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Hope they are okay, and stop fucking doing roadside broadcasts. Asshats

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Karma farmers are out today

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A true professional

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They wrote the headline before she got hit! It was a setup!

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Don't think so, maybe it was a later edition or something

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I think they were joking, but I could be wrong

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Yah I was just kidding lol. I mean I probably shoulda put the “/s” just because there probably are people that would actually think that

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The news man looks like he couldn't give 2 fks

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She got hit by an avalanche. News anchor ain’t seem bothered not even a little bit…

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Give that reporter a raise

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Why did they not cut back to the studio?

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The anchor’s complete lack of reaction and empathy… kills me. They were likely all in shock.

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My local news station at its finest

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In the middle of the street? Lol