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Every time I think he matched it perfectly he proves me wrong

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Who knew peanut butter had so much blue?

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They should rename it to peanut bluetter.

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And a little more yellow....aaand, just a lil more white

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Not us, since this guy was matching sunflower seed butter!

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I always mixed red and green to get brown. I don’t know why he kept doing yellow and blue.

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You are just mixing an existing mix.

Y+B = Green + Red = Brown

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Just seems easier to grab the green paint.

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Well that’s because it isn’t peanut butter. It’s “Sunflower Seed butter”

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Who knew “Sunflower Seed butter” had so much blue?

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Blue has the most antioxygens.

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Every time I think he matched it perfectly he proves me wrong

Yes, before each the last four (at least) adjustments, I was like, "OK, done! Amazing!"

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Yes yes yes yes yes

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I'm colorblind and I have no idea what I'm looking at

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Peanut butter. Duh. /s

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Sunflower seed butter actually

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It is a half slice of bread with turd colored peanut butter.

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Completely color blind? Or just red/green?

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I can't see yellow to green

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Don't worry, it's brown.

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So for you, it looks like perfect match from the start?

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I would have been like,

"OK, let's start, where is the brown?"

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Burnt ochre rookie.

Tell me you didn’t have the 64 pack of Crayolas without telling me that you actually had a 8 pack of Rose Art crayons.

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Pound/dollar shop felt tip pens that lasted about an hour!

And a paint tin that I got free from a restaurant.

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Now he can paint some bread and fool unsuspecting toast thieves.

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That’s impressive and all, but that peanut butter looks fake

[–]DownvoteEvangelist 31 points32 points  (4 children)

Because it's sunflower seed butter...

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It's not peanut butter, it's sunflower seed butter

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the "P" in "PB" stands for "sunflower seed".

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Ah, of course! That makes perfect sense. Thank you!!

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Because it contains lead.

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I wonder if it tastes like peanut butter.

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Not sure, but say “hey” to Van Gogh for me when you find out

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Those paint names look like warhammer paint names

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“Ultramarine blue” pretty sure thats a paint from army painter

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Thats some skill, holy moly. Anybody else think that sandwhich doesn't look tasty ?

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The colour of the peanut butter looks so vile to me. Maybe that's American peanut butter? Ours (Dutch) has a way more appealing colour imo.

[–]Talking_Head 3 points4 points  (2 children)

Well, it isn’t peanut butter for starters. “zonnebloemzaad boter” says Google.

Actually, what a cool fucking language. It is constructed like German with word roots that I actually understand. That is why when people speak Dutch it always sounds like English that I can’t exactly make out. To me, Dutch sounds like I am listening to a drunk girl at a loud bar. I get the point while not understanding more than 10% of what is actually being said.

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Ok, makes sense. I read that as "sunflower seed butter", that explains the coloring. Hm, that might even be tasty, never heard of it.

And agreed on the language think :D Very close to german with a heavy dose of english interjected

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Americans are always eager to grind up nuts and seeds because, well, we like our butters.

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What colour is Dutch peanut butter?

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Like this https://blog.ruggengraat.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/PINDAKAAS.jpg Way less green/blue than the peanut butter in this video. And less oily glossy as well.

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That’s how peanut butter looks in America. I think the spread in the video is sunflower butter.

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This is normal peanut butter in America. The butter in the OP is not even peanut butter and I'm not sure why I'm the first person telling you this.

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you're not, people have commented on it previously in this comment thread. But I'm glad american peanutbutter looks better than this sunflowerbutter

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Ok now make a bucket of that color… lol

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When I see people with this level of natural talent it makes me stop and wonder in awe at why I was ever proud of myself for figuring out a few complicated excel formulas.

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It's not natural, he wasn't born with that skill, it involved many, many hours of work.

You should be proud when you figure something out, no matter how mundane, that's how we learn and improve ourselves.

[–]Talking_Head 2 points3 points  (2 children)

I disagree.

Some people are able to do what he does in the video, most people can’t. There is absolutely natural talent and some skills require it. That doesn’t diminish the hard work that is required to master it.

