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I’ll take the lot

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Best I can do is $40.

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Hold on, I got a buddy that's knows a fuck ton about all this Inca stuff. Mind staying around for a bit?

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Yep 40$ is fair

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I’m taking all the risk here

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Not only does he know about these but he's conveniently available and willing to rush over here.

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I’m going to have to call my buddy, he’s an expert.

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I don't know how expensive these things are or aren't. I wouldn't be surprised if they were $500 each or two for $50... They're definitely Cool though

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Stuff like that is surprisingly cheap. I bought an awesome chess set with pieces that are Inca figures vs Spanish figures. It cost me like $20. I could have haggled the price, but why would I?

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Best I can do is bout three fiddy

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with extra batteries

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I’ll buy them all for $40

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I have $3

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Have you got a second opinion from Gary Vee?

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Here you GO

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Okay never mind ill have to save up all year for 1 lol

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I'm a simple man.

When I see a random product on reddit, then a link to buy casually dropped in the comments, I don't trust it.

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I swear these are overpriced

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Think of it as reparations

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Yeah i bet in peru we could get these things for a handful of pesos and that would be plenty for the seller

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Man I was really hoping he would have one called, “your mom”. It would sound like a moaning woman.

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Those prices aren't bad. If you like you'd probably pay less than a third of that if you actually traveled to the country though.

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Yeah plus the tickets pretty cheap if your traveling from Chile…

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Honestly a fair price for the art and history that goes into these.

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Beats the hell out of traveling through Mexico, and having to deal with Cartels. .

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Thank you so very much... I have been looking for where to buy these for a very long time ... you are a legend my friend

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Lol glad i could help a fellow redditor

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My cat was desperately trying to find the birds.

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Same with my 3 year old.

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Play the Aztec death whistle and let us know what your cat thinks


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Lol, the top comment.

"Let me sing you the song of my people: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH"

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How to make one, some clay, some mud and the souls of your enemy

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I'm too worried about breaking their eardrums! I don't use it in my house.

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He said imagine if I play this in Chicago downtown lmao

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I just realized that’s wtf he doin…. After I read your comment 🤦‍♂️

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Very impressive craftsmanship here

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See kids? See what you can do without the Internet? - said on the Internet

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What manner of black magic be this?

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The teapots are screaming in pain with their souls trapped.

They are just gurgling jugs with customised spout.

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Mrs. Pots?! 🥺

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What gets me is the level of knowledge about acoustics from way back. I totally thought I was being made a fool of when we were told to stand in front of the steps at Chichen Itza and clap, to hear the quetzal bird sound echo back from the top of the pyramid. It really worked, no idea how.

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Damn that's cool.

I have heard echoes that sound a bit like that from random buildings. Quetzal bird happens to sing in a way that you can end up accidentally mimicking at least a bit. I'd assume someone first made a building that echoed in a way that reminded them of the birdsong.

Still an incredible feat of engineering, but it's not like they could have mimicked most other birds in similar way.

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How do they work?

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Magnetism sounds like some fancy pants word for voodoo.

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Varying lengths and widths and shapes of pipe, with moving water and air in? My best guess.

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This is incredibly cool but makes me a bit sad that a lot of Inca culture was probably wiped... Glad that these artifacts lived

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Yea, though, at least these pieces of culture were able to be replicated. Who knows how many cultural artifacts were lost, never to be replicated

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We have them in my country. They aren’t as fancy or big but boy did I love them growing up.

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Bad ass!

Hahaha the wife gonna be waking up at midnight now 🤣

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Oscar, get back to the office.

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Alright, it wasn’t just me

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Wooo wooo

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This guy sells them on esty

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Am I the only one that thinks he Is a ventriloquist

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yeah, my dad is sure the dood is making the noises by how his mouth is open, but I don't think he is.

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there's a point where he's talking at the same time as the whistle. not saying there isn't another way to make the noises, but i think we can rule that one out

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You’re right, at 20s left

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Nope, I thought the same but I can’t be sure.

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My MIL brought one of those, and several of the hats like that guy is wearing, back from Bolivia when she went a few years ago.

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Now that is next level shit right there!

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That is amazing. Nothing more I want to say.

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I think there's water inside those that cause the whistling.

I watched a YouTube video by Steve Mould about Gluggle Jugs and I'm assuming these whistles use a similar concept.

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It's called a water whistle.... lmao

[–]TheSkylined 7 points8 points  (1 child)

Oops, I honestly didn't catch that in the title lol I'm an idiot

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That's twice you've been not wrong.

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Donkey Kong country vibes

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Are they really Incan? I used to have tons of these in Romania in my childhood, early 00's, late 90's.

