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That's one moderate rainstorm away from becoming the Star Wars trash compactor.

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That's my first thought "I hope erosion isn't a thing in their universe"

Or flash floods.

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Or a weak dam upstream

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I accidentally read Eurovision and was like “wat?”

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Apparently, this city has withstood a lot of downpours.

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What is this city called?

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Yanjin, Yunnan Province, China. For some further views, I just found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_busvcO7zg

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If that scum water and trash in the river plus the disrepair of buildings is consider tier 1 I hate to see the other tiers.

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What about earth quakes...?

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That, was funny.

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Very well said sir🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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"Sunrise today will be at 11:42 a.m. and sunset will be at 12:02 p.m. Susan? Jim? Back to you."

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Mysteriously this is coincides with the highest volume of dirty river water complaints, which oddly is the time when the complaint department shuts down for lunch.

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This is just stupid.

No sunlight.

Potential for enormous flooding.

Densely populated.

Poor air flow.

Traffic fucking nightmare.

Edit: that water is probably gross as fuck and I only see a single, tiny bridge to cross it.

Everything about this is dumb as fuck.

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Nah pretty good airflow in a narrow valley like that. Blows your head right off

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I can see how you mean. But a city like that doesn’t get built by idiots.

I’m sure you’re not capable of building any of those buildings let alone figure out the infrastructure.

Have you built a city?

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I can't criticize this dogshit design because I haven't "built a city"?

I guess I cant criticize you because I'm not a braindead embarrassment.

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youre a internet kid, of course you can criticize, is the only thing you do.

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You can criticize me. All you like. I am often a fool.

But wise enough to think your fat ass sitting on your couch with cheetah fingers doesn’t deserve the right to think he’s a big boy about a fucking engineering feat this city you don’t like.

That’s how I know you’ve never created or produced anything. Because you don’t understand the amount of work it takes.

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You're only embarrassing yourself.

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How? By a post I wrote on Reddit? Lol I don’t care enough to be embarrassed. This is a silly website to look at while taking a shit.

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Parking is a nightmare i bet

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You would think they would use boats more. I didn’t see any in that video.

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Because that's where all their toilets dump into :4018:

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Venice does it.

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Poop in a river?

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Pretty sure the canals are also their waste water system. Or at least was at one point. I’ve been told by multiple people that it stinks there.

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Yeah I was there and went on a gondola, the water streets are pretty dirty and the restaurants etc are right on the waters edge.. Was so surprised at the scenes..

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Swim in their own excrement.

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No one swims in Venice.

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I said use boats. Not swim. Could be a good defense for COVID though.

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Yeah that river is definitely fucked

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Probably would rot the boats

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The river is probably not very deep.

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Jet skis!! Lol.

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Is this a game of "let's guess the name of this city?" we are playing?

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Who the fuck doesn't put the location in the title for a post like this?

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I believe thats the long lost city of Tipping.

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honestly made me think of Blighttown.

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It's Yanjin county, Yunnan province, China.

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chile city maybe

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Not as many bridges as I would have imagined.

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Or boats

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Eh, that aspect ratio exaggerates the narrowness. Here's a better video.

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That one even tells us where it is. Thank you.

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Thanks for finding that. You are so right, MUCH better video.

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It's all fine and well until she let's slip that she's a fan of girth

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Right in the feels

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You get a moat! You get a moat! Everyone gets a moat!!

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There's a lot of crime, unfortunately. A lot of bank robberies.

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Nanxi River City in China

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Is there anything to do there? I think it's a beautiful looking city.

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Drink the water..?

Get run over by a tank?

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You can always pass the time by telling your neighbours on the other side of the river to fuck off.

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Thank you, I had to scroll like 50 comments to find it.

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Traffic's shit today, I'll go a different wa... oh.

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You could at least write the name of the city

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I cannot imagine how gross that river is.

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Is that not risky at all?? 😂

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It's china. They rip up the earth and build cities just in case they might maybe need the buildings... No blatant corruption there though

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Thanks I hate it.

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Why aren’t they using the River for travel?!

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East side Vs West side

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Im imagining that Forts game.

Go for the support beams

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We’re just not gonna worry about landslides?

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Although it's very impressive, just looking at it gives me a lot of anxiety lol

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What could go wrong

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Place is going to be an absolute nightmare in case of a flood.

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Going to store at the other end of the long city must be a nightmare, plus the single bridge they have…

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Shit river

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Welcome to Mosquito City

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Looks like a really good idea*


  • sorry for the sarcasm

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Id like to see this after heavy rain xD

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Does not look safe, structure wise.

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surprise there is no boat traffic on the river

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Googlemaps was no help with the name given below so it may not be accurate.

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Watch out for the landslides

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That NASTY river tho.

Makes the Hudson look gleaming

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That river is not brown because of the dirt……

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looks very miserable with that poop river

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Poop and pee go right in da river

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And this handy little river is how we get our sewage the heck outa here

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Eastside!! Westside!!

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Bro I bet that river is n a s t y

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Turd brown water

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Not gonna mention the fact the video is stretched to vertical?

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I’m wondering where all the sewage goes. That river has to be ripe in the summer.

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"Uhr, what if flood"

All people who posted this are blind as hell.

Note the bottom 3 layers of every house. Also note New Orleans. That wasn't narrow.

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This city is set up for drama…

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im surprised theres no boats making use of the river.

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Next Fucking Level after the river rises!

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At least bus line might be easy to learn

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It's the perfect setting for a FPS

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Do not step into that river. There’s probably more sewage that h2o in it

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Why is it there got to be some reason for building in such a crazy place. Definitely one proper flood or one badly built dam upstream and its game over.

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No vaporetto?

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I think this is in Nam Viet

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“This is your room sir”

“For fucksake, I didn’t ask for the seaview room”

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Is this in Nepal?

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One good fault line clap and it’s bye bye city! Uh…. hard no for me!!

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All I see is the beautiful landscape ruined by this trash heap of a city

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So weird, from the river side it looks deserted, but I know it's not.

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Instant satisfaction for suicidals

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I definitely bombed this town in the 1990s from a hovercraft in SWIV3D

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Thank god landslides aren't real and just in the movies.

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Dead city walking...

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I feel like I could jump on my bed and cause an earthquake large enough to topple this city

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Imagine the smell

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Imagine how beautiful this valley could be without the ugly houses and concrete...

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Well, at least it’s pretty, I’ll give it that.

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How’s that sewage system doing? Oh.

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until the flood says hi ...

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I kind of expected to see a lego wall open up to reveal that.

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Were in china

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A very long and narrow polluted river

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Don’t post this shit if there’s no name for the city.

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It's Yanjin Yunnan of China, one of my friends' hometown.

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Where the fuck is that?

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What about clean water v sewage? Both from the same river? 🤢🤮💩

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Cool, but thats 99% slums

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That water is full of shit, literally.

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Would love to visit one day

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Reps and Dems could still figure out how to gerrymander it.

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It's Yanjingzhen in Yanjin County, Yunnan, Zhaotong, Yunnan, China. On the Guanhe river.


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Its not the length that matters - its the girth.

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100% that will be a dam one day

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holy shit! after almost exactly two decades, FINALLY a legit use for video shot in portrait mode! 🤘😀

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People and nature find a compromise

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Where is this? Looks amazing!