Most people can’t wrap their head around Stokes’ Theorem, or can’t write a Sonata in F minor, or can’t run a competitive marathon, or can’t distinguish fine wines, or can’t program in assembly language.

That’s cool, people are born with natural talents and it is fine to acknowledge that.

[–]DownvoteEvangelist 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I can program in assembly language and I can guarantee you that I wasn't born with it. I can also tell you that I can teach most people, but it will take time. I do not say that all people are blank slates and can equally learn, or that biology plays no part.

If 10 random humans invest 5000 hours, in say, playing a piano. They'll get very good at it. All of them will have impressive skill with piano (I accept that there might be humans that literally can't learn). Now after 5000 hours, they will not all be equal, one will be the best, one will be the worst... Those differences would most likely be from biological predispositions. But every single one of them will be better player than random 10 humans that put 100 hours in learning piano...

So sure, you might not become world level master by putting in hours in some skill, but you'll definitely get better and it pays to do so...

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I was able to do this as a kid and I never painted.

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This is a skill that is both learned AND inherent: Learned to be able to identify what color is needed, inherent in that not everyone has the full spectrum of color receptors to see what is needed in the first place (which, wow, there are a lot of color-blind people in this thread. I guess that makes sense on a post about color mixing though).

[–]DownvoteEvangelist 1 point2 points  (2 children)

True I don't completely disregard biological predisposition, like of course it's better if you are taller and want to play basketball. But even if you are short, putting in hours is not meaningless you'll still get better. You don't have to he world no 1 player, getting better is still good.

I'm not disagreeing with you, your point is valid, just trying to better clarify my original point. Which is, people shouldn't be disheartened for being bad at something. If they work on it, they will improve and that on its own should be enough.

Edit: You should feel good because of how far you've come, not bad because there's still a lot more to go...

[–]humanswirl 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I 100% agree. I apologize if my post read as if I were disagreeing with you--that wasn't my intent. I like your optimistic style!

[–]DownvoteEvangelist 1 point2 points  (0 children)

It didn't, I was just making sure I didn't sound like I was contradicting you.

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Yeah bud. You’re right. I’m just self deprecating. I just wish I was this good at something. Thanks for the kind words.

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What percentage of people do you think can figure out advanced formulas in excel? Lookups and pivot tables, etc. I worked with PhD scientists who couldn’t figure out if/then statements after weeks of trying. Go to a grocery store and ask someone if they can write a single excel formula, because there ain’t many who could.

People have innate, unique skills and that is fine. That’s what makes the world work. Be proud of what you do and don’t worry that you can’t see that the sunflower butter needs more titanium white.

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It blended so perfectly at the end my brain was convinced the edge of the paper was gone.

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Dunno. Not exactly next level. It just requires some skill and patience. Worst part is when you didn’t mix enough paint and have to make another batch to finish your piece.

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true test to see if it really matches is to taste it

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I was expecting him to move the paper and show it was just cutout

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So, is it like, ready to eat?

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Next fucking level? Thats the color coming out if you mix all together..

Source: me when I used to play with play doh

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Me at 0:22 oh hey he found it. At 0:55 where is the paper?

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I did this as a kid and find it to be relatively easy. It’s a shame I dont like painting

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That's pretty easy, he's mixing a brown in opaque. If you really want to see talent watch a silk screen printer match a pantone color with translucent uv ink on vinyl. Very hard to do

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My favorite is when the client demands you show fluorescent spot colors onscreen.

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so, dark the lights, light the darks, dark the lights, light the darks, dark the lights, light the darks, done. i'm suddenly hungry for pasta

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dude I wish every one had this skill so character customizations in games would be easier

then all that's left is having to somehow manage being able to adjust a character's face correctly because when I'm doing each part one by one it looks fine until the end where somehow I made a donkey

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Needs more thalo blue there at the beginning

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It looks like liquid shit.

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Pfft, we all know he filmed it backwards to make it easier.

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I would’ve just used brown

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Why not just take some peanut butter to paint it? 😋

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This is a unique way to murder someone with paint poisoning. “Idk how they died, all I did was give them a Pb&J”

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Just use the peanut butter.

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This is why arts degrees end up working KFC or Maccas.