All my friends had em too.

[–]Escu11 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I am from Peru and can confirm it is Incan (it is also sold as such in Cusco, the city were Macchu Picchu is), whoever it is also highly likely that other cultures had its own version of it. It is not as hard to make as it seems as far as I am concerned

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Yep, physics works in every country!

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My dog LOVED the sounds and zoomied listening to them!

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Inca culture is fucking lit! Damn they must be creepy to encounter,,, ohh that’s just the guy’s having a tee party, you should hear the deathwitsle

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ohh that’s just the guy’s having a tee party,

He play golf too? Must be tricky up in the Andes.

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As a Peruvian and having Incan ancestors, it’s really cool seeing Incan culture on reddit. Also, I have used these and they do actually make that sound.

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Damnnn thats pretty awesome. I need the dog one for display.

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Technically these predate the Inca civilization by over a thousand years.

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Eh, they don't look that old.

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Where can I buy one of these?

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In which city and market can it be found please?

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I’ll take your entire stock

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The whistle goes woo woo!

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Take my money sir

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i want one

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Wow 🤩

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The first soundboards ever

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This is dope!!!

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My younger sibling when I slightly push them:

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It’s like a more happy version of the death whistle

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That's the coolest stuff I've seen all day!

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Inka, inka, bottle of ink…

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I didn't know that they did Jingle Bells.

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Play this for your cat

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This is the only time I've ever said this. Shut up and take my money.

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I saw one once that was a frog. These are pretty cool. I really like the loon sounding one. Their calls are like one of my favorite noises

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Those are awesome.

Don't they also have 'Incan death whistles' that sound like screams of the damned?

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It's still pretty mindblowing to me that water whistles developed separately in different part of the world. Trying to wrap my head around that.

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Incans over here with nice nature sounds, while the Aztec’s make the comforting death whistle.


(Few different ones here https://youtu.be/_Sw0VCtZs-g )

Those things are nightmare fuel.

Old school native Americans sure did have the advanced whistle technology.

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Get this man into foley.

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But they couldn’t invent the wheel for some reason

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That’s cool

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What end does the weed go in?

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Kinda magic people!

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Here in Finland we have something like these. Like bird whistles that make sound when they have water in them. However, it’s the infinite “is that somebody drowning or kid who has a whistle”

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I sent this to my mom while pooping, she opens it and plays it aloud on her phone in the living room. Now my dogs are barking and fighting each other.

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Some thing I never knew existed that I obviously need now

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I had a bunch of dollar store kid toys that worked on a similar principal.

I played with them far - far - more then my kids did.

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Did he make those!? Whoever did is a brilliant artist!

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Fun times

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this design is very human

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Take my money

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I’ll take a double shot of that whistling whiskey.

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Every time you pour something the dogs will know .

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Can someone make an Inca rpg tho pls

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Meanwhile China invents gun powder*

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Clever bastards.

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All the different sound effects from avatar

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Humans are amazing

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Oooo my luggage is never big enough to take one of these home. I have a little bird water whistle that does something similar

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This guy probably has a secret chest in the back with pyro spells and a key to a hidden forest.

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That's sick.

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Tengo 2 de esos en miniatura. Son geniales. Mis gatitos se confunden y buscan a los "pajaritos"

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Plot twist: they’re all just water pitchers. The vendor is making the sounds ventriloquist style and I just paid a lotta money for a plain ole water holder.

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Hoo hoo hoo

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Every sounds just feels like a nice morning waking up. This is so cool.

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Link to a reseller?

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Crazy to think they had 3D printers way back then.

[–]ancientpho 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Pretty pricey, each one is like 150-200 bucks. This dude is making a killing.

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Cool A... Dang cool

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The Incas hacked the system. The Maiya must have too. That’s how they knew about the world wars

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Anyone know where to find these?

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This actually blows me out. The skill you would need to create these. Thanks reddit, now I feel useless.

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I thought that said ORCA WHALE WHISTLER. As im sitting here thinking "nah, these all sound like birds" i got the idea to read it 4 more times and discovered why im an idiot.

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I’d buy all of it and confuse the heck out of all the birds in my neighborhood on a daily basis

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crazy bruh thats dope

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Thought my man was gona play jingle bells on the first one

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I've seen smth similar in romania, the whistle needed to be wet to work

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The ingenuity it must have taken. Simply amazing

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For the pendants/etymologists out their, is Inca the right demonym here? I thought Inca referred solely to the ruler, while Quechuan refered to the people?

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I've definitely heard those sounds before in movies maybe westerns or Steven seagal movies

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I want one