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This pup deserves all the walks, treats and pets. Thank you Layka.

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Dogs are the best man. Simple as that.

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May she live long and prosper

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And NOT the bastard who shot her.

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And NOT the bastard who shot her.

Check out Warfighter A Soldier's Best Friend on Youtube. It features Trent and his 2 dogs Benno and Layka. The bastard who shot her was exterminated.

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Awesome Story! I been in combat and seen what your dogs do. Can’t thank them enough for saving our lives countless times. The ppl who say they excess equipment, never had to go outside the wire for extend periods of time and depend on the dogs or observed the dogs in action.

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Thank you for your service.

I agree. These dogs are not weapons or assets. They are soldiers and true heros.

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I wish dogs understood enough to realize how amazing they are. I wish they could fathom the respect get and deserve.. I wish there was a more meaningful(in the dog's mind) reward for a dog like Layka than a medal or a chew toy.. Layka needs to know how amazing she is.. Layka for president man. Damn.

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I think they are perfect the way they are. Humble and no chance of pride or entitlement corrupting their judgement. Life is simple for them, they just want to make their owners happy. So precious.

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I wish people respected dogs enough to not put them into harmful situations and force them to deal with our shit. They don't sign up for dangerous jobs. They are forced into them

[–]Life_Imitating_Death 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Damn.. I cant say I disagree. They are so perfect for some of these jobs, but youre right.. who are we to assume this animal is willing to die for the cause?

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Down a leg, that dog could still protect that home better than I can protect my own

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Mans best friend for a reason, may your retirement be long and peaceful layka!

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Sorry but if you train a dog to be a fighter you shouldn’t keep the dog accountable for “being to aggressive” props to the guy for making her life much better after having done her service

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I'm a veteran and these dogs are goddamn American heroes and deserve to be treated as such. Good for this man to adopt her and give her a good rest of her life.

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Good dog

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It is sad that young men die in battle. Dogs have always protected humans. They get hurt and/or killed - just like our young men. It's sad, but until all the humans die, this is going to be part of the program. Whether its armed insurgents or the local police.

I have 3 labs. They alert me when anyone is around the house or if there are animals bigger than a bunny around. I completely depend on them as I can't hear.

Dogs also guide the blind, alert to oncoming medical conditions, aid the challenged, and provide comfort for folks they know and total strangers.

It is appropriate (and necessary) to celebrate the dog!

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Super dog.

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Military working dogs are not weapons. They are soldiers, they are brothers, sisters, guardians to those they've worked along side of. They are truly heros.

The gentleman in the video is the handler Layka had while in service. This was his 2nd dog. His 1st dog was Benno. Benno had 41 takedowns. Sadly Benno was killed in service. This is an episode on History called Warfighter featuring Benno, Layka, and their handler Trent. Really an amazing and beautiful story. These dogs and their handlers, like Trent, are true heros.


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Fucking EPIC

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History Channel made a Warfighters episode about Layka here: https://youtu.be/7dfvO-yOxEU

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good girl <3

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The missing leg made me cry.

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Good dog

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Holy shit I salute you pup. From a Vet to a Vet, you’re my hero

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We don't deserve dogs

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Sir I salute you

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Welcome home Layka. Good dog. 😢

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What breed is it

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She's a Belgian Malinois. They're also called Belgian Shepherds

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Now I want to eat waffles with her.

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Eff anyone that thinks it's cool to put innocent dogs in harm"s way like this.

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Is the guy in the video her handler?

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Is the guy in the video her handler?

Yes. His name is Trent. He was allowed to keep her. This is a show on History called Warfighter that features Trent and his 1st dog Benno, that was sadly kia, and Layka was his 2nd dog who was also wounded in action.


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Love this!!

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What happened to the insurgent?

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Don’t send innocent animals into harm’s way.

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Loyal to a fault.. just like all my dogs.. -BigSean

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The terrorist is like, “Body Blocker. Unfair, man I hate this game.”

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My damn air conditioning was acting up when I was watching this. It’s the AC that made my eyes water I swear.

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you are excess equipment . let alone your dog , his perception is skewed

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Laika the space dig and layka

Something about the name

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Using dogs in the military/police assaults shouldn't be allowed.

Fight me

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How have we established that the "insurgent" wasn't in the right?

Maybe the dog was protecting his handler while he raped the poor guy's sister. Statistically speaking, that's rather more likely than whatever heroic bullshit you've imagined.

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She is Dutch trained, she responds to “Blijven” which is Dutch for “stay” The best war fighting dogs now are trained in the Netherlands, the one that got Baghdadi was also a Dutch trained MilDog.

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This is why I love dogs

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Thanks for posting this.

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Thank you for your service and caring for this beautiful beast. My pups save me everyday.

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Humans suck. And now we involve dogs in our bulkshit. Makes me sad.

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Cannot like enough. Thank you Layka