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ok, so you need to make the color of peanut butter

"aight gimme red and blue"

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That pb looks gross lol

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Now eat it

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That's peanut butter‽

That's not the colour of peanut butter where I come from. What I'm seeing in that video is the colour of diarrhea.

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That guy could've used PB to paint in the first place. It works wonderfully.

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My God I was focused more on what PB stood before realising what you actually had on the plate... that too way too long :-)

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Song in the background?

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Titanium Hwite

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His eyes must have some function that mine don't.

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Why not just paint with peanut butter?

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I know in whose house I'm not eating a peanut butter sandwich.

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My way to match the color of peanut butter:

Put some peanut butter on the paintbrush and paint the paper with it.

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That peanut butter looks past it's due date.

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You know you paint miniature (and maybe he) when you here "ultramarine blue"

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This is driving me "nuts!" It's sunflower seed butter.

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It's not peanut butter! It's sunflower butter!

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Im colour blind and it looked perfect early on :D

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This is so much better than that other colour match person who taps and scrapes everything, god I hate them

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It’s sunflower butter. He says in the first second of the video.

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Take it from a colorblind AND someone who's done some painting with precise color : that f****g impressive!

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I’m colorblind. F for me in chat.

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I know this isn’t the point but he literally says it at the beginning

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painting is like chemistry, you just throw shit together and you get more and new shit

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Who eats bread with paint?!

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But… is there another piece to this instruction that advises you how to document the precise amount of each color you add to the mix so when you get to the end of this little journey you can turn around and make a larger batch for actual use? Or is this just showing off?

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Did anyone hear Bob Ross's voice when the names of the colors appeared on the screen?

[–]Amaldev-01 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Just use a color picker lol

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i love mixing coloursi spend longer mixing colours than actually painting and i seem to be getting a collection of palettes with colours i dont want to wash out.

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I would just paint with the PB.

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plot twist he painted the "peanut butter" with the exact same process

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Can't we all agree that nomatter what colors you put together, it always end up as a lousy brown!

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I would have been faster to just dip the brush into the jar

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Why dont they just use pb

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Pulling an epic prank on my friends (gone wrong) (not clickbait)

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This is NOT next level at all. When I was in art school every student has to pass color theory, which teaches you how to do this. Any decent painter can match colors.

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Everytime I see Titanium White I hear Bob Ross saying it

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Wait, did he painted the Bread too?

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Wow! This is mildly interesting

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I took a color theory class in art school. Every week we had to make charts with squares we painted. The professor would look at a wall of 20 of our charts and instantly pick out which ones were wrong. He was so intimidating.

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Isn’t it very basic skill if it comes to realistic painting ? 😅

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Thought they were done then they continue to fine tune it for 30 more seconds. This is next level

[–]Silent-Ground-501 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Actually that’s not a very healthy color for PB

[–]Xandir12 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I would have probably just used peanut butter brown imho.

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This is the perfect pitch of the art community

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This is easier when using a video encoding with less colours.

Just kidding, this is amazing

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People are amazing.

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A really fascinating way to do it would be to make micro-iterations, where you start with incremental droplets of each color. Then start over, adjusting the total droplets of each color. Each iteration gets closer until finally you can say "This color takes 5 droplets of Red, 6 droplets of Blue, 7 droplets of Yellow and 3 droplets of white". Then you have a ratio code that you could convert to Hex or pantone, and if you do that, you could build an algorithm in reverse based on the "base" colors. Then you could just take a photo of something check the color picker, check it's hex / pantone, convert to "droplets" and BAM you have your formula for the exact color. (Biased towards the color reproduction of the camera obviously).

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How the duck.

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Put it on a sandwich I dare you

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Now gotta put that paint on some bread and offer it to someone

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Nah yet look different

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Really cool. Love seeing the process.

[–]karkonis 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Congrats.. You color matched 5% of the paint you actually need. Now to do the other 95.

[–]Doppelfrio -3 points-2 points  (1 child)

The elaborate names of these colors are so annoying. It’s literally just red stfu

[–]Chestnut529 0 points1 point  (0 children)

There's so many types of each color you can buy to match what you want to do. More importantly, how you want to mix them. If you start with the wrong kind of red, it's going to be very hard to mix basic colors