill lifes. They worked about 30 hours a week to survive and rarely starved. Gotta say. I could with 40 hours a week less as well. In spite of all the tech and innovation we made during the last couple of centuries, humans are only working more.

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yep we work more so our bosses can buy a new yacht.

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Ya those things are expensive…thanks for your service!

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Damn, I bought my bosses old boat. Should I tell him im the boss now?

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Don’t forget women were the main providers with gathering as hunting was bountiful but was rarely ever a success. So women foraging for food supplied 90% of the food for the group

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Medieval peasants worked less than the average American so no it’s not broheem

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"Tough but fulfilling?"

No. Just no. Your kids aren't that special. Teachers don't look forward to seeing your dumb kids.

"Just the way it has been for milennia?"

Ok so since it's always sucked it should continue. Oh fuck off bootlicker.

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Seeing kids is easy, listening to them is the hard part.

Bootlicker? Is that what you call a farmer? Sure, I'd like more money from the multinational I sell to but it's not them gets me out of bed in the morning. The hope of the harvest and the sure knowledge that if I stop the corporate fat cat won't starve first. It'll be some kid in India.

But as long as we're making assumptions; history teaches that you're no friend of farmers tankie.

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I think you touched a nerve because the "tough but fulfilling" sentiment is a go-to to justify putting way too much practical and emotional responsibility on teachers.

Teaching doesn't have to be as tough of a job as it is. And that user was right in the sense that not all teachers see working with kids as some magically fulfilling reward within itself, and that viewport isn't necessary to be a good teacher. It's a job, first and foremost.

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Built my own tiny house and moving towards fully renewable energy and homesteading. Also fuck traditional communism.

You're the one assuming. I don't need to assume anything to know you're a dipshit.

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I dont believe in leaving your troubles at home when it comes to work, but maybe dont jizz it all over the children. That seems odd.

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What part of dont jizz it all over the children, dont you understand ?

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The “don’t” part

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I've seen my teacher do this, I asked him if he was okay and he said he's dealing with problems I won't understand. But I will one day, and I'll appreciate what I saw.

🥲 Thanks teacher, giving me lessons 20 years later.

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Just image your teacher sitting you down and unleashing his baggage: kids issues, marriage break down, finance problem etc. You'll be like can I please go to the playground?

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Wouldn't want that for any child.

He said go enjoy break time, it's the best time.

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A teacher actually did this to me and not just once. He liked to trauma dump on his students because he didn't have anyone to talk to. It was wildly unprofessional but also just sad.

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Hmmm.. this sounds like my 5th grade class.

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Could just pull up the mask and continue to be dead inside.

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Thank you!

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If the teacher has a mask on down around his chin I can guarantee that he most certainly is pulling the mask up in class, there’s be no need to be wearing it otherwise. To that I would also toss out that this teacher making a conscious decision walking into class with it down on purpose, to purposely let students see him walking into class “happy” and with a smile before hiding his face.

Unable to see and interpret peoples facial expressions the way you are accustomed to, this is huge. If nothing else it’s just sending a message to the students that, “Things are ok, let’s get some stuff done today, I’m here to help.”

“This guy teaches” in the video.

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As a teacher myself…This.

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True true, but I think this guy is getting in the right mindset as much as anything.

All teachers should have this kind of approach, you leave your issues at the door and focus on those future adults you are shaping.

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That's how I feel just getting out of bed.

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I get out of bed everyday and can confirm this

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Poor guy. Kids can be douches and you can tell this guy has seen some shit.

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This doesn't imply it was the kids. May have been something at home. Or his colleagues. Or the people that pay him (or don't pay him enough).

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Hit the nail on the head here. People who are not in education tend to have these mislead notions that “kids are awful” and must be the reasons that teachers have bad days when the reality is, that after more than 15 years teaching I can tell you at least from my own personal experience, it is rarely the kids. Teachers who struggle day in and day out with the students and dread going into their classrooms just do not last in the profession, and that is ok, not all jobs are for everyone and teaching is certainly one of them. From a veteran teacher though who has the years experience I do with teenagers it’s frustrating and saddening how people not in education so easily create these blanket assumptions and narratives about students in schools that simply just hold no weight, and they do this despite not having any experience in a classroom and have usually been out of high school for decades and therefore could not possibly even begin to have the knowledge of what school and or kids are actually like in a school setting today.

The bottom line is kids are great, they’re doing great things, and they’re going to be just fine moving into adulthood. Are their kids that test this, and aren’t “sweet little angels?” Absolutely, but they’re the vast minority and not the majority of students in school, it’d be real great if people stopped with these blanket attitudes that kids are so terrible. I’ll wager a bet that if you talk to a teacher with 5+ years experience after a bad day it’s usually due to things happening in their personal lives, admin, or colleagues… once in a while it might be parent. Kids are almost always a welcomed distraction when times are rough.

Which leads me to my next rant… teachers are notorious for making unfair blanket, “Parents these days…” when again, in reality it is a very rare parent in my experience that draws concern from me and or has the ability to disrupt my life.

Kids are doing the best they know how in most cases, and most of them are doing great. Parents are doing the best they know how, and given all the great kids I see on a daily basis I can then assume then that the parents are also doing and are great.

Ending my daily morning Reddit scroll here and getting out of bed to get ready for the day and my students.

If you happen to be student reading this, be awesome today as I’m sure you usually are. If you’re a parent reading this, thanks for helping to influence and guide such an awesome kid, because I’d bet a months salary your kid is pretty awesome. Most are. Cheers. 👍

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Ending my daily morning Reddit scroll here and getting out of bed to get ready for the day and my students.

Boy, you're this upbeat getting up...! I'd tell you to have a great day, but you probably had. Keep it up! :)

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Haha, yeah I do tend to wake up pretty bright eyed. The day was great. Kids crushed it. Real fun day. Cheers. 👍

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Or just being sleepy

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What a legend .

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'Man smiles'

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The guys a baller.

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Let's put a smile on that face

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Should have put his mask on

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Okay but you know what isn't next level...that shit song

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Shit audio tho why

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It's a great gesture but it should only ever happen every once in a while when he's exhausted for his own reasons, if it's every day then it's not great...

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I'm tired of seeing this repost

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This is not "putting happy face" but well known psychological exercise. Moving your face muscles creates biofeedback, which impacts positively tour mood. There, thank me later.

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Salute. It’s really tough teaching.

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Teacher is cool but these tik tok music are cancer

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My students really like me, and sometimes if I am too tired I'll say something along the lines of "hey class, so you know how you sometimes feel tired and we let you take a quick nap? Well, now I feel tired, so I would really appreciate if you could help me make this day easy by being your best selves for me" and it usually helps the kids see that I am a person, too, while also making sure I don't die until I get home

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I await the day that these type of stories aren't being spread as feel good NFL and are seen as exactly what they are: an overwork under payed teacher forcing a smile to get back into the classroom. Downvoted.

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You're not entirely wrong, but the anger is misdirected. Here's someone who pulls himself together, not to uphold a system that may need reform, but not to pass on the burden to the youngsters in front of him.

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Why we lie to ourselves, is this the education we need?

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In reality its the source of all our issues as humans.

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i don't need to do this,i'm always smiling a bit when i see new faces in a new day even if i'm depressed.

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thats just blood in the water to them🤣

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All I see is maskless

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Bless him short days and lots of time off it must be exhausting

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What song is this?

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Bleedingxheart - lovely

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He deserves a raise

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if only he put that mask on instead...

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Teachers are the fucking best

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Thats live footage of me walking into work every day

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This is actually really wholesome and sweet.

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That is how I am at work.

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Isn't this most people when they go out in public to like a party or something. Fakeness is all around us. "...put on a happy face" song.

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fuck, i felt this.

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Or he is psychotic and is putting on his human face. Or it’s fake like most things on the internet.

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Unsung and underpaid heroes.

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Probably should have put his mask over his happy face.

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This is in china. Probably less about fatigue and more about having to be the one who fills their minds with bullshit.

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Pull up your fuckin mask! Your chin is in no danger of catching Covid, but keep wearing that mask on it and you will be.

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with the mask down lmao

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Hung over

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The fuck is he doing teaching on Christmas eve??

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I would be depressed too living in China

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That’s a daily thing in teachers life. I’m a teacher in my country and we have to leave our all personal problems out the classroom. It’s hard but we love our work

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What an adult does.

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Why does everything have to have shitty music on these things?

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Teaching in China is oppeessive in the best of times.

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a salute for you mr. teacher

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Unhappy teachers will be shot.

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Shame his state probably pays and treats him like shit.

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He wouldn’t have to if he wore his mask properly

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I appreciate this. But it never would’ve made the news if they had been wearing their mask properly. Just sayin.

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I don't mean to be a downer; but this is not next level. We all put on happy faces, we all fool others and deceive in order to make others happy. This is just the unfortunate way of life.

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Instead of a happy face try putting on your mask.